Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom location map: farming, reset time, and locations

The latest update for Genshin Impact is here, and with it comes a slew of new content. There's new characters to draw, weapons to equip, quests to undertake - and of course items to collect. One such new item is the Sakura Bloom.

Sakura Bloom is a new item for the area of Inazuma that was added as part of this latest Genshin Impact content update, version 2.0, and it's primarily used in the game to level up new character Ayaka, though you can also cook with it. Like many other materials required to advance character progression, you'll need to have a character of the right element (electro) to hand to get hold of them, and also need to find them out in the world - and they don't appear just anywhere.

On this page we explain where to get Sakura Bloom & how to farm it most effectively, the reset time for when Sakura Bloom respawns, and even feature a complete Sakura Bloom locations map.

By the way, we've got a similar map guide for farming Naku Weed, if you need some of that too. But here, Sakura Bloom! Let's get to it:

Genshin Imnpact Sakura Bloom location map: where to find Sakura Bloom

So, let's deal with the biggest question first - where can you get Sakura Bloom? Well, the answer is simply that they appear all across Narukami Island - that's the lrgest land mass of Inazuma, and the same e place where you can find the main hub area of Inazuma City. There's over 45 of them scattered around, so you'll have no trouble finding any, as you can see in the map below:


This map is snapped from the official Mihoyo Interactive Map, which is maintained by the game's developers and features up-to-date listings of various items including the Sakura Bloom. If you want an interactive version, click through, but for a non-interactive snapshot you can reference, alt-tab to, or even print out - our image has you covered.

In theory, to ascend Ayaka three times and get her to level 60, you'll have more than enough if you simply work your way around this map and pick them all up. You'll even have some left over for cooking materials or any future uses for Sakura Bloom that might be added to the game. However, some might prefer to farm one spot for less explorative effort. About that--

How to get & how to farm Sakura Bloom

Genshin Impact features a lot of different ways to get items, but as far as flowers and plants go, Sakura Bloom is one of the more complicated ones. Like many treasures in the game but unlike the majority of plants you'll actually need to use an elemental skill in order to get them out in the world. In this instance, that's an Electro skill - so make sure you're carrying an Electro element character in your active roster.

Once you have that, look out for some floating pink spots hovering about. These are your sign a Sakura Bloom is nearby, and you'll find them in all of the locations marked on our Sakura Bloom map above. Simply use an electro attack in this area and the Sakura Blossoms will appear as items you can pick up!

If you don't want to traipse all around the map in search of Sakura Bloom, a pretty good option is to head to the hilly area to the west of the Kamisato Estate, also the area around the Grand Narukami Shrine. This area is packed with Sakura Bloom - so one useful approach might be to grab all these Sakura Bloom, then wait for them to respawn to grab them all again. This removes the trial and error of trying to locate every exact spawn on the map as well, even with our help.

Like many items in Genshin Impact, it only respawns every so often, however - so you'll have to wait a while before it'll reappear in a spot you've already pillaged.

Sakura Bloom spawn reset timing for farming

To get your hands on Sakura Bloom, you'll use all of the tips above - but as mentioned, each item is finite - once grabbed, it won't respawn for a while. At that point you can move on to other drop points on the map, or wait for them to respawn. The latter is certainly easier, but you'll need to have some patience. 

Sakura Bloom will spawn again in spots you've already farmed it after two real-world days. The in-game days don't matter - and the real-world days are based on the Genshin Impact daily reset times, which vary based on region and server. Two days after you last picked it up, however, you'll be able to grab the Sakura Bloom again. Handy!