Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Fishing: How to get every rod and best fishing spots

It seems like every RPG features fishing these days, but Pokemon was among the earliest to incorporate the system. Even 1996's Red & Blue versions — or rather, Red & Green, since that's how Japan rolled at the time — had a rudimentary fishing mechanic. And while other RPGs, such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Tales of Arise, have added layers of complexity to the world of hook-line-sinker, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl keeps things simple.

But "simple" doesn't mean "straightforward." With three different rods to acquire and a veritable buffet of Pokemon at sea, knowing where to find the Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod in Pokemon BDSP is only the beginning; you need to know where to locate the best fishing Pokemon so you can quit it with the Magikarp (the meme is tired, Game Freak!) and reel in the big one.


Where to find The Old, Good, and Super Rods in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Your first order of business is to obtain a rod. Granted, your first rod is going to be an Old Rod, and Old Rods are so terrible that you really ought to be able to just scoop up water with your bare hands for all the good it will do you. But better gear awaits. Here's how to get each of the game's three varieties:

  • Old Rod. You'll reach Jubilife City very early in your Pokemon BDSP adventure. As soon as you're able to do so, head toward the western exit. In the screen that separates the city from the next little zone, you'll find an NPC who's just itching to hand you this clunker. Accept it — and accept, as well, that you'll only be catching Magikarp for a while.
  • Good Rod. Now we're talking. It's going to be a bit before your arrival at Hearthome City, but as soon as you do, head east outside its perimeter and venture into Route 209. A friendly fisherman is happy to hand you this significant upgrade.
  • Super Rod. The Super Rod is where it's at. Unfortunately, it happens to be a post-game item. That's right, you'll need to become Sinnoh League Champion before your fishing career really takes off. After you have obtained the National Dex, many new areas will open to you, including the Battle Zone. A fellow at the forefront of Route 225 has your hookup.

Best fishing spots & where to fish for the best Pokemon

Our guide will break things down for you in terms of where you'll be able to catch the rarer sorts of Pokemon, the ones you registered that rod for in the first place. Everyone will have a Goldeen after just a few traipses with the Good Rod, and we've already made the obvious Magikarp joke twice here, but some species are either impossible to find without fishing or close enough to it that you'd truly be better off just busting out that bait.

There's some good Pokemon in this fishing list, too - including some you might even want to take to the Move Tutor to learn Hydro Cannon. And, well, uh... if you really need another Magikarp, you can get one through an NPC Pokemon Trade, too.

  • Feebas: We'll start with this one since it's technically catchable even with the Old Rod. That said, it's extremely picky about its hangout spots. So picky, in fact, that there are only four tiles you can stand on, in a single location, that will allow you the chance to make this feeble fish yours. From Celestic Town, head west through Route 211 into Mount Coronet. You'll need Strength to move the boulders blocking your path, Defog to make heads or tails of what's downstairs, and Surf to traverse the upcoming lake. It's here, at this lake, that you can encounter Feebas. The four tiles are randomly selected every day, so unless you're lucky this is going to take some time.
  • Gyarados: Starting with the Good Rod, you can skip the Magikarp step outright by fishing on Route 208.
  • Finneon: The best place to find yourself a Finneon is probably Route 218. Good Rods are enough for these as well.
  • Lumineon: You can catch Finneon's evolved form, too, though it'll mandate the usage of the Super Rod on Route 218.
  • Whiscash: Another of the many Pokemon who can only be caught with the Super Rod, Whiscash can be found in the Great Marsh.
  • Dratini and Dragonair: Water tiles in Mount Coronet may spawn these "OG" dragons via the Super Rod.
  • Octillery: Take a trip to Route 224 with that Super Rod in your arsenal.
  • Luvdisc: Voted one of Pokemon's most useless creatures ten years in a row (we're kidding, but seriously, this thing isn't exactly online competition material), Luvdisc can be caught with the Super Rod on Route 224.
  • Chinchou and Lanturn: Bust out that Super Rod on Route 220 and be grateful this Water/Electric line has never zapped itself into the deep abyss.
  • Wailmer and Wailord: Whether you're an old-school third-generation (Hoenn) fan or you first encountered one in Pokemon Sword & Shield's excellent Isle of Armor DLC, you'll know that Wailord's nothing if not memorably massive. That your Super Rod can somehow reel in this whale (or heck, even its pre-evolved form) is a testament to modern engineering. You'll find both on Route 223.