Rune Factory 5 Wanted Monsters: Every location and reward

Livia puts you to work immediately in Rune Factory 5, asking for your help hunting Wanted Monsters for SEED. These marks tie into some task board requests, unlock SEED Crests, earn SEED points, and are an easy source of money. 

Here, we’ll explain how to capture every Wanted Monster, find their location, and Livia’s reward for the hunt. 

In order to begin hunting Wanted Monsters in RF5, you'll need too speak to Livia in the Silo.

Checking the Task Board Guide may also be a handy reference; a few requests overlap with Wanted Monster tasks. 

 How to Capture Wanted Monsters in RF5

Remember, to capture these monsters, you’ll need to use the Spell Seal ability obtained from speaking to Livia during the first few days of Rune Factory 5. Hold the ZL button to charge up the attack, then release it while locked on to an enemy. 

How you capture Wanted Monsters in Rune Factory 5.

To begin chasing a target, speak to Livia at the Silo and tell her you’re interested in hunting a Wanted Monster. She’ll only allow you to chase one target at a time. Head to the location the mark spawns at; the Wanted Monster will glow red.

Weaken the enemy through normal combat, then use Spell Seal to capture them for SEED. These monsters can’t be tamed as allies, so don’t bother trying to brush them or gift items. Make sure you don’t kill them, either, as that fails the request. Once they’re secured, report back to Livia, and she’ll hand over the reward.

 Every RF5 Wanted Monster and Location

Every Wanted Monster location in RF5's Phoros Woodlands.

Phoros Woodlands

Livia will give you 1,000P for capturing every Wanted Monster in the Phoros Woodlands.

  • Slime - 1 Star
    • Reward: (1) Weapon Bread
    • Location: Phoros Woodlands (Sighted in the Northwest Region)
    • Continue to travel on the northern-most path upon entering Phoros Woodlands; the Slime spawns beside a river.
  • Fairy - 1 Star
    • Reward: (1) Farming Bread
    • Location: Phoros Woodlands (Sighted in the Central Region)
    • The Fairy is in the center of the map, and she should be visible just after crossing the building ruins. She’s flies along the edge of a pond in the area. 
  • Goblin Archer - 1 Star
    • Reward: (1) Cooking Bread
    • Location: Phoros Woodlands (Sighted in the Southern Region)
    • Travel along the southern-most path in Phoros, but don’t go south into the Whispering Woods. The Goblin Archer is in a cave at the mouth of the river; enter from the side that’s just over the river’s bridge to capture the monster.
  • Big Muck - 2 Star
    • Reward: (1) Cooking Bread
    • Location: Phoros Woodlands (Sighted in the Northwest Region)
    • Cross the bridge just to the west of where Slime was located; Big Muck is in a small clearing to the south. 
  • Mamadoodle - 4 Star
    • Reward: (1) The Protein
    • Location: Phoros Woodlands (Sighted in the Northeast Region)
    • The best path to Mamadoodle is through warping to the Terra Dragon or Thundering Wastes. You’ll still need to run all the way east and near a short path of stone ruins to find the monster in the northeastern area.
Every Wanted Monster location and rank in Rune Factory 5.

Kelve Volcanic Region

As a reward for capturing every monster in the Kelve Volcano area, you’ll receive 1,000P.

  • Chipsqueek - 2 Star
    • Reward: (1) Chemistry Bread
    • Location: Kelve Volcanic Region (Sighted in the Northern Area)
    • Enter the Kelve Region and run towards the dinosaur-like bones in the middle of the grassy zone. Chipsqueek is just to the southeastern area of the nearby pond.
  • Ignis - 2 Star
    • Reward: (1) Crafting Bread
    • Location: Kelve Volcanic Region (Sighted in the Northern Area)
    • This Wanted Monster is all the way north near the entrance of the Kelve Volcano. It’s probably faster to take the Fire Dragon teleport, run south along the western wall, and then find Ignis floating near the lava pools. 
  • Garmr - 3 Star
    • Reward: (2) Weapon Bread
    • Location: Kelve Volcanic Region (Sighted in the Southern Area)
    • After warping to the Kelve Volcanic Region, run slightly to the north. Garmr is close to the entrance of the Ancient Forest. 
  • Blood Panther - 4 Star
    • Reward: (1) Heart Drink
    • Location: Kelve Volcanic Region (Sighted in the Northern Area)
    • The Black Panther roams just to the south of the dinosaur bones, near the more central pond area.
  • Guardian - 5 Star
    • Reward: (1) Millionstrike
    • Location: Kelve Volcanic Region (Sighted in the Northern Area)
    • The Guardian is more central, so start at the volcano or forest entrance. The Guardian should be roaming around the dinosaur bones, we caught him lurking around right underneath.
Where to find Wanted Monsters in Rune Factory 5's Lake Yumina.

