Neptunia Virtual Stars will add Kizuna AI and Towa Kiseki as DLC playable characters

Compile Heart has revealed that Neptunia Virtual Stars will add the famous VTubers Kizuna AI as one of the DLC playable characters along with Towa Kiseki.

Virtual Stars is the latest action RPG in Compile Heart's flagship Neptunia franchise with a specific focus on VTubers - short for Virtual YouTubers - where channels upload various videos using virtual characters. Compile Heart also has its own VTuber known as Ileheart, who has also been recently confirmed to have a role in this game's storyline.

Other than Ileheart, Kizuna AI, and Towa Kiseki, Virtual Stars will also have guest appearances from many other existing VTubers that can support Neptune's group after rescuing them by obtaining their V-Cubes. You can check out this list to see which VTubers will appear in the game.

Neptunia Virtual Stars will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan (as VVVtunia) on August 6 and in the West later in 2021. You can also watch the latest Japanese promotional trailer uploaded by Compile Heart.

Neptunia Virtual Stars DLC characters