Genshin Impact: how to Process Ingredients & Processed Ingredient List

One core component of Genshin Impact is cooking - which sort of adds up given that the game has been talked of as something of a Breath of the Wild clone. Part of the process of preparing food is Processing Ingredients - and very early on the game will ask you to Process 3 Ingredients as a way of making sure you know how to do this critical thing in-game. 

Any food items that you can craft - or cook - are created from a handful of specific ingredients. Some ingredients can be used right away, while others need to be 'Processed' in order to be in the form that's needed for cooking certain recipes. That's why Genshin Impact asks you to Process 3 Ingredients early on - it should become a core component of what you do in the game.

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How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

In order to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact, you'll first need to go to a cooking fire - one of the places you can actually cook. You have access to these from right at the start of the game, and they're found all over, though your best bet is to simply find one in your starting town - there will be one there, in a quite central location.

Interacting with the cooking pot takes you into a menu used for Genshin Impact's cooking mechanic - and from within this menu you can tab across to the right to a tab with an icon that features what look like some Chillies. This is the Process menu for your ingredients

All you need to do within this menu is select the items that you want to process one item - which in turn makes it into something else. Wheat can be processed into Flour which is then used in a wide range of recipes, for instance, while you can process Meat into Sausages. 

Processing an item takes time - and how long depends on the item. You can queue up processing and leave it running, and once it's done the Processed Ingredients will then be available to you to cook bigger, better recipes. In addition, it's worth noting that a lot of processed food can be purchased at stores to save yourself some time.

Processed Ingredient list: all ingredients you can process

The following ingredients can be created through processing that we've found so far, just for the record. If you want to know about how to make each dish with them, check our full Genshin Impact cooking guide & recipe list.

  • Bacon: Processed Raw Meat + Salt.
    • 2x Raw Meat & 2x Salt per Bacon
    • 15 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Cold Cut Platter & Blessed Symphony recipes
  • Butter: Processed Milk.
    • 2x Milk per Butter
    • 5 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Sauteed Matsutake recipe
  • Cheese: Processed Milk.
    • 3x Milk per Cheese
    • 10 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Pile 'Em Up, Once upon a Time in Mondstadt, Mushroom Pizza & Invigorating Pizza recipes
  • Crab Roe: Processed Crab.
    • 4x Crab per Crab Roe.
    • 20 Minutes to Process
  • Cream: Processed Milk.
    • 1x Milk per Cream.
    • 3 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Cream Stew & Spicy Strew recipes
  • Flour: Processed Wheat.
    • 1x Wheat per Flour.
    • 1 Minute to Process
    • A staple of too many recipes to list
  • Ham: Processed Raw Meat + Salt.
    • 2x Raw Meat & 1x Salt per Ham.
    • 5 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Adaptus' Temptation, Cold Cut Platter, Blessed Symphony and Jade Parcel recipes
  • Jam: Processed Sunsettia, Berry + Sugar.
    • 3x Sunsettia, 2x Berry & 1x Sugar per Jam.
    • 10 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Mondstadt Hash Brown, Puppy-Paw Hash Brown recipes. 
  • Sausage: Processed Raw Meat.
    • 3x Raw Meat per Sausage. 
    • 20 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Cold Cut Platter & Blessed Symphony recipes
  • Smoked Fowl: Processed Fowl + Salt.
    • 3x Fowl & 1 Salt per Smoked Fowl.
    • 5 Minutes to Process
    • Used in the Northern Smoked Chicken recipe
  •  Sugar: Processed Sweet Flower.
    • 2x Sweet Flower per Sugar.
    • Used in the Jam Processing process and in the Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup, Squirrel Fish and Stick Honey Roast recipes