Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Aelio Region (Updated)

While out exploring the world in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, unlike finding Red Containers, you won't be given a Task to find all of the game's Datapods, little Tutorial tips that are dotted across the map. However, the in-game map describes these little guideposts as Collectables, and even changes the color from orange to blue once you've read one for the first time. On top of this, reading all of a region's Datapods is necessary to get that sweet 100% Explored text on the map itself. So for completionists, here's where to find all of the Aelio Region's various Datapods.

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Update: New Datapods were added to the Aelio region with the Retem update in December 2021. These will be marked on the main map with a gold outline if they were added to regions that already contained Datapods.

PSO2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Aelio Region

Central Aelio Datapods
South Aelio Datapods
North Aelio Datapods
West Aelio Datapods
Mt. Magnus Datapods
Resol Forest Datapods
Halphia Lake Datapods
Vanford Laboratory Ruins Datapods

Since the number of Datapods is far fewer than the number of boxes, we've only put together a single big map with all of their locations, color-coded by region.

Note that the numbering is arbitrary, