Yakuza: Like a Dragon Jobs guide - every job and the best classes for each character

Yakuza: Like A Dragon adopts many role-playing tropes in its transition to fully-fledged RPG, and one major change is the addition of a Job system. Yes, we've had stances before in Yakuza's combat, but this is a full-blown classes setup with a range of different jobs.

Instead of the typical mage, knight and tank roles, we’ve instead got the harsh reality of pop idols, security guards and construction workers. All of the jobs in Like A Dragon can still be broken down into their RPG equivalents, which means that if you’ve played any game like this before, you’re probably going to know the sort of class combinations you’re going to want to make. 

You’ll unlock the ability to change jobs during Chapter 5, where the party will visit Hello Work and be given a few basic classes to start with. To get more job options, you’ll need to level up your characters, increase Ichiban’s personality traits, and increase his bonds with party members through drink links.

You’re also going to want to swap jobs often to try and raise as many experience points for each one. When you choose a new job, it’s level starts at 1 so you’re going to need to use it in battle a bit to get the most out of it. Keep in mind that each party member also has their own unique class that they start the game with, and for some characters it’s actually a perfectly viable class to stick with. When in doubt, you can always go back to what they started as. 

On this page we're going to list the best jobs for each character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, plus have a full classes rundown with descriptions of what each job excells at it, broken down three ways: male jobs, female jobs, and character exclusive & starter jobs.

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The Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs system is a full-fat RPG experience - and has surprising depth.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Jobs: best classes and job options for every character

With each character having different stats, it’s inevitable that each will be more suited to some of the Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs than others. Which jobs work best will depend on your party composition and play style, but there are some surefire options that make the most out of each character’s strengths in battle.  

View these suggestions full in the knowledge that there is no absolute best job in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The best job will depend on your play-style, but we do have some suggestions for each character:

Best jobs for Ichiban Kasuga

Ichiban Kasuga is unique in Like a Dragon, as the protagonist should be. He has access to a number of exclusive classes and also has that classic main hero thing going on of having generally decent stats in every area all-around. That impacts our recommendations for the best job for him:

  • Hero: this might be the basic class for Ichiban once you get a decent way into Like a Dragon, but it remains his best overall class right into the endgame. The hero class has powerful AOE attacks, great single-enemy attacks, and can even restore party HP and buff party attack stats. When paired with the ultimate bat weapon, this class is the best.
  • Breaker: while the dancing Breaker job functions a lot like a support class, many of their attacks also dish out damage. The buffs this class can pull off are powerful enough, but when paired with Ichiban’s natural stats, this also becomes a very viable offensive class, too.
  • Foreman: Ichiban should become a Foreman at least once, and that’s because of a particular unique skill: Demolish. This is an exploration ability used out in the overworld, and will allow you to access new areas of the game - and you can only get it through this class.

Best Jobs for Yu Nanba

Yu Nanba begins life in Yakuza: Like a Dragon as a homeless person - which in this world qualifies as an RPG class - and surprisingly, his starting class remains really good into the late-game - though early on, you may benefit more from switching to another class first. Here’s our recommendations:

  • Musician: the Dancer does fill something of a support role, but the Musician is a true support class, with amazing skills for buffing and protecting the party. For attack, the rank 6 unlock attack ‘Scar Me’ is an extremely powerful ability, especially in the early game.
  • Homeless Guy: often in RPGs you ditch your starting class as early as you can, but this isn’t the case here. Nanba’s starting class is extremely powerful in the end - and while you might want to experiment with him early on, his starting class is the best for him in the late game thanks to its powerful magic attacks. The shortcomings of this class can be augmented well by learning a few complimentary magic skills of other elements from some other classes, such as the Host or Fortune Teller.

Best Jobs for Koichi Adachi

Adachi joins your party as a Detective - that’s his real-life job - and while the detective skills are solid, perhaps no other character benefits from a class change quite as much as Adachi. His best overall class is actually another cop-based class, however:

  • Enforcer: by switching Adachi from the Detective Job to the riot police style Enforcer job, he gains a shield and basically becomes like a classic White Knight in RPG terms, able to protect allies, dish out major hurt, and even use a few magic attacks. Adachi excels as a tank, drawing enemy fire and soaking up damage with his heavy resistance and high HP stats, which this class enhances. 
  • Breaker: before you settle in as an enforcer, early on in the game is a great time to rank up some in the Breaker class, where Adachi can also excel. The combination of attacks and buffs works well with his naturally high attack stats, and these skills can be particularly useful for breaking down and weakening difficult bosses.
  • Foreman: another ideal class to experiment with before going all-in on the Enforcer, the Foreman’s high-power weapons and skills that are honestly overpowered earlier on in the game. If you’re willing to spend some time in mini-games, go play a lot of golf and then cash in your rewards for a powerful Foreman Hammer weapon as early as chapter 5.

Best Jobs for Saeko Mukuoda

The one compulsory female party member in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Saeko therefore has access to a whole unique pool of jobs of her very own. Despite that, one of the jobs is a cut above the rest for Saeko, and is hands-down the best class for her:

  • Idol: it might be a cliche, but, yes, the default female party member is most at home as a white mage - which is basically what the Idol class is. Using the power of pop music, you can heal allies and debuff enemies - though there’s also a handful of solid attacks in here that deal damage and apply debuffs to enemies. It is what it is; every team needs a healer, and Saeko’s stats make her the best candidate. When paired with the Idol class, she’s an excellent healer - though it doesn’t hurt to learn some abilities from other classes, either.
  • Dealer: if you’re following our advice and rolling Idol as a class for Saeko but want some complementary abilities to go with it, we’d recommend the Dealer. This class is largely luck-based, with a roll of the dice determining how brutal an attack is - but if your healer isn’t required to heal on a given turn, a random change of massive damage from an old Dealer attack is worth the gamble. 

Best Jobs for Eri Kamataki

Eri is an optional party member in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but you can access her from relatively early on - and she can be especially helpful in the middle stages of the game, when your party size is briefly decreased. It also gives you a second shot at the female-exclusive job classes in the game - and Eri has a few which really work out well for her:

  • Clerk: this isn’t the most exciting class in the world, but Eri’s exclusive box cutter-wielding class is surprisingly good through most of the story of the game, and only really needs to be ditched much later on. The real benefit here is Eri’s speed: she’s super fast in this job, and can often lay the pain on enemies before they even get a chance to act. Eri is a much better attacker than Saeko, and she even has skills that can lower enemy accuracy, silence, stun, bleed or frighten enemies.
  • Night Queen: see how we said Eri was a better attacker up there? Well, once you get deeper into the game, you’ll want to switch away from the Clerk and to a job that takes better advantage of that fact. The Night Queen is that job. It’s more focused on singular enemy attacks than AOE stuff, but the power of those attacks is significant. Best of all is the ability to brainwash enemies. If you can land this on a powerful enemy to essentially take them out of the fight early, it can completely change the flow of battle.

Best Jobs for Joon-gi Han

Like Nanba, Joon-gi Han actually comes with a unique job that is pretty excellent and very much well-suited to his play style and stats. Thanks to that, if you want his best job you actually might not need to change anything:

  • Hitman: this class is fairly unique in that it has access to three of the core attack types - blunt-force physical, slashing and shooting - which means you can exploit enemy weaknesses with ease. Completing the Sotenbori Battle Arena can grant you access to a ridiculous strength weapon for this class, too - but you might want to hop to other classes to obtain some extra skills, too.
  • Enforcer: if you max out the Hitman class or really find yourself desperate to try another job, the next best for Han is actually the Enforcer, for many of the same reasons as Adachi. He makes an excellent, powerful tank, and those skills mesh well with the Hitman skill-set.

Best Jobs for Tianyou Zhao

Maybe it’s because they’re late-game characters, but Tianyou Zhao is another character that comes to you with his very best class already equipped as his default. In that case this is the character-exclusive Gangster job, which has some excellent and powerful abilities:

  • Gangster: the gangster class is a physical powerhouse, with a ridiculous attack value and some extremely powerful attack moves. Consider it something of a glass cannon: scarily powerful, but also more easily put in danger than other similar classes. As with Han’s Hitman class, you’ll want to level up in the Sotenbori Battle Arena - and as it happens, a great weapon can be had as a reward from there. 
  • Breaker: just as with Ichiban, the naturally high attack power stat that Zhao has access to means he can be a powerful fighter in this role, too. The Dancer’s attacks can be brutal with the right attack power, as can its buffs and debuffs. The dancer’s speediness also means that Zhao can often attack first, before the enemies even know what hit them.
As well as changing your skill set, each of the Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs has its own costume.

Male Job Classes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The male party members have a choice between a range of different Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs - and they're not all about brute force.

Bodyguard - the dark job

Think of a Bodyguard as an equivalent to the typical Dark Knight class in your average RPG. That means they use skills that deal out heavy damage to enemies, but also at the cost of hurting themselves. 

  • Weapon: Katana
  • Notable Skills: 
    • Fiendish Attack / Devilish Slash (can cause Bleeding)
    • Thoughtless Skewer (damages user, but lower MP means higher damage)
    • Haywire Havoc (high crit rate)
    • Nightmare Glare (can cause Fear)
    • Essence of Lightning Rod (electric-element damage. Damages user, but lower HP & MP means higher damage)
    • Essence of Diabolic Slash (can cause bleeding)
  • Available to: 
    • Kasuga (Level 1)
    • Nanba (Level 15)
    • Adachi (Level 1)
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 1)
    • Zhao (Level 20, Bond 3)

Host - the mage job

If we’re continuing to tie these jobs to traditional RPG classes, the Host is the closest thing the men of Like a Dragon come to a traditional Mage, with access to a bunch of Ice attacks and a few Fire-element attacks. They also have a base resistance to Electric as an element.

As the Host Job ranks up, you’ll get buffs to your Attack and Recovery Magic power, further underlining this job’s credentials as a mage-based class. Except here, the magic is booze.

  • Weapon: Liquor Bottles
  • Notable Skills: 
    • Sparkling Splash / Extreme Essence of Champagne Wave (ice damage, can leave enemies cold and/or drunk)
    • Golden Finger / Platinum Finger (steal items from enemies)
    • Rose Stinger / Essence of Rose Typhoon (can charm and/or burn enemies)
    • Ice Spreader (AOE ice damage, can leave enemies cold)
    • Secret Cocktail (Restore own HP, at risk of becoming drunk)
  • Available to:
    • Kasuga (Level 1)
    • Nanba (Level 20, Bond 4)
    • Adachi (Level 20, Bond 4)
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 1)
    • Zhao (Level 15)

Breaker - the power & support job 

The Breaker class turns any of the men of Yakuza: Like a Dragon into a dancer - and this class actually works surprisingly similarly to the general RPG dancer class - though with a more contemporary twist. 

As the Breaker Job levels up, you’ll get a boost to your attack stats, but generally speaking this class is more about buffing the rest of the party than attacking.

  • Weapon: Anklet
  • Notable Skills:
    • Maximum Flair (unblockable attack; has a chance to boost defense)
    • Rolling Thrash (attack; chance to recover MP)
    • Collapsing Chair (unblockable attack; has a chance to raise attack)
    • Atlas Hold (unblockable combo attack; can boost defense)
    • Spin Sweeper (AOE area attack that can raise attack)
    • Hangman Twist (Throw attack; can boost attack for all allies)
    • Essence of Rolling Mixer (Powerful attack, can remove your debuffs)
    • Essence of Breakdance Delight (All enemies hit by an attack that also can restore party HP)
  • Available to:
    • Kasuga (Level 1)
    • Nanba (Level 1)
    • Adachi (Level 15, Bond 2)
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 15)
    • Zhao (Level 15, Bond 2)

Foreman - the tank job

Think of the Foreman as your classic RPG tank class. This job wields a big construction hammer and explosive as their weapons, and dishes out heavy damage while able to survive quite a bit of damage themselves.

As the Foreman job levels up, you’ll get boosts to both your HP and MP - further increasing how much damage you can both dish out and receive.

  • Weapon: Hammers
  • Notable Skills: 
    • Boss Hammer / Master Hammer (take 1 turn to power up, then hit with heavy damage on the next turn)
    • Healthy Routine (reduce chance for allies to be impacted by negative status effects)
    • Hammer Swing (low-cost AOE attack)
    • Explosive Throw / Megaton Throw (AOE fire element attack; can cause burn)
    • Ocular Assessment (boosts accuracy significantly)
    • Essence of Labour Parade / Essence of Wrecking Ball (powerful attack on all enemies at once)
  • Available to: 
    • Kasuga (Level 1, Charisma Rank 3)
    • Nanba (Level 25, Bond 5)
    • Adachi (Level 1)
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 20, Bond 3)
    • Zhao (Level 25, Bond 4)

Musician - the support job 

The musician class is perfect as a supporting role, with the ability to provide healing music, buff your allies and even steal MP. Think of it like the male equivalent to the Idol job, so if you want another healer on the team then this is what to go for. 

It has some offensive capabilities too thanks to some early skills and the voltage meter, which increases your attack power when using certain skills. 

  • Weapon: Guitar 
  • Notable Skills: 
    • Album Drop (throws a sharp CD for big damage and potential to cut)
    • Endless Desire (regenerate health for allies) 
    • Relax (lowers enemy defence)
    • Be My Shelter (absorb Enemy MP) 
    • Your Wackiest Dreams (enemies may fall asleep) 
    • Essence of Surprise Concert (Extreme attack on all enemies at once) 
  • Available to:
    • Kasuga (Level 15, Kindness Level 5)
    • Nanba (Level 1)
    • Adachi (Level 20, Bond Level 3) 
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 20, Bond Level 4) 
    • Zhao (Level 1) 

Chef - the ninja job

The chef’s heavy use of blade and fire damage make it very good for dealing high damage, as well as being reminiscent of a ninja class in other RPG’s. What it lacks in status-affecting skills, it more than makes up for in dealing damage and it’s potential for bleeding, which makes it perfect for a frontline fighter. If your enemy isn’t always bleeding or on fire, you’re doing something wrong. 

  • Weapon: Knife and Cooking Utensils
  • Notable Skills: 
    • Saucer Disks (projectile blade attack that can cause bleeding)
    • Medium Well (fire attack that may cause burn)
    • Sashimi Slice (blade combo that can cause bleeding) 
    • Wound Opener (blade attack that can cause extra damage to bleeding enemies)
    • Well Done (Heavy damage AOE, may cause burn)
    • Essence of Human Grating (Extreme attack on a single enemy)
  • Available to:
    • Kasuga (Level 15, Passion Level 5) 
    • Nanba (Level 15, Bond Level 2) 
    • Adachi (Level 25, Bond Level 4) 
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 25, Bond Level 4) 
    • Zhao (Level 1) 

Enforcer - the knight job

The enforcer job is the classic sword and shield class that is meant to protect allies, whilst also being able to deal out some pretty impressive damage. It also has electric capabilities to stun enemies. Although the Foreman is a much better tank role, the Enforcer is arguably the second strongest job on offer, and makes for a great balance of damage with a few more tricks up their sleeves. Keep your enemies enraged and engaged.

  • Weapon: Baton and Shield
  • Notable Skills: 
    • Strike Down (single enemy attack, may leave enraged) 
    • Transfer Shield (reduces defense but increase ally defence)
    • Shield Bash (heavy attack that may enrage enemy)
    • Paralysis Prongs (attack that may cause paralysis)
    • Sleep Grenade (chance to make enemies fall asleep)
    • Essence of Electromagnetic Storm (heavy damage to all enemies and chance of paralysis) 
  • Available to:
    • Kasuga (Level 20, Confidence Level 7)
    • Nanba (Level 25, Bond Level 4) 
    • Adachi (Level 15) 
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 15, Bond Level 2) 
    • Zhao (Level 25, Bond Level 5) 

Fortuneteller - the status effect job

The fortuneteller is easily the trickiest of the male jobs available, which is why it’s the last that most of them get. It has a combination of damage-dealing magic attacks and buffs and debuffs that make it a powerful support class. It also has the best reviving and status effect dealing moves in the whole game. It’s a tricky class, but one that will be essential for the late-game challenges.  

  • Weapon: Crystal Ball and Magic 
  • Notable Skills: 
    • Directional Doom (attack with chance to brainwash enemy)
    • Soul Tether (revive ally)
    • Pulsa Denoura (attack that may cause any status effect)
    • Auric Insight (buff to all ally attack)
    • Bad Omen (attack with chance to leave enemy brainwashed or silenced)
    • Essense of Spirit Bonding (revives all fallen allies) 
  • Available to: 
    • Kasuga (Level 20, Intellect Level 7)
    • Nanba (Level 20, Bond Level 3) 
    • Adachi (Level 25, Bond Level 5) 
    • Joon-gi Han (Level 25, Bond Level 5)
    • Zhao (Level 20, Bond Level 4)

Female Job Classes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The two female party members have a different set of Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs to choose from.

Since there are only two female party members in the game, Saeko and Eri get half as many choices for their Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs, which means that picking which one you want for them is going to be a little harder. Fortunately, the smaller amount means that each one is that bit more specialised the more you dig into them. 

Hostess - the ice mage job 

The Hostess is arguably the most offensive job choice for Saeko and Eri. All of it’s skills have some basis in attacking and debuffing the enemy. If you’re confident in your healing capabilities or you’re combining this class with the Musician class you might have some good results with the wide range of ice attacks and heavy damage. 

  • Weapon: Handbag
  • Notable Skills:
    • Card Shot (blade attack that has a chance to cause bleeding) 
    • Sparkling Cannon (ice attack that has a chance of leaving enemies cold and drunk)
    • Cutie Smile (removes negative mental status ailments from allies) 
    • Sexy Pose (lowers enemy defence with a chance of leaving them charmed)
    • Platter Shatter (ice attack that can leave enemy cold) 
    • Essence of Domination Date (chance of instantly KO-ing an enemy)
  • Available to: 
    • Saeko (Level 1) 
    • Eri (Level 20, Bond Level 2)

Idol - the healer job 

Easily the most recommendable job for Eri and Saeko is the Idol. Although it has few offensive capabilities, it has fantastic healing, buffing and charming capabilities that allow Idols to control enemies with ease. There’s only one other class that really compares on the Male side, and anything that the Musician class can do, the Idol can do much better. 

  • Weapon: Microphone
  • Notable Skills:
    • Smash Step (attack on a single enemy, chance of charming) 
    • Twirling Beat (attack on a single enemy, change of silence) 
    • Magical Voice (heal an ally)
    • Magical Song (heal all allies)
    • Lovedrunk Typhoon (lowers defence on all enemies, chance of charm)
    • Magical Concert (Fully restore HP to all allies) 
  • Available to: 
    • Saeko (Level 1) 
    • Eri (Level 1) 

Dealer - the lucky job

Another damage-based class for Saeko and Eri, this one is much trickier with a reliance on luck-of-the-draw skill moves. If you’re feeling lucky, there are some incredibly strong skills on offer here that can make the dealer a potential powerhouse when things go right. If you’re feeling lucky that is. 

  • Weapon: Cards 
  • Notable Skills:
    • Card Sharp (blade attack that changes damage dependent on the number on the cards)
    • Unlucky Dice (lowers enemy stats)
    • Jackpot Chip (damage to one enemy with a high chance of critical damage) 
    • Lucky Dice (boosts the stats for allies)
    • Tricker’s Top Hat (may leave enemy burned, cold or poisoned)  
    • Essence of Russian Roulette (extreme gun damage to enemies with a chance of hitting allies)
  • Available to: 
    • Saeko (Level 25, Bond Level 4) 
    • Eri (Level 15)

Nightqueen - the debuff job

The Nightqueen excels in one particular area - brainwashing enemies. Almost all of the Nightqueen’s ability have this status affect, and it can be powerful if used against big groups. There are also several other skills at the Nightqueen’s disposal, like the ability to silence or instantly KO and enemy, but the focus here really is on keeping your foes under your control. Just like a dominatrix would I guess?

  • Weapon: Whip 
  • Notable Skills:
    • Heel Stomp (attack that may brainwash enemy)
    • Luscious Guillotine (attack with a chance to instantly KO an enemy)
    • Whip Service (attack that may brainwash enemy)
    • Spinning Queen (AOE that may leave enemies brainwashed)
    • Tough Love (chance of leaving enemy brainwashed or silenced)
    • Essence of Extreme Bondage (extreme attack with a chance to instantly KO enemy)
  • Available to: 
    • Saeko (Level 20, Bond Level 2) 
    • Eri (Level 25, Bond Level 4) 

Starter & Exclusive Job Classes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The starting classes of Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs are exclusive to their starting characters - and are quite unique as a result.

As well as the basic classes that can be equipped by every man and woman in the game, every character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon has their own unique starting class that they come with. This class contains a handful of abilities that only that character can have, and is generally well-tailored to that character’s natural stats and abilities. In some cases, the starter job later ends up the best job for a character!

Freelancer - Ichiban Kasuga’s starting job

Freelancer is a classic RPG job class, and so it’s no surprise to see it return here. Ichiban starts out as a Freelancer, which is a basic class that sees him fighting with his bare fists, powerful kicks and nasty headbutts. You can switch back to the freelancer job at will to learn more abilities, but honestly, once Ichiban unlocks Hero, there’s little reason to look back.

  • Weapon: Fists & Environment
  • Notable Skills:
    • Tenacious Fist (punch, can stun)
    • Hype Swagger (raise evasion and attack temporarily)
    • Dropkick / Atomic Drop (attack with high Crit chance)
    • Release German Suplex (suplex with a chance for instant kill)

Hero - Ichiban Kasuga’s exclusive job

Think of Hero as the core class in the whole game. As we say above in our Best Jobs list, we really consider this the best job for Ichiban despite the fact it unlocks for him automatically and early, in Chapter 4. Kasuga can pick up useful skills from other jobs, but broadly speaking Kasuga was meant to be swinging a baseball bat like a sword. Hero is his class.

