Tales of Arise Fishing - How to catch every fish and earn every reward

It wouldn't be a modern JRPG without fishing, would it? Tales of Arise may follow its contemporaries in this regard, but it takes fishing to a level seldom seen. With a whopping 44 species of fish to catch and 12 spots to find them, Bandai Namco has thrown down the gauntlet and told us it's going to take a while if we want that Godly Angler trophy.

We're here to help. In the following Tales of Arise fishing guide, we'll tell you where to fish, what to fish, how to fish, and what you're even fishing for in the first place. If you want to catch every fish in Tales of Arise, you've come to the right place.


Tales of Arise - Where to fish

Let's begin with the most basic of basics. You'll need to know where you can toss your line and get to it. For starters, don't worry about the few fishing spots you'll pass in Calaglia and Cyslodia during the main story. You'll be able to fish there in due time, but we've seen some folks flustered that there's no fishing option the first time they spot the docks. There's a reason for that!

Fishing isn't unlocked until just after Dohalim and Kisara join the party following the big events of Menancia, Dahna's third realm. It's automatic, so don't worry about missing out. Once the story sends you to Talka Pond Road, Kisara will make a big splash about fishing and you'll be thrust straight into a tutorial. The tutorial can be a little confusing, so we'll help you get the hang of it shortly. The remainder of this section will cover every fishing spot in Tales of Arise!

Fishing Location 1: Calaglia - Cave of Solitude

  • Cave Sea Bass
  • Amber Mackerel
  • Coral Flatfish
  • Karasuba Sea Bream
  • Lacerda Salmon

Fishing Location 2: Cyslodia - Nevira Snowplains

  • Pond Tilapia
  • Berserker Piranha
  • Tricolored Catfish
  • Polar Bass
  • Nevira Piranha
  • Armored Sturgeon

Fishing Location 3: Cyslodia - Frozen Valley

  • Hawksbill Trout
  • Pearly Pike
  • Polar Bass
  • Azure Tilapia
  • Cyslodian Salmon

Fishing Location 4: Menancia - Overseer Hill

  • Pond Tilapia
  • Berserker Piranha
  • Hawksbill Trout
  • Menancian Bass
  • Traslida Arowana
  • Golden Catfish

Fishing Location 5: Menancia - Talka Pond Road

  • Dahnan Bass
  • Pond Tilapia
  • Hawksbill Trout
  • Menancian Catfish
  • Talka Trout

Fishing Location 6: Mahag Saar - Adan Lake

  • Dahnan Bass
  • Berserker Piranha
  • Tricolored Catfish
  • Azure Tilapia
  • Muddy Piracuru
  • Aureum Arowana

Fishing Location 7: Mahag Saar - Adan Ruins

  • Hawksbill Trout
  • Cave Sea Bass
  • Emerald Salmon
  • Lesser Piracuru
  • Aqfotle Arowana

Fishing Location 8: Mahag Saar - Hidden Wharf

This one's a little different. After completing the main events in Mahag Saar and Ganath Haros, you'll be able to take the ship out to sea for a bit of ocean fishing.

  • Vesper Sea Bass
  • Sardonyx Grouper
  • Garnet Sea Bream
  • Blueback Tuna
  • Mahag Saar Barracuda
  • Silver Marlin

Fishing Location 9: Ganath Haros - Shinefall Woods

  • Dahnan Bass
  • Ganath Haros Piranha
  • Tricolored Catfish
  • Ganath Haros Catfish
  • Green Pike

Fishing Location 10: Ganath Haros - Lavtu Marshlands

  • Dahnan Bass
  • Tricolored Catfish
  • Lavtu Tilapia
  • Lavtu Arowana
  • Lesser Piracuru
  • Cobalt Trout

Fishing Location 11: Ganath Haros - Fogwharl Limestone Caverns

Here's another special spot. You can't tackle it until after you've completed a Sub-Quest called "Untamable Rage." Check our sidequests guide for details.

  • Ganath Haros Piranha
  • Pearly Pike
  • Azure Tilapia
  • Ganath Haros Catfish
  • Fogwharl Pike
  • Cygni Piracuru

Fishing Location 12: Uninhabited Island

The final fishing spot is the third location with special circumstances. You'll need to have completed another Sub-Quest. This time it's "Beyond the Grave." This one won't even be available until you've reached Rena, so warp back to Dahna at your leisure.

  • Vesper Sea Bass
  • Tsuyukasa Mackerel
  • Mahag Saar Flatfish
  • Zesti Grouper
  • Gluttonous Barracuda

Tales of Arise - Fishing tips

The unmissable in-game fishing tutorial at Talka Pond Road is pretty passable, but it lacks some details that can go a long way toward ensuring the whole thing makes any sense. Here are a few tips to bring some clarity to your catching spree.

  • Throughout the fishing questline and as a reward for certain unrelated Sub-Quests, you'll steadily unlock new rods and lures. The rods are essentially measures of how easily you can snag a fish. Migal's Rod, your starter piece, isn't going to cut it for those bigger fish to fry, so if you find yourself struggling with something for a long time, bear in mind you might not have the right rod just yet.
  • As for lures, you can check at any time to see which fish they're designed for. Straightforward enough. What the game doesn't tell you is that you can technically catch most fish with every lure. It's just that particular fish (the ones you'll see on the list) will be especially keen on specific lures, so some of the harder catches, while sort of doable, will be a pain in the rear because those other species are all over your bait. Don't stress yourself out trying repeatedly to snag something that's outdone by a more common variety; wait for the right lure instead.
  • We've seen this one pop up time and again. Once you've hooked a fish, don't just move your control stick (or associated PC key) to the left and right respectively when the game prompts you to do so. Hold the associated button down constantly (X on PlayStation; A on Xbox; whichever key you've bound on PC). Tales of Arise's fishing tutorials don't make this clear and beginner anglers may find that every fish is impossible to catch until they learn "this one trick" (it's not a trick, it's a necessity).
  • The window of opportunity for pressing the shoulder buttons during the catching phase is wider than one might realize. Don't panic to get that input in within nanoseconds or you may stumble and hit the wrong button.
  • Last but not least, never try to rush things by reeling in at inopportune times. At least, not until you have a very powerful rod. Otherwise, your line will almost invariably snap and your only prize will be a lesson learned in the art of patience.
  • It's also possible to catch several fish just by moving the stick in the same direction as the fish and waiting for the QTE prompts, don't press anything else.

Tales of Arise - All rods and lures

In Tales of Arise, there are five rods and 19 (!) lures. You don't need to gather every single one to qualify for the Godly Angler trophy, but they're all varying degrees of worthwhile and you'll chance upon some of them simply by engaging in seemingly unaffiliated content.

Lures available for purchase

  • Disarming Lure : You can snag this from the shops at the inn in Cyslodia. It makes for easier catches when you're after Azure Tilapia, Nevira Piranha, and Garnet Sea Bream.
  • Trembling Lure: This one can be bought at the inn in Viscint. It's helpful for Hawksbill Trout, Menancian Bass, and Emerald Salmon.
  • Charming Lure: Yet another inn, this time in Niez. Handy for Lesser Pirarucu, Muddy Pirarucu, and Mahag Saar Flatfish.
  • Rock Slapper: Perhaps you're noticing a pattern. The Rock Slapper's at the inn in Pelagia. It's best used for Polar Bass, Green Pike, and Latvu Arowana.

Lures available through the Fishing Master

  • Beginner's Popper: Capture one different fish. Good for catching Dahnan Bass. (Then again, what isn't?)
  • Elegant Swimmer: Capture three different fish. Good for catching Coral Flatfish and Gluttonous Barracuda.
  • Portly Mudslinger: Capture five different fish. Good for catching Tricolored Catfish and Foghwarl Pike.
  • Round Popper: Capture15 different fish. Good for catching Menancian Catfish, Garath Hanos Catfish, and Zesti Grouper.
  • Marine Floater: Capture 25 different fish. Good for catching Cave Sea Bass, Vesper Sea Bass, and Karasuba Sea Bream.
  • Uber Spinner: Capture 30 different fish. Good for catching Mahag Saar Barracuda, Pearly Pike, and Cyslodian Salmon.
  • Teepo Lure: Capture 35 different fish. Good for catching Aureum Arowana.
  • Silver Fang: Capture 40 different fish. Good for catching Silver Marlin.

Lures available through other means

  • Flaptrap: Found in a treasure chest at Adan Lake. Designed for Berserker Piranha, Amber Mackerel, and Tsuyukasa Mackerel.  
  • Subsurface Mirage: Also found in a chest; this time at Adan Ruins. Great for Pond Tilapia, Lacerda Salmon, and Sardonyx Grouper.
  • Stick Lure: Treasure chest in the Lavtu Marshlands and helpful for catching Traslida Arowana, Aqfotle Arowana, and Ganath Haros Piranha,
  • Bienfu Lore: Forland Mountain's South Hiking Trail. Easily spottable treasure chest. This is designed purely to aid anglers with the Golden Catfish.
  • Rappig Minnow: You'll need to complete the Sub-Quest "In Sync" in Cysloden. The best lure for Cobalt Trout.
  • Zapie Doppelganger: Found in the Fogwharl Limestone Caverns during the late-game Sub-Quest "Untamable Rage" and designed for the Cygni Piracuru.
  • Celestial Whale: Complete Kisara's Novice Solo Battle Challenge in Viscint for a lure that zeroes in on Talka Trout, Lavtu Tilapia, and Blueback Tuna.
  • Mieu Sinker: Keep at it with Kisara's Solo Battle Challenges and you'll get this as a reward for finishing her Advanced session. Useful for Armored Sturgeon.


  • Migal's Rod: Your initial rod.
  • Novice Tackle: Reward from Fishing Master for capturing 10 different fish.
  • Fish Sniper: Reward from Fishing Master for capturing 20 different fish.
  • Tenebrae Mk. III: Reward from Fishing Master for capturing every different fish. You'll get the Godly Angler trophy simultaneously.
  • Alliance Marine Rod: Complete Kisara's Ultimate Solo Battle Challenge in Viscint and this will be your prize.

Boost experience points with Tales of Arise fishing

Fishing can eat up a good chunk of your time with Tales of Arise. But in addition to two trophies, there's another, highly practical reason to bust your rod and lure out — cooking. Head over to our Tales of Arise cooking guide for recipes, but you'll note that without some time at ponds and on the high seas you're not going to be able to cook any of the four experience-boosting dishes.

These are tremendously worthwhile for helping to avoid any irritating level grind, especially since Tales of Arise is fairly skimpy with experience points for anything even a single level or so beneath your own. All those semi-meaningless fights barraging you, especially toward the end of the story, will be a little less tedious if your levels are rising at a better clip.

Here are a few more handy guides to have on your adventure: