Genshin Impact - Where to find Dandelion Seed

If you’re looking to ascend Jean, or Eula after her banner rerun in patch 2.3, you’ll need to start farming Dandelion Seed in Genshin Impact. There are quite a few places to pick them up, but you’ll need to make sure you have an anemo character in the party to farm them.

Before getting started on pathing, try making this process as fast as possible by putting a second anemo character in your party. Even if they’re not built, the overworld shouldn’t be so tough that you can’t navigate Mondstadt without a useful fourth party member. 

The elemental resonance from two anemo users gives you a 10% buff on movement speed, so running around is a little faster. If I’m having trouble finding items, I typically bring out Klee for her “All Of My Treasures!” bonus that shows Mondstadt resources on the mini-map. It’s also worth logging in and using MiHoYo's interactive map, and keep in mind you want to collect your seeds quickly. They float away if you're too slow. 

How to get Dandelion Seed in Genshin Impact

When farming anything in Genshin Impact, I try to stick to going to areas with bigger yields often and stocking up before I desperately need items. I’ll do it too if I don’t mind waiting a couple of days, just so I don’t have to keep flying and climbing to work hard for one little material. When farming Dandelion Seeds, I recommend two places first and foremost: right outside of Mondstadt and along the mountain to the northwest of the Ridge Watch dungeon.

You can pick up 9 Dandelion Seeds outside of Mondstadt. Exit through the east gate and you’ll find two along the side of the city walls, the others are in front of the city at the main gate. 


The Ridge Watch dungeon area will net you 10 Dandelion Seed. The easiest way to get to them is by teleporting there, then running northwest and jumping to glide across the gap, they are on top of the mountain and you won’t find any in the alcoves below. Most are clustered together, but one flower is always off to the east side on the cliff. 


This path gets you to 19 Dandelion Seeds, and there are 53 seeds total. Unfortunately, most of those locations net you only 1-3 seeds per area, and that’s why it’s a good idea to hit up those bigger spawns as often as you can. 

Some areas are pretty low effort, you can easily find seeds on the hillside beside the Temple of the Falcon (the dungeon in front of Mondstadt). There’s also a cluster of three along the ocean near Cryo Regisvine. If you’re pressed for time to make the most of your Genshin Impact dailies, hitting areas like this makes way more sense than climbing long distances for a single seed. 


If you are looking to grab every single Dandelion Seed, MiHoYo's interactive mini map highlights all of them with the number in the area (like in the screenshot above). Again, some of them will make you work hard, but it may be worth the grind if you're trying to quickly max out newer characters like Eula. 

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