Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Retem Region

While out exploring the world in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, unlike finding Red Containers, you won't be given a Task to find all of the game's Datapods, little Tutorial tips that are dotted across the map. However, the in-game map describes these little guideposts as Collectables, and even changes the color from orange to blue once you've read one for the first time. On top of this, reading all of a region's Datapods is necessary to get that sweet 100% Explored text on the map itself. So for completionists, here's where to find all of the Aelio Region's various Datapods.

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PSO2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Retem Region

Central Retem Datapods
South Retem Datapods
North Retem Datapods
West Retem Datapods
Retem Alnothe Datapods
Rwh Maqead Datapods
Maqead Lower Level Datapods

Since the number of Datapods is far fewer than the number of boxes, we've only put together a single big map with all of their locations, color-coded by region.

Note that the numbering is arbitrary, and just reflects the order I found the datapods, they are not numbered in-game. For the Datapod map, I've marked N2 as the second I found in North Retem, R1 as the first I found in Retem Alnothe, and so on.


Central Retem

1: Central Retem, just northwest of the Oasis Ryuker Device
2: Central Retem, southeast of the Dyna Assault Cocoon
3: Central Retem, east of the entrance to Retem City, south of the Dalshmarb Desert
4: Central Retem, on the east side of the Trinites pyramid, near a rocky spire -Crisp Retem Carambola x5
5: Central Retem, west of the Trinites pyramid
6: Central Retem, on a higher ledge in the northern part of the area
7: Central Retem, near a square building southwest of the oasis
8: Central Retem, on the south side of the area, on a sand dune near some tall ridges -Stellar Fragment
9: Central Retem, in the open desert southwest of thee Dyna Assault Cocoon

South Retem

1: South Retem, right next to the Galner Coast: West Ryuker Device
2: South Retem, just outside the Parkour Master Cocoon
3: South Retem, near the staircase to a dwelling west of the Galner Coast: West Ryuker Device -Robust Retam Hermit Crab x5
4: South Retem, near a campsite southwest of the Battledia, overlooking the coast
5: South Retem, southwest of Retem City, near an antenna-like structure
6: South Retem, on a bluff facing towards Retam Alnothe, north of the Galner Coast: West Ryuker Device
7: South Retem, on a rocky outcropping at sea, next to the Region Mag
8: South Retem, east of the Galner Coast: East Ryuker Device
9: South Retem, unfortunately in an open area without a major landmark, southwest of Retem City

North Retem

1: North Retem, about halfway up the winding path leading to the area's only Tower
2: North Retem, near the bridge next to the Murabba Canyon Ryuker Device -Light Retem Sea Slug x5
3: North Retem, on the ground level on the eastern side of the Murabba Canyon -Tetracite x5
4: North Retem, on the lower lever of Murabba Canyon at a northern dead-end, west of the Ryuker
5: North Retem, near the ground level western entrance to Murabba Canyon, near a ramp
6: North Retem, on an upper ledge overlooking Murabba Canyon, northwest of the Trinites Ryuker in Central Retem
7: North Retem, in front of the Region Mag in North Retem
8: North Retem, on a lower eastern ledge from the above Datapod

West Retem

1: West Retem, just past the Sagan Mountain Road: West Ryuker
2: West Retem, between the Vanishing Path Cocoon and the nearby lake, at the same level as the lake -Robust Retem Cauliflower x5
3: West Retem, south of the Stetchkin Lowlands Ryuker
4: West Retem, on a wide part of the Sagan Mountain Road, near a large structure, southeast of the Sagan Mountain Road: East Ryuker
5: West Retem, north of the Region Mag
6: West Retem, on a tall ridge northwest of the Central Retem Oasis

Retem Alnothe

1: Retem Alnothe, on the ground level near a tall platform in the northwest of the area/image]

Rwh Maqead

[image="rwh_maqead_datapod1screen.jpg" game="16"]1: Rwh Maqead, straight west of the Ryuker Device -Crisp Retem Mushroom

2: Rwh Maqead, follow the path past the Ryuker Device, heading southeast. It'll be right in the middle of the road

Maqead Lower Level

1: Maqead Lower Level, just north of the Ryuker Device
2: Maqead Lower Level, on the lowest level in the south-center of the area
3: Maqead Lower Level, on the lowest level in the northwest of the area