  • Weapon: Bats
  • Notable Skills:
    • Bat Buster / Bat Breaker / Essence of Bonecrushing Bat (damage one enemy)
    • Mega Swing / Giga Swing / Essence of Full Swing (damage enemy and AOE around them.)
    • Fearless Command (buff party attack)
    • Hero’s Vigor (chance to revive KOed ally)
    • Hero’s Compassion / Hero’s Embrace (restore HP to party)

Homeless Guy - Nanba’s default job

Nanba arrives as a Homeless Guy, and though he can pick up useful skills from other jobs, he’s another character who really is most at home in his default job. He has access to Fire-element attacks, plus attacks that can stun, debuff or burn enemies.

  • Notable Skills:
    • Pigeon Raid / Pigeon Storm (ranged attack on enemy)
    • Gnarly Breath / Nauseating Breath / Maldorous Stench (debuff enemy)
    • Pyro Belch / Pyro Breath (fire damage, can burn)
    • Essence of Pigeon Migration (damage to all enemies)

Detective - Koichi Adachi’s default job

Adachi is appropriately a Detective - that’s both a real life job and a class here in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He’s naturally built towards the heavy-hitting tank sort of role, and the class matches that.

  • Notable Skills:
    • Beatdown (attacks and can enrage)
    • Slick Tongue (enrage enemy)
    • On Guard (defend & counter physical attacks)
    • Detective’s Determination (can inflict Fear)
    • Arrest (can instantly KO)
    • Helmsplitter / Grand Helmsplitter (attack that can stun enemies)

Barmaid - Saeko Mukoda’s default job

When Saeko joins the party, she too has an RPG class that matches her real-life occupation - a Barmaid. The Barmaid is a basic class you’ll want to shift away from fairly quickly, but it has a decent mix of support and attack moves.

  • Notable Skills:
    • Clobberbag (attacks with a chance to stun)
    • Sharp Perfume (buff attack)
    • Beautician’s Finesse (buff defense)
    • Powerpuff Press (attacks with a chance to lower accuracy)
    • Yoga Meditation (heal HP & burn or bleeding status effects)
    • Branding Blow (attack & burn enemies)

Clerk - Eri Kamataki’s default job

Given that you unlock her via business management, Eri’s natural job is of course a clerk, which sees her wielding rulers and other tools of the business trade in battle. She’s a super-fast character naturally, and this job leans into that status, with a range of status effect inducing attacks.

  • Notable Skills:
    • Rolling Kick (deals more damage to status afflicted enemies)
    • Flying Crane (attack that can inflict bleeding status)
    • Sealing Lamp (attack that can inflict silence)
    • Stapler Striker (attack that can cause fear)
    • Paper Drop (attack that can stun)

Hitman - Joon-gi Han’s default job

Arriving much later in the game, it’s perhaps not all that surprising that Joon-Gi Han comes with a job that you could just keep him in right to the end of the game if you so wish. This class has gun skills, which means Han can attack from a much greater range.

  • Notable Skills:
    • Sniper Shot / Rapid Shot (ranged attack)
    • Point Blank (close range gunshot with instant kill or stun chance)
    • Divine Shot (shoot multiple enemies)
    • Essence of Phantom Drive (blade attack, can cause bleeding)
    • Phantom Shift (buffs accuracy & evasion)
    • Essence of Trick Shots (damages all enemies; the less enemies, the more damage)

Gangster Tianyou Zhao’s default job

Arriving as the final party member, like the Hitman Job, Zhao’s Gangster job can be rode until the end of the game if you so wish. It’s a martial arts focused job, with the skills that you’d imagine based on that, almost like a classic RPG monk.

  • Notable Skills:
    • Blinding Viper (attack with chance to lower enemy accuracy)
    • Whirling Blade Dance (attack with chance to cause bleeding)
    • Dragon’s Ascension (attack with chance to stun)
    • Seismic Shockwave (spend 1 turn powering up, then deliver a devastating AOE attack next turn)
    • Drunken Tiger Fist (attack that crits more if you’re drunk)
    • Essence of the Ladder Acrobatics (attack all enemies with chance to instant kill last enemy hit)