Genshin Impact: Anemoculus Locations list

Genshin Impact is full of collectibles - which isn't that surprising given its wide open world.  Between picking up gear, collecting and processing ingredients for cooking, battling enemies and everything else, there's also collectibles like the Anemoculus (not Anemo Oculus, as we've seen it written by some...) - a special collectible found scattered around the world, often tucked away in hard-to-reach places. 

Tracking down all of the Anemoculus locations is an important little thing to do in Genshin Impact, however, as these items can be used to great effect. In fact, the in-game description sort of says it all: "A substance that has accumulated intense Anemo energy. Offer it to the Statue and help reinstate the power it has lost over the years."

What this means is that you can offer the Anemoculus to the Statue of the Seven that you find scattered across Mondstadt for some handy rewards. More on the rewards in a moment - first of all, let's talk about where you can find the various Anemoculus. This process is then repeated in another region with the Geoculus - which we also have a full location list for.

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations List

Anemoculus are usually quite easy to see, and they'll actually appear on your map with a star-shaped symbol that you'll naturally want to gravitate towards. So any map listing the locations only needs to be broad, as the in-game map will help draw you to their exact location once you're in the general area. Often they appear as floating blue items gravitating in mid-air, and quite often they're high up, meaning you'll need to make use of climbing and gliding to grab them.

Some are well hidden in less-traveled corners of the map, but lucky for us an enterprizing Japanese YouTuber called StarKShine has already found and mapped out the locations of 65 Anemoculus locations for you. This youtube video is the ultimate answer for how to find the Anemoculus, at least for now. Check the youtube video above, or if you prefer to have it in a static form, we've put a still image version below. For the record, the automatic translation captions aren't entirely terrible on this video, if you want some context beyond what we've written here.


What you ultimately need to know is that this map has been split into sections based on ease-of-gathering. If you follow the numbered order, that's an ideal way to grab them.

So the first group of Anemoculus are found nice and close to the city, and they're the easiest to get - there's not even any enemies to bother you around here. Then you can head north for the next 8, and then towards the southern penninsula for the following nine, and so on.

As you get deeper into the list, however, the anemoculus become more difficult to find, and the areas where you'll need to go to grab them will feature more enemies and obstacles to skirt around to grab them - which might make high level buffs from cooking, strong stats and a whole lot of stamina useful. The more Oculi you gather from this map, the more you can level up the statues and nab their rewards.


Anemoculus Rewards: what you get for trading your Oculi

Once you have a bunch of Anemoculus, you can offer them to the Statue of the Seven as a form of worship. The Statue of the Seven are useful landmarks - they reveal map information, act as fast travel points, offer healing when you interact with them, and, of course, let you trade your Oculi.

Trading in your Anemoculus will net you some very good rewards, with what you get depending on how many Oculi you've traded. You can expect to get Primogems (which are used for gacha banner draws), Anemo Sigil (exchangeable for items in the Souvenir shop), Adventure EXP (to level up) and, most importantly Extra Stamina. The stamina in particularly is hugely useful, even in helping to reach more Anemoculus.

As mentioned, the Statue of the Seven are found all over Mondstadt, so don't worry about returning to the same one - spread that Oculi love around.