Genshin Impact: where to find Geovishap Hatchling enemies to farm Bone Shards

There's nothing worse than a rare enemy carrying drops you urgently need - but that's the case with Geovishap Hatchlings and their Bone Shard drops in Genshin Impact.

This lizard-like enemy can drop two different types of Bone Shard, in fact: the Fragile Bone Shard, which can come from any kind of Geovishap Hatchling, and the Sturdy Bone Shard which is found by defeating higher level versions of these enemies. The Bone Shards are useful in a variety of ways, including notably being used for Weapon Ascension. In order to make use of it, you'll need to get one - and to do that, you'll need to kill a bunch of Geovishap Hatchlings.

Simple! Until, that is, you struggle to find them. But don't worry - we've got you. We've also got a lot more Genshin Impact help if you want it - don't forget to check out our guides on Elements & Elemental Combos, Gifts for Lisa in the Troublesome Work quest, our list of Anemoculus Locations and our full explanation of the Gacha Banner Rates and Wish system.

Genshin Impact Geovishap Hatchlings: where to find this rare enemy to get Bone Shard drops

Geovishap Hatchlings are fast and hardy lizard enemies that have a stony appearance and therefore are of a Geo type. If you're unsure what they look like, or want a more visual representation of their location, check out the great YouTube video by MonkeyKingHero above. They're difficult to miss once you find them, as they have quite a stand-out appearance and some very unique attacks where they roll around like they're Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Geovishap Hatchlings are a rare spawn no matter where you are, but there's a few locations you can find them in the game. They spawn in the Tianqiu Valley - while rare, if you keep tooling around this area you will eventually find Geovishap Hatchlings wandering around - usually a couple at a time. Similarly, you can encounter Geovishap Hatchlings in the Huaguang Stone Forest, in the west of the area. 

Once you've found some of these sony lizards you'll actually need to kill them in order to get the drop. They're actually quite difficult to beat and have a lot of HP - which makes sense given that they're physically heavily-armored enemies. There's a few tips that'll get you through the encounter, however:

  • We suggest using a character that's good at ripping enemy armor to shreds, or targeting their horn - a weak spot - from afar.
  • Alternatively, use a character with a shield - when their attacks are deflected by a shield, the Geovishap Hatchling will be briefly paralized and left open to attack. It might take you a while to take them down initially, but once you understand the rhythm and the knack of these encounters. 
  • Finally, when they rev up for their spin attack the Geovishap Hatchling can drop 2 Earthen Shields. Grab the shield and then come into contact with the Hatchling to stun it, just as if you had a shield.

Drops are dropsm and are therefore not necessarily guaranteed, but Bone Shards of some description are a common drop from these rarer enemies once you find them. As noted, lower-level Geovishap Hatchlings drop Fragile Bone Shards, while higher level ones have a chance to drop Sturdy Bone Shards. You can then use the shards for Prototype Weapon Ascensions, among other things.