Yakuza: Like A Dragon Substories guide: Substory walkthroughs, how to start every quest, and Missables

Substories are one of the most interesting staples of the Yakuza series, and they make a welcome return in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. In fact, because substories is just special series terminology for a side quest, and given that Like a Dragon is a fully-fledged RPG, the substories feel more important than ever.

On this guide, we list all of the substories in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, complete with mini-walkthroughs for each substory explaining how to start and then how to complete them - helping you to aim for 100% completion of Ichiban's adventure. 

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Substories guide: a side quest primer

Expect to encounter many unique and eccentric individuals in the many Yakuza Like a Dragon substories.

You’re going to want to do as many of the Yakuza: Like a Dragon substories as possible during your playtime, as substory rewards are pretty great and can prove really helpful as you work to advance the game's core story.

For a start, most of the Poundmates summons that can be used for major assistance in battle are unlocked through substories, as are powerful business management partners that will be useful in unlocking optional party member Eri and making lots of cash managing a company. All of this can prove extremely useful.

Naturally, completing substories also provides you with a bunch of additional and interesting story, experience points for the party, money, and useful items. Substories are only one brand of side content in Like a Dragon, too, as there's also Part-time Hero quests like rescues and treasure hunt quests like finding the missing cats and snapping the Kappa Statues

Are any Subtories Missable?

The short answer is no: none of the substories in Yakuza: Like a Dragon are missable. You can rest easy knowing that while you might not pick up or notice a quest immediately, once you reach a point where a quest is unlocked, it remains that way and can be triggered throughout the rest of the game, including in the post-game 

Some quests are specific to a time of day - and certain chapters are locked to daytime or nighttime. As such, you might see quests disappear when you progress from one chapter to the next - but this doesn't mean they're gone forever! By the finale, everything will be available to you.

Substories unlock throughout Yakuza: Like a Dragon's main story progression, with a handful being revealed on the map with a speech bubble icon on chapters 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 15. A grey speech bubble icon represents an all-new substory that you'll be starting for the first time, while a blue speech bubble represents a continuation of an existing substory. Some can carry over across multiple chapters.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 4 Substories

Chapter 4 unlocks the first substories in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

1. A Can-Do Attitude

The first listed sub-story is a mandatory story one, so you can’t miss it. It’s essentially a tutorial for the Can Quest mini-game and subsequently unlocks it for you. 

  • Location: South Sakura River Street
  • Chapter: 4, required
  • Unlocks: Can-collecting mini-game

2. Who’s That Sujimon!? 

Another mandatory sub-story, this one will introduce you to the Sujidex, which you’ll use to keep track of the enemies you fight. Some awesome Pokemon references too. 

  • Location: Near Hello Work
  • Chapter: 4, story equired
  • Unlocks: Sujidex

3. A Golden Opportunity 

Both this and sub-story 4 can technically be completed during Chapter 3, but we’re listing them here for convenience and when you’re most likely to do them. This story involves a public urinator, all you need to do for this one is pick the third suspect and engage in a simple fight. 

  • Location: South Sakura River Street
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: None

4. One Man’s Trash

When you’re on Misaki Street you’ll see a large amount of garbage covering a shop. Talk to the owner of the shop and you’ll have a brief fight. Once this quest is done, you’ll have access to his (now trashless) pawn shop. 

  • Location: Misaki Street 
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Pawn shop

5. A Trip to Pound Town

This mandatory sub-story will introduce you to the concept of Poundmates, Yakuza’s take on the summon system. You’ll unlock Gary Buster Holmes and the summon system from this point forward. 

  • Location: Misaki Street
  • Chapter: 4, required
  • Unlocks: Summon system, Gary Buster Holmes as a summon

6. It’s the Thought that Counts

This quest starts on the South Sakura River Street. You’ll be helping a homeless man build a bookshelf as a present. To get the wood and nails, you’ll need to go to the park near the Survive bar in the Bar District. Fight the karate students to get the wood and nails and then talk to the old man for a final fight and the end to this story. 

  • Location: South Sakura River Street
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Sacrifice Stone

7. Baby Don’t Cry

This quest can be found at Western Central Street. Talk to the father carrying the baby formula before being told to find hot water. You can find the hot water at the Pocket Cafe’. Go back to where you found the man for an awesome Yakuza reference and a small battle. You’ll unlock Patriarch Gondawara as a summon after this. 

