Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition screenshots introduce characters, locations, player customization, and more

Square Enix has posted new screenshots and information for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, showcasing some of the game's characters as well as some new features found in the re-release.

Our rundown of the new details can be found below. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is set to release on August 27 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For more, you can check out the recently revealed release date trailer.



The Striped Brigands

The Striped Brigands are two Selkies and a Moogle that are trying to live a life of thievery, but oftentimes end up being a source of slapstick comedy instead. 

  • Bal Dat: The handsome leader of bandits. Despite his coarse behavior, he is naive and weak under pressure, which makes him hard to dislike.
  • Meh Gaj: He joined the bandits as a chaperone as a favor Bal Dat's father, who took care of him. However, because of his age, he often falls asleep, but he still retains other normal characteristics of a Selkie.
  • Artemicion: A wily Moogle within the group. He is also a romantic, sometimes looking up at the starry sky and pondering.

Marr's Pass Caravan

The Marr's Pass Caravan is a group of Lilties, naturally from Marr's Pass, that is often seen chasing monsters to obtain items. They will sometimes give items or weapons to the player, should you bump into them.

  • Rolf Wood: The leader of the caravan, who has the temperament of a master craftsman. He is quick to lose his temper and start fights, but he has a refreshing personality that doesn't hold back.
  • Lyne Dott: He has a straightforward personality that can't hide his anger when he gets into an argument. He's a rough speaker, but he's not afraid to talk to travelers as they pass by and share items with them. 
  • Leuts Royce: The one female Lilty in the group, and always concerned about her hair. She is very knowledgeable about materials and teaches the player about monsters.


Moogles often travel around the world, their purpose seeming to be the search of the origin of Moogles. They have spent many years out on adventures, and often have various insight into to guide caravans and teach about the world. Skiltzkin is an old friend of Artemicion of the Striped Brigands.



Gurdy is a scammer who travels from place to place, conning people for money. He has no memory of his past except that he has an evangelist brother named Hurdy, However, he has never met him. He occasionally recites his own bits of poetry, but nobody knows his true intentions.


Crystal Chronicles is divided into several areas, including friendly towns and dungeons inhabited by monsters. Myrrh trees can be found in the wild at the far end of each dungeon.


Goblin Wall: A goblins' lair in the mountains not far from the caravan village of Tipa. Nowadays, goblins frequently appear on the nearby roads and are a threat to the village. Not only must caravans collect the myrrh drops, but caravans also take on this lair in order to protect the village.


Marr's Pass: An inn town that marks a turning point of the journey, with the port to the west leading to the sea. This town is an important transit point for the caravan, and it is also a place where commerce is thriving, specializing in weapons and armor. A caravan's journey often makes preparations for a full-scale trip here.


Mine of Cathuriges: A mining site that once gave rise to Lilty power and prosperity in times past. The Lilty's experience in the use of iron led to the suppression of the Selky people in the past. However, the mine now finds itself home to orcs.


Alfitaria: The largest fortified city in the heart of the continent and home to Lilty royalty. It prospered and grew tremendously in the past, when Lilties grew dominant in the world. However, today, while the current king is a Lilty, the city is also home to a large number of other races. The city and its people have changed little by little over time, and has recently welcomed the Clavat queen.

Character Customization


In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, you create a character starting with a choice of one of four races: the elf-like Selkies, the mage master Yukes, the small but tough Lilties, and the well-balanced Clavats. In the Remastered Edition, instead of having four character designs per gender, you can now choose from five for each gender - a total of eight new options. You can also set four different types of voice behaviors for your character, which will affect how they shout during gameplay.

Like in the original release, you also pick one of eight different family professions for your character: miller, merchant, fisherman, farmer, blacksmith, tailor, alchemist, and rancher. Depending on your family job, different shops and capabilities will be available at your starting town of Tipa. You can also create eight different characters, who can all use each other's capabilities in the town as well as trade items, so it's in your best interest to make a character for each profession.

Dungeon Gimmicks


Switches: A basic gimmick in dungeons where a switch needs to be pressed in order to proceed deeper into the dungeon. Some switches just need to be stood on by a character, while some switches need the chalice (which you carry around with you) to be set on it. Other switches require a certain race to press the switch as a certain time (like a roulette), and others require certain types of magic to be cast at the switch.

Water and Oil pots: Throughout many dungeons are pots that are filled with either water or oil. These pots can be picked up and thrown by a player, leaving puddles of oil or water on the ground. These puddles then act and environmental hazards you can use to your advantage as you fight enemies, such as casting fire on oil to create a larger flame, or zapping a water puddle with electricity.

Dungeon-specific gimmicks: The game's various dungeons also contain other types of gimmicks, such as casting fire to burn webbings or mushrooms that stand in the dungeon path.

New Elements

Mimicry System


Square Enix has previously detailed the new Mimic mechanic in Remastered Edition. By collecting Stamps from visiting Moogle Nests in each area of the game, or by completing difficult dungeons in the post-game, you can earn Memory Crystals that let your character appear as one of the game's NPCs, such as Gurdy, the Black Knight, or Hana Kohl.

Tweaked Combination Spell System


In online multiplayer, the method to cast combination spells has been tweaked slightly. When someone casts magic spell, a clock-shaped 'Pile Meter' will appear. Another character can cast a supporting spell to follow up at the right time, when the needle is in a certain spot on the dial in a colored area. Depending on the timing, you can combine to group-cast more powerful spells, such as combining Blizzards to make Blizzara or Blizzaga. A new quick chat feature in the game can help to tell your friends which magic to cast.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

For some additional quality-of-life enhancements, the game's inventory limit has been raised, so you don't need to worry as often about having to discard excess items. Finally, a minimap is now shown by default at the top right corner. In the original Gamecube version, the minimap was only available by connecting a GameBoy Advance.

Find more screenshots in the gallery below, including some reintroducing the Goblin King, the boss of Goblin Wall, as well as the Orc King, the boss of the Mine of Cathuriges.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition