Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Kvaris Region

Just like in the Aelio and Retem regions of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, the Kvaris region also comes with a slew of new Datapods to collect. While Datapods often just give basic gameplay tips and maybe a handful of items, they do count as Collectables when looking at the Sector Info on the World Map, so for completionists, you'll want to tag all of these if you want that sweet 100% Explored tag, along with finding all of the region's Red Containers, of course.

The Kvaris region has a good number of new datapods to gather compared to the relatively limited number found in Retem. Here, we'll provide a map indicating each datapod's location by region, plus an image showcasing each one, along with any items they might contain.

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PSO2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Kvaris Region

Central Kvaris Datapods
South Kvaris Datapods
North Kvaris Datapods
West Kvaris Datapods
Belugana Ruins Datapods
Rayjord Gorge Datapods
Lost Central Datapods

As before, we've put together a single big map image of the region with all of the Datapod locations, color-coded by the area that they are found in.

Note that the numbering is arbitrary, and just reflects the order I found the datapods, they are not numbered in-game. For the Datapod map, I've marked N3 as the third I found in North Kvaris, L1 as the first I found in Lost Central, and so on.


Central Kvaris

1: Central Kvaris, northwest of the Mistra Wood Ryuker Device.
2: Central Kvaris, on the east side of the creek to the south of Mistra Woods. -Light Kvaris Octopus x5
3: Central Kvaris, on the north side of the creek to the east of the Vanishing Path II cocoon. -Notable Kvaris Squid x1.
4: Central Kvaris, just south of the Vanishing Path II cocoon.
5: Central Kvaris, at the very end of the creek leading towards Rayjord Gorge.
6: Central Kvaris, just southeast of the Wild Avalanche cocoon.
7: Central Kvaris, near the east end of a stone archway to the south of the Central Kvaris Region Mag. -Crisp Kvaris Guava x5
8: Central Kvaris, northeast of the Yellow Battledia Trigger Portal.
9: Central Kvaris, run straight east from the Yellow Battledia Trigger portal.

South Kvaris

1: South Kvaris, just south of the Kvaris Camp Ryuker Device on the north side of the Danann Snow Field.
2: South Kvaris, just outside of Meri and Ilma's house on the west side of the Danann Snow Field.
3: South Kvaris, out a ways from the front of Meri and Ilma's house in the middle of the Danann Snow Field.
4: South Kvaris, near the word "South" on South Kvaris on the map, tucked near some rocks, southeast of the Slope Style cocoon.
5: South Kvaris, near the entrance to a cave on the ground level north of the Danann Snow Field Ryuker.
6: South Kvaris, at the very top of the long peninsula northeast of Quill Mountain Road.

North Kvaris

1: North Kvaris, near the top of Mt. Latva near the Purple Battledia Trigger Portal.
2: North Kvaris, on the east side of My Latva, nearly straight east from above. -Blizzardium x1
3: North Kvaris, southeast of the Mt. Latva Ryuker, in an open area with some Crystaline Ice.
4: North Kvaris, on the far east side of Mt Latva, on a plateau with some Crystaline Ice and Persimmon trees. -Light Kvaris Cabbage x5
5: North Kvaris, northwest of the Vanishing Path II cocoon near some Persimmon trees.

West Kvaris

1: West Kvaris, just east of the Deepwell tower.

Belugana Ruins

1: Belugana Ruins, to the southeast of the Belugana Ruins: North Ryuker.
2: Belugana Ruins, a bit northeast of the Belugana Ruins: North Ryuker, north of the small mountain.
3: Belugana Ruins, on the west side of the ruins, to the southwest of the "Belugana Ruins" text on the map. -Notable Kvaris Persimmon x1
4: Belugana Ruins, south and slightly west of the Belugana Ruins: South Ryuker, past the two buildings on the map.

Rayjord Gorge

Warning! Rayjord Gorge will deal periodic damage and free players in the area. You can boost your Harsh Environment Resist using the region's three Region Mags, cooking Kvaris Quick Food, through gear such as Defrozza Armor, or Decold augments. You can also use a Low Temperature Damage Resistance +100% consumable.
1: Rayjord Gorge, on the west side near the south end of the gorge.
2: Rayjord Gorge, on the east side of the gorge, south of the large bridge connecting Belugana Ruins and Central Kvaris.
3: Rayjord Gorge, on the west side of the gorge, just north of the large bridge connecting Belugana Ruins and Central Kvaris, near the entrance to a cave leading under Central Kvaris.
4: Inside the cave underneath Central Kvaris, from above. Follow the path starting at the last datapod location. -Notable Kvaris Meat x1

Lost Central

1: Lost Central, just south and slightly west of the Lost Central Ryuker.
2: Lost Central, go pretty much straight east from the above, near where a giant icicle meats the ground.
3: Lost Central, west side of the area on the top of an abandoned building.
4: Lost Central, near the entrance to the main structure at the end of the road to the northwest of the area.
5: Lost Central, to the south of a shallow pool on the east side of the area.