Rune Factory 5 Beatrice Romance: Her likes, dislikes, romance events, and special dates

In Rune Factory 5, you'll meet Lady Beatrice and Reinhard at the same time. They come to Rigbarth together, as Reinhard is her knight and fiercely protective of the princess. Their purpose for the journey is a little complicated, and getting to know Beatrice will reveal a little more about her history and why she's no longer living in her kingdom.

Beatrice and Reinhard don't venture to Rigbarth as soon as the game begins - so you'll have to wait a bit before starting her romance. Below, we'll cover when Beatrice arrives in RF5's story, her most loved gifts, romance story chapters, and more.

Beatrice shares a general set of requirements for dating and marriage with other villages. For more on Friendship Level requirements and tips for romancing Beatrice quickly, refer to our RF5 confession, dating, and marriage guide.

How to romance Beatrice in Rune Factory 5.

 Gifting Beatrice - Favorites, Likes, Dislikes, Hates

Beatrice's birthday is Winter 14 - give Beatrice a present this day for added friendship points.

She admires Leadership as a skill.

  • Loves
    • Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Jam
  • Likes
    • Apple Pie, Baked Apple, Cake, Fruit Sandwich, Jam Roll, Strawberries, Toast
  • Dislikes
    • Boot, Branch, Can, Failed Dish, Scrap Metal, Rock, Weeds
  • Hates
    • Hot Milk

 Beatrice's Story Requirements and Schedule

In order to romance Beatrice, you'll need to complete the Belpha Ruins dungeon. It's the second location Rune Factory 5's story takes you, and her introduction happens automically after beating the boss, Cerberus. 

Beatrice typically stays around the Belpha Ruins, where she lives in Rigbarth. You can also find her at Lackadaisy around noon for lunch on some days.

 How to See All of Beatrice's Romance Story Events

  • First Taste of Stew

  • Begins at Lackadaisy
  • Requires completing Kelve Lava Caves
    • Beatrice will be at Lackadaisy for lunch after 12:00 pm, head there and see the first cutscene. This is the only one available on the first day, so after a night's rest, you can speak to her again at Studio Palmo in the morning at 8:00 am. The next day, she's at Belpha Ruins again after 8 to conclude her first romance story questline. 
  • Romance Story Scene #2

  • Begins at Pond of Hope
  • Requires completing First Taste of Stew
    • Beatrice has a lot on her mind, so chat with her about it at the Pond of Hope. She should be around after 8 am, and this task should be available a couple of days after completing her first romance story quest. After one cutscene, everything with Beatrice is done until you're ready to trigger the next event.
  • Fresh-Baked Bread

  • Begins at Sweet Hearth
  • Requires completing Beatrice's second romance story scene
    • You'll find Beatrice talking to Randolph and Yuki after 9 am over at Sweet Hearth, it's the only cutscene to see today. She leaves after the exchange, but Beatrice will return to the bakery again on the next day at 8 am. Once you've seen her at Sweet Hearth for the second time, head to Simone's clinic on the same day. That's all you can do until you've slept.

      At 8 am the next day, look for Beatrice at the eastern gate. Priscilla and Lucy will be looking for her, too, so head to Whispering Woods when it's time to search for her. After taking a few steps into the forest dungeon, a cutscene with Beatrice should trigger and you'll have to fight a monster.

      There's one more scene to see, so head to bed and find Beatrice again at the Great Tree Plaza after 8 am. This is her last romance story event; now you can work on improving her friendship level and dating.

 Beatrice - Confessing Love and Dating

Update pending.

 Married Life - How to Propose to Beatrice

To marry Beatrice, you'll need to see all of her romance story events, three special dates, and her confession.

She won't entertain the idea until you're Friendship Level 10, along with finishing the RF5 main story. You'll also need to craft an engagement ring, plus buy a double bed from Studio Palmo.

If you're having trouble meeting any of these requirements, our marriage guide should help with tips on improving Friendship levels, plus the things you'll need to start crafting.