Genshin Impact: choosing a gift for Lisa in the Troublesome Work quest

Genshin Impact is the latest RPG taking the world by storm - but the big selling point of this open-world adventure is that it's entirely free to start playing. Like any RPG, Genshin Impact is filled with choice - and one quest that gives you a lot of it is the Troublesome Work quest, which asks you to choose a gift for Lisa.

There's an important thing to know about the Lisa gift choice: it doesn't really seem to have a major impact on anything. In that sense it's a lot like choosing a twin in the opening - a choice, but not one you need to worry about.

Within the confines of the quest, it'll change how Lisa reacts to you on this little date - but nothing beyond that. With that said, if you want to get the best possble reaction with your choice of gifts, keep reading...

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Gift for Lisa: the Troublesome Work quest in Genshin Impact

As you enter this quest, it's important to think about what you know and can tell about Lisa from her appearance and what she says. You know she's a librarian, for instance. These cues will help you to make the right choice in the Troublesome Work quest... or you can just follow our choices below.

The quest asks you to help Lisa get back a book that hasn't been correctly returned to the library. The quest will take you from one store and vendor to another, and at each vendor, you have an opportunity to buy Lisa a small gift.

Here's the stores and the optimum present to buy for Lisa from each. If at first you don't see all four options, speak to Lisa or the vendor, who will offer some hints that open up more options.

  • At the With Wind Comes Glory shop, you'll have the choice between Bloomers, Voodo Doll, Rusty Sword, or a Ragged Old Scroll. Lisa is a Librarian, remember, so you'll want to give her the gift of a Ragged Old Scroll, which she'll enjoy the scholarly nature of.
  • Next up is the Good Hunters Food stall. This store gives you the option of Steak, Smoked Chicken, Radish Veggie Soup or Satisfying Salad. The chef will tell you that Lisa is a vegetarian, and the best of the two non-meat options is the Radish Veggie Soup, so give her that for a positive reaction. As an aside, did you know that all of these dishes are cooking recipes the player can cook? Well, you do now!
  • Finally you visit Donna at the flower merchants. There's four flowers as gift options here: a Dandelion, a Mist Flower, a Rose or a Cecilia. If you speak to Donna, you'll get prodded in the right direction, which is to buy the Cecilia as Lisa's final gift.

With the final gift given, that's it - you can then move on to complete the Troublesome Work quest for Lisa. Your choice of gifts won't impact your rewards, like we said... but it will make Lisa feel good. That's worth it, right?