Rune Factory 5 Scarlett Romance: The best gifts, her romance events, and dating

Scarlett has a bit in common with the Rune Factory 5 protagonist, but she can sometimes be hard to read. As the only bachelorette also working for SEED, romancing Scarlett makes things interesting as you often work side-by-side, and her events send you on patrols together.

Like Reinhard, Beatrice, and others - Scarlett isn't immediately available as a romance option from the beginning of your journey in Rigbarth. So to get you on your way to dating, we'll explain when you meet Scarlett in Rune Factory 5's' story, what gifts she likes, and how to see her events.

Every marriage candidate in RF5 shares a few core requirements when it comes to dating, love confessions, and marriage. If you want to make things official with Scarlett, review our dating and marriage guide for the list of conditions to satisfy. 

How to Romance Scarlett in Rune Factory 5.

 Everything Scarlett Loves, Hates as Gifts

Scarlett’s birthday is Summer 18 - her friendship level will increase more from gifts on this day.

  • Loved Gifts
    • Tempura, Tempura Udon
  • Liked Gifts
    • Baked Onigiri, Bamboo Rice, Egg Bowl, Onigiri, Rice Porridge, Salmon Onigiri
  • Dislikes
    • Boot, Branch, Can, Failed Dish, Scrap Metal, Rock, Weeds
  • Hates
    • Onion

 Meeting Scarlett and Her Schedule

Scarlett won't be in Rigbarth for you to romance immediately. To meet her in RF5, first clear the Belpha Ruins and meet both Reinhard and Lady Beatrice. A day or two following their arrival, Scarlett will return to the village before you enter the Kelve Lava Caves.

Her schedule is probably the easiest to work around, too. Scarlett also calls the Silo home, just like you and Livia. Find her in the  SEED Outpost, typically in her room, but she moves to the entrance around 9 am.

 Unlocking all of Scarlett's Romance Story Events

  • Finding Hina
  • Begins at The Great Tree Plaza
  • Requires completing the Kelve Lava Caves, Friendship Level 1
    • Scarlett meets you and Misasagi in The Great Tree Plaza after 8:00 am to discuss Hina. Agree to help out and immediately proceed to the Whispering Woods’ entrance, the next cutscene will just be with Hina. 

      You can finish the entire first romance story for Scarlett on the same day, so go back to Misasagi’s store and speak with her. That completes everything with the ranger for now, and you can find her again in a few days for the second story event​​​​​
  • Scarlett’s Romance Story Event #2
  • Begins at the Silo
  • Requires completing Kelve Lava Caves, Friendship Level 2, Finding Hina
    • Upon entering the Silo after 10:00 am, you can speak to Scarlett for a one-time cutscene to learn more about her motivations and why SEED is so important to her. This should be available a few days after completing Finding Hina. 
  • Monster Sighting
  • Begins at the Silo
  • Requires The Meline Crystal Caverns, unlocking Atohl's End
    • Find Scarlett in Livia’s office in the Silo after 8 am. She’ll ask to meet up again in her room at 10 pm, but she’s available for the event starting as early as 9 pm. You’ll do a few patrols with her, and she’ll leave for the night after requesting to meet up again.

      So, wait around the next day until 9 pm and find Scarlett in her room. The duo will head out for another patrol before you’re handed over the controls just briefly in the Kelve region. Run forward to trigger another cutscene with Heinz, and that’s the last step to see all of Scarlett’s romance story chapters. 

 Scarlett's Special Dates and Confession Event

Update pending.

 How to Marry Scarlet

Just like the other marriage candidates, you'll need to first see Scarlett's romance story events, plus her three special dates, and her confession events. 

Once those requirements are satisfied, make sure you boost her Friendship Level to 10 - that's the biggest hurdle. You'll also need to craft the engagement ring, purchase a double bed from Palmo, and finish the main story. If hitting any of these milestones gives you trouble, refer to our RF5 dating and marriage guide for help.