Genshin Impact Main Character Names: canon protagonist name options

When you first boot Genshin Impact, you'll be faced with a couple of choices. The first is which twin to choose, which we've answered over on another page. The second is a classic RPG question: a character name.

Now, look. The idea here is that you're meant to be creative and come up with a cool, unique name that you like. But we also know that some people want to stick as close to the canon as possible and go for the 'official' name. We've had this before with Persona; now we have it with Genshin Impact.

Sometimes, the canon is nice to know. So, here's the official protagonist character names for Genshin Impact.


Genshin Impact Canon Names: the official character names for the twins

Genshin Impact has been compared to Zelda quite a bit in the run up to its release, specifically to Breath of the Wild. For naming purposes, think of it like in Zelda: we all know the protagonist is called Link, but picking whatever else you fancy is fine too. Just like with choosing a twin, the name doesn't really matter - except for the fact you'll have to stare at it for hours to come.

Anyway, if you're having trouble picking a name for your main character in Genshin Impact or are simply a fan of choosing canonical names, the canon name for the male twin is Aether, while the canon name for the female twin is Lumine.

So, there it is - Aether for the male twin and Lumine for the other. These are the official character name options for Genshin Impact, in canon.

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