Yumina Lake

For capturing all of the monsters in the Lake Yumina area, Livia will reward you 1000P.

  • Emperor Penguin - 3 Star
    • Reward: (2) Cooking Bread
    • Location: Lake Yumina (Sighted in the Northern Area)
    • The Emporer Penguin is closer to the entrance, on the side of the lake facing you as you enter.
  • Silver Wolf - 3 Star
    • Reward: (2) Crafting Bread
    • Location: Lake Yumina (Sighted in the Northern Area)
    • The Meline Crystal Caverns entrance is close to this monster, so take the teleport there and head north along the river. Silver Wolf is on the western side of the lake. 
  • Malm Tiger - 4 Star
    • Reward: (1) Intelligencer
    • Location: Lake Yumina (Sighted in Central Area)
    • Warp to the Ice Dragon or Meline Crystal Caverns entrance for quickest access. The Malm Tiger is just to the northeast, most likely wandering along the frozen lake. 
  • Hell Ghost - 5 Star
    • Reward: (1) Gust
    • Location: Yumina (Sighted in the Southern Region)
    • There’s a slope just to the south of the Meline Crystal Cave entrance. Run up the snow hillside to find Hell Ghost.
  • Elementalist - 5 Star
    • Reward: (1) Straight Punch
    • Location: Lake Yumina (Sighted in the Western Area)
    • Directly behind Meline Crystal Caverns, run up the slope and head to the narrow point on the map. 

 Perfect Wanted Monsters

Once you’ve unlocked all of the other Wanted Monster targets and cleared Rune Factory 5’s story, Livia will assign Perfect targets. There’s one monster that roams every region in a location you found other monsters at, and it seems they can each only be captured once per day. They also provide random rewards, so the rewards listed below are what’s been confirmed.

You can use the Hint Crest for information from other villagers on where these monsters are at.

For finding all three targets in this area, you receive 200P, (1) Golden Dragon Claw, and (1) Golden Scale.

  • Little Dragon - Perfect 5 Star
    • Reward: (1) Red Dragon Ashes
  • Ice Griffin - Perfect 5 Star
    • Reward: (1) Sapphire, (1) Earth Crystal
  • Mermaid - Perfect 5 Star
    • Reward: (1) Yellow Core, (1) Dragon Golem Ashes

 Wanted Monster Rewards: Crests and SEED Ranks

SEED Crests bestow special bonuses to your character - like the ability to bring any villager out or get extra tips in your conversations with them. In addition, securing Wanted Monsters improves your SEED rank and earns additional SEED points with new marks and achievements. Keep cleaning up your target list to score the list of rewards below. 

Foresight, Investigation, Insurance, and SP Crests are unlocked in between the below milestones also. 

  • Capture 3 Wanted Monsters – Aspiring Ranger
    • Unlocks 2-Star Wanted Monsters, Companion Crest
  • Capture 6 Wanted Monsters - Renowned Ranger
    • Unlocks 3-Star Wanted Monsters, Hint Crest
  • Capture 9 Wanted Monsters - Charismatic Ranger
    • Unlocks 4-Star Wanted Monsters, Cooperation Crest,  5,000G
  • Capture 12 Wanted Monsters - Expert Ranger 
    • Unlocks 5-Star Wanted Monsters, Rider Crest, 25,000G
  • Capture 15 Wanted Monsters - Perfect Ranger Ranger
    • Unlocks Perfect Wanted Monsters, Patrol Crest Crest, 100,000G