  • Location: Western Central Street 
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Patriarch Gondawara as a summon

8. Old Cinema Paradiso

Pass by the Seagull Cinema and you’ll find some teens talking about their nap experience. The owner will then offer you a free movie, where you’ll have to try and stay awake by performing some button prompts. This sub-story acts as a tutorial for the mini-game, which will unlock once you’ve finished the mission. 

  • Location: Seagull Cinema
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Theatre mini-game

9. Persimmon Premonition

Go the the Persimmon tree in the Bar District and you'll see a young girl who's counting on it to fall. Keep visiting the tree and fight off whoever's causing trouble to make sure the Persimmon doesn't fall. You'll unlock Tosanoyama as a summon for your troubles.

  • Location: Tree in the Bar District 
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Tosanoyama as a summon

10. Fast Times at Ounabara

Go to the Vocational school Ounabara to speak to an English man in one of Yakuza's funniest cutscenes. Doing so will introduce you to the vocational exams and tests, which will raise Ichiban's personality traits

  • Location: Ounabara 
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Vocational Tests 

40. Welcome to Dragon Kart! 

In the upper side of the map you'll find a substory that introduces Dragon Kart to Ichiban. Complete the first race to complete this sub-story and unlock the chain of missions associated with it. 

  • Location: Hamakita Park
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Dragon Kart 

41. Two-headed Bomb 

Complete the Cerberus Cup, to unlock this sub-story. You'll take part in a special race against two racers on a foggy map. Try doing the other cups to upgrade your Kart before taking on the special races. 

  • Location: Dragon Kart  
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Rings, Rumble Crasher Kart available 

42. The Rocket Girls

Complete the Pegasus Cup to unlock this race against the two Rocket Girls. Make sure to use a fully upgrades Kart like you did for the Two-Headed Bomb race. 

  • Location: Dragon Kart
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Rings, Rapid Phantom Kart available

43. The Data Drifter

Complete the Phoenix cup to go up against Suguru in a special one on one match. By now you should have a fully upgraded Kart, and you're going to want to use the Rapid Phantom you unlocked from the last substory. 

  • Location: Dragon Kart
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Sub-story 44, Ignition Shadow Kart available 

44. Biker Blitz 

The last of the Dragon Kart races available in this chapter. Race against Akira using your best Kart. You should have a pretty good handle on these Dragon Kart quests by now! 

  • Location: Dragon Kart 
  • Chapter: 4
  • Unlocks: Sub-story 45

Chapter 5 Substories

It's back to the open world, and back to substories, in Chapter 5.

11. Certified Underdogs

You'll need to complete 10 of the tests available at Ounabara before getting this quest, which will take some time and money, but you can technically get it from Chapter 5. Talk to Igari and fight some guys for him to finish this substory and make him available for hire. 

  • Location: Ounabara Vocational after completing 10 Vocational Tests
  • Chapter: 5
  • Unlocks: Igari for Ichiban Confections

12. How to be a Part Time Hero

This substory is required for the story and will happen when you go to Chinatown. You'll fight two groups of people and get told about the Part-Time Hero system. Once you've finished this substory you'll have access to those quests whenever you like. 

  • Location: Chinatown
  • Chapter: 5, required
  • Unlocks: Part-Time Hero

13. Nowhere To Go But Up

Another story-required quest. The gang will talk about a blacksmith that they've heard about, which will lead them to the Romance Workshop. You'll learn about crafting gear here and keep this place in mind since you'll need to invest a lot of money in it to unlock one of the final substories. 

  • Location: Romance Workshop
  • Chapter: 5, required 
  • Unlocks: Romance Workshop

15. Ijincho’s Safety Net 

This substory is mandatory and will introduce you to the business management side of the game. You'll have to do a tutorial for the system but you'll get access to it straight after and unlock a new summon. Keep this section of the game in mind, it's one of the best ways of earning money and even unlocks a party member

  • Location: Yokohama
  • Chapter 5 
  • Unlocks: Omelette as a summon, Ichiban Confections mini-game

16. Crawfish Caper

This missions will start off on the Commercial District Bridge and lead you near the river. Look for the Crawfish for an X on its back closest to the stairs, before being told that you'll need to get a Premium Sushi Set from Poppo to trade for the animal. Once you've got the Premium Sushi Set, trade it for Nancy as a summon. 

  • Location: Commercial District Bridge
  • Chapter: 5
  • Unlocks: Nancy as a summon

17. A Love Worth Fighting For

This is a multi-part substory that starts at the Soup Kitchen near Commercial District Bridge. You'll need to jump from this area to other areas the game will point you towards. Keep following the story, which will put you through a few fights and dialogue choices. The quest will finish at nighttime near the Old Seagull Cinema. 

  • Location: Soup Kitchen at Commercial District Bridge 
  • Chapter: 5
  • Unlocks: Kiyoe Shirakawa as a summon

18. Home Run Heroism

Go to the Fukotoku Bridge near the Bar District and you'll see a bunch of journalists harrassing a Baseball player. You'll need to get into a few fights across the map, but this substory is relatively easy to get past. 

  • Location: Fukotoku Bridge, Bar District 
  • Chapter: 5
  • Unlocks: Hanayama for Ichiban Confections

19. Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

This substory starts near an alleyway near Romance Street. You'll see a very soapy man calling out for help. You need to lead him to a clothes shop without running into any water. This is incredibly easy as you'll see speech bubbles where potential threats could be. Go back to the spot you met him to finish the substory. 

  • Location: Romance Street alleyway
  • Chapter: 5
  • Unlocks: Mysterious Blush

Chapter 7 Sub-Stories

More side quest substories in Yakuza Like a Dragon's Chapter 7.

20. Table for One

Go to the upstairs section of Wette Kitchen to run into a boy eating on his own. Come back to the location again and you'll be sent to find a glove. Defeat the thief and go back to Wette Kitchen to complete this substory and get Noboru for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Wette Kitchen, Ijin Lane 
  • Chapter: 7
  • Unlocks: Noburu for Ichiban Confections 

21. Dumpster of Demise

Go to Romance Workshop on the map and this substory will be opposite. A man is picking through Yakuza rubbish, and will give you an item the second time you visit him. Go back a third time and you'll have to fight off some Yakuza. Try getting him a real job when he becomes available for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Opposite the blacksmith
  • Chapter: 7
  • Unlocks: Shige for Ichiban Confections

22. An Act of Kindness

You'll find a young girl asking people for money near Jinnai Station. Give her the most money you can for a personality boost, and then suggest she go "Near the Popular Eatery". Go back to that spot and choose "Listen Up" to get a confidence boost. You'll need to go to the location on the map to get into a fight, before coming back and finishing this substory. It'll come back later though. 

  • Location: Near Jinnai Station 
  • Chapter: 7
  • Unlocks: Mittens 

24. Fifty Shades of Play

Go to the parking lot in the Red Light District to find a Dominatrix (yes, it's that kind of quest) being harassed. Go to a park to find Mr. Massochist and fight him. You'll deal no damage to him so don't worry about using any techniques. You'll then have to go to Poppo and talk to the dominatrix and his mother. Go back and fight off some enemies for the Dominatrix and you'll get Mr. Massochist as a summon 

  • Location: Ohama Street, Red Light District
  • Chapter: 7
  • Unlock: Mr. Massochist as a summon

25. A Fading Star

Go to Eomeoni's Vow in Koreatown to start the quest. You'll have to follow the drunk man to another bar in the Bar District to continue the quest. You'll get into a fight and then will have to sober the man up with some water. You can find water at any vending machine. Once you've done this you can go find him again, where you'll have to fight some more enemies. Do so and you'll finish the quest and unlock Yu-Jin as a summon. 

  • Location: Eomeoni’s Vow in Koreatown  
  • Chapter: 7
  • Unlocks: Yu-Jin as a summon

27. The Miracle of Spice

Go to the Crossroads at the end of Hyaeyeki Street to see an old woman trying to cross to no avail. She'll leave and you'll be directed to a spice seller. He'll give you the last bowl of spice, and you'll be led to several different locations on the map to give people the spice to solve their issues. Go back to the old woman last to help her cross the road and finish the quest. 

  • Location: Crossroads at the end of Hyaeyeki Street
  • Chapter: 7
  • Unlocks: Umeko joins Ichiban Confections 

Chapter 9 Substories


23. Warmest Wishes 

This is the continuation of Megumi's story from a few chapters earlier. Talk to Megumi to start it, before having to go to her father who is marked on the map. You'll fight some enemies, before being told you'll need to round up 1 million yen to finish the quest. Get the money and go to the hospital, which will be marked as a location from any taxi, before going back to the original spot to finish the quest and unlock Megumi as a summon. 

  • Location: Akaushimaru (Isezaki Road)
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Megumi as a summon

26. The Masked Murderer 

Go to Eomoni's Vow in Koreatown to hear rumours of a masked murderer. You'll need to continue the substory when it's nighttime, where you'll encounter Jie-san (get it?) and have to fight him. Finsh the fight to unlock him as a summon. 

  • Location: Eomeoni’s Vow in Koreatown
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Jie-san as a summon

28. Tour Guide Turmoil 

Go to Hamakita Park to find a tour guide who's worried about her next tour. Agree to help her out and listen to what she'll want you to say on the tour, which will be "Red Dragon", "Blue Sign", "Ultra Packed Super Bun". Do this and eventually you'll have to fight someone to finish the quest and unlock Ayami for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Hamakita Park
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Ayami joins Ichiban Confections 

29. The Michio Minefield 

Michio is back! Well, statues of him are at least. Agree to help the man and you’ll have to pick up the 7 legitimate Michio statues. The difference is pretty obvious but the best way to tell here is to choose the ones with long sleeves only. 

  • Location: Chinatown 
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Sub-story 30

30. Fauxno Michio 

Michio is back for real now! You’ll see a rip-off Michio trying to sell the fake goods. Suit up as Ono-Michio and fight a group of enemies in the suit. Doing so is not only awesome for fans of Yakuza 6, but will also unlock him as a summon and Hironaka for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Chinatown 
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Hironaka joins Ichiban Confections and Ono Michio unlocks as a summon

31. Like Father Like Son 

Outside the Meng WU restaurant in Chinatown you'll see a father and son arguing. Leave the area and come back to be asked to spy on the son by the father. Come back once more to talk to the son. Come back again to fight some enemies off and finish the substory. 

  • Location: Meng Wu, Chinatown 
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Court Tongs

32. Forget Me Not 

This is a weird one. You’ll find a girl near North Jinnai Station who asks to go on a date with Ichiban. Choose to take her to the arcade and win her a stuffed toy and then you’ll get into a fight with some enemies. I won’t spoil this one, but it’s a memorable substory that doesn’t really unlock anything for you. 

  • Location: North Jinnai Station
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: N/A

34. Bros Till The End

Go to Hamakita Park to find a group of guys on bikes. Agree to help them out, and return to be directed to the next part of the quest. You’ll need to go to a building marked on the map and fight some yakuza, before unlocking Taka as a summon. You’ll want to do this one, as he’s a pretty useful summon to have. 

  • Location: Hamakita Park
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Taka as a summon

35. Preparing to Suck 

Go to Sesil Cafe’ near Hamakita Park to unlock this quest. You’ll need to invest 1 million yen in his device to continue the quest, where you’ll have to fight the vacuum. Target its arms to deal damage and once he’s defeated you’ll unlock him for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location Hamakita Park, Sesil Cafe’
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Soji will join Ichiban Confections

36. Whispers of the Underworld 

This substory won’t show up until you approach the ladder West of Kinka pharmacy. You’ll need a confidence stat of 4 before getting access. Go back to Survive Bar to hear a rumour of a black market shop being held somewhere. Go to the shop marked on the map and say the password “Lau Chau Chau Ya” to fight some enemies and prove yourself. You’ll then gain access to the Black Market Shop back where the quest started. Buy a weapon from him and unlock Chau Ka Long as a summon.

  • Location: West of Kinka Pharmacy
  • Chapter: 9
  • Unlocks: Chau Ka Long as a summon

Chapter 10 Substories

One of the many substories that unlocks in Chapter 10 of Yakuza Like a Dragon.

37. Ringleader Roundup: Bear Blues 

Go to Hamakita park to hear about a circus that's in town. Talk to the ringleader to go up against a bear. This is a fairly easy battle to win, just keep wailing on the bear with your best moves. By Chapter 10, you'll have fought much worse. 

  • Location: Hamakita Park
  • Chapter: 10
  • Unlocks: Chief’s Towel, Sub-story 38

38. Ringleader Roundup: Tiger Trouble

After completing substory 37, you'll unlock the second part of this quest. This time you're up against Charlotte the tiger. You'll have fought a tiger in the story by this point so apply those same strategies. Really, all three of these quests are fairly easy battles that you can just keep attacking and healing without too much worry. 

  • Location: Hamakita Park
  • Chapter: 10
  • Unlocks: Medal of Honor, Sub-story 39

39. Ringmaster Roundup: Chimp Calamity 

The final part of this questline involves a monkey driving a bulldozer. You've fought a bulldozer twice in the story by now, so just apply the same method to clear the substory and unlock a gold-rated member for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Hamakita Park
  • Chapter: 10
  • Unlocks: Clara-chan for Ichiban Confections 

Chapter 12 Substories

33 The Traffic Census Sensei 

The only sub-story for Chapter 12 is an easy one. Opposite La Chatte Blanche is a traffic warden performing a census. Talk to him to get a chance at his job. You'll need to choose, "4 men" on the first go, "7 women" on the second and "5 men, 6 women" on the final go. You'll get a fair bit of money for doing this quest as well, so it's well worth doing. 

  • Location: East Jinnai Station, opposite la chatte blanche 
  • Chapter: 12
  • Unlocks: Battered Tally Counter

Chapter 15 Sub-Stories

Chapter 15 features the final batch of Yakuza: Like a Dragon substories.

45. One Hell of a Racer

The second to last Dragon Kart sub-story requires you to have completed the previous quests. Talk to Jin to challenge him and complete the race against him to unlock the final Dragon Kart quest. 

  • Location: Dragon Kart
  • Chapter: 15
  • Unlocks: Sub-story 46

46. The World is my Racetrack

You've done it, this is the final Dragon Kart quest! This race will be against the Dragon Kart organiser, and you'll absolutely need your Kart to be fully upgraded to complete this one. His Kart will be better no matter what so make sure to use boosts and the lightning power-up to attack him and stay ahead. 

  • Location: Dragon Kart
  • Chapter: 15
  • Unlocks: “Pop the Cork” trophy, Rising Dragon Kart 

14. Something Worth Protecting

Don't worry, we didn't miss out a substory earlier. Since this is technically a carry-over from substory 13, it's marked as 14 on the list. For this quest, you'll need to invest 22,500,000 Yen in her workshop as one of the required parts of this substory. You'll also need to gift her 16 bonsai trees, which can be bought at the flower vendor in Hamakita Park. You'll also need a fully levelled Passion stat to finish this quest. Once you've invested in the workshop and given Sumire her Bonsai Trees, you'll need to fight off some enemies for her. Doing so will finish the quest and unlock her for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Romance Workshop
  • Chapter: 15
  • Unlocks: Sumire for Ichiban Confections

47. Girl of my Dreams 

Go to the Survive Bar to start this quest and talk to Saeko. You'll need to have a Level 10 Style to take part in this substory, but once you've done that you'll just need to talk to her to finish the substory. Choose the bottom option for a confidence boost if you need it. 

  • Location: Survive Bar
  • Chapter 15
  • Unlocks: None

48. Shared Vision

This romance quest is for Eri, so you know you'll need to upgrade Ichiban Confections. You'll need to be the number one corporation to start this quest, and you'll also need a Level 10 Kindness stat. Talk to her once at the office and then again at Survive Bar to finish this story. 

  • Location: Ichiban Confections
  • Chapter 15
  • Unlocks: None

49. Certified Lover

To start this substory, you'll need to have completed all 21 Vocational tests at Ounabara, and you'll need to give her 16 Bouqets of Lillies. You can grow the Lillies yourself, or just buy them outright from Hamakita Park. You'll need a Level 10 intellect as well as the Lillies, but once you've done that you can talk to her and this substory will finish and make her available for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Ounabara  
  • Chapter 15
  • Unlocks: Moyakoshi for Ichiban Confections

50. Pillow Chat

For this romance quest, you're going to need a Level 10 Charisma stat, as well as having participated in at least 16 Party Chats. Party chats happen randomly as you walk around the map and are pretty frequent, so don't worry too much about this. Once you've done that, you'll need to gift her 16 Bouqets of Roses. You can grow the roses yourself, or buy them from Hamakita Park. Speak to her after gifting her all the roses and you'll finish the substory and unlock Iroha for Ichiban Confections. 

  • Location: Survive Bar, Bar District
  • Chapter 15
  • Unlocks: Iroha for Ichiban Confections

51. The Real Me

For this romance quest, you're going to need a Level 10 Confidence stat. You'll need to have changed Ichiban to all of his available job types as well, as you'll be wooing Ririka from Hello Work. After this, you're going to want to gift her 16 Bouqets of Pansies. These can be grown yourself, or bought from the flower vendor at Hamakita Park. Doing this will unlock her for Ichiban Confections, and finally end these drawn-out romance quests. 

  • Location: Hello Work
  • Chapter: 15
  • Unlocks: Ririka for Ichiban Confections

52. The Lone Survivor

All your chickens are coming home to roost in this substory. Go to the second floor of the Survive bar to sit through a cutscene and let the final substory play out on its own. 

  • Location: Survive Bar
  • Chapter 15
  • Unlocks: None