Genshin Impact: Geoculus Locations map & list

In the world of Genshin Impact, every major location in the world is attached to one of the seven elements that feature in the game. This is expressed right down to certain collectibles found out in the world - and a great example of that is the Geoculus, which are hidden all over the Liyue region. On this page, we're going to list all of the Geoculus Locations so that you can go nab them all.

Just as with the Anemoculus collectibles that you find in the Mondstadt Region of the world, Geoculus (that's one word, not Geo Oculus, as some are writing...) are special collectibles found in the Liyue Region. Once you have a bunch of these collectibles, you can take the Geoculi to the Statue of the Seven locations in the Liyue region and trade them in for some very useful rewards.

We've prepared a handy map which shows all of the locations of all Geoculus in the region - and there's a whole lot of them. Take a look:


Genshin Impact Geoculus Location List

Now, we know - that is one huge image. It'll be hard to see the detail, but you can click on it to make it bigger and zoom in to see more minutate. Genshin Impact has an absolutely enormous map, and the easiest way to show you every one of the Geoculus locations is to display them all on one map.

There are 131 Geoculus to find and grab in total, which is a lot. The map above has all Geoculus Locations - it's complete. If the image isn't doing it for you, KyoStinV on YouTube has put together a great video guide with all 131 locations:

In addition, there's one particular Geoculus that you should know about: the one at the northernmost point of our map is hidden underground, and its location won't become accessible until you tackle the quest "The Chi of Guyun". If you can't find thatm one, that's why.

The good thing is that Geoculus are generally easy enough to spot in-game, and once you're close your in-game mini map will actually clue you in on a more exact location. Often the Geoculus will be lightly hidden or open to see but in a difficult-to-reach place.

The Geoculus are also pretty obvious - shiny, and of the golden sort of color Genshin Impact players will associate with the Geo element. Often, they'll tease you with how obvious they are, challenging you to reach them.

They're by far not the most difficult thing to find in Genshin Impact - but to collect every Geoculus is going to take you some time. Once you've grabbed a good number of them, you can then trade them in for some handy upgrades.


Geoculus Rewards: rewards for collecting Geoculus

You won't get any rewards for simply collecting the Geoculus - you have to actually take them and trade them back in. To do this, you'll need to head to a Statue of the Seven in the Liyue region - which can be found frequently enough. You'll likely know these statues well as they're your fast travel points, healing points and so on.

Anyway, if you find a statue, you can exchange your Geoculus there as an offering to the gods. Doing so will level up that Statue of the Seven, which nets you rewards including  net you rewards including Raising your Stamina (which otherwise can only be raised through character progression and temporary cooking recipe buffs), Adventure EXP to level up, Primogems (for drawing Gacha Banners), and Geo Sigils (exchangeable for items in the Souvenier Shop).

Statues of the Seven are everywhere, so explore and find different ones - you can use them to fast travel, but also to regularly turn in your Geoculus until the statues hit level 10 and give up all their rewards.