Othercide Dev Diary #1 - Forging Nightmares

Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Lightbulb Crew have released the first in a video webseries for tactical horror RPG Othercide. The video reintroduces the game's premise and touches on lore elements such as the Daughters and the Child, as well the game's striking art style.

The perfect entry point to the game, "Forging Nightmares" gives a background on the key characters and creatures from the Othercide universe: the Mother, her Daughters, and the terrifying Others that you will face off against. Also discussed is the art style that sets Othercide apart and gives a unique look and feel, and the real-world inspirations for the characters and situations of this disturbing reality. Influences are pulled from Japanese and western sources, as well as the real life of art director Alexandre Chaudret.

Othercide is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 28, with a Nintendo Switch release to follow. For more information on Othercide, you can check out the release date trailer or the announcement details from PAX East earlier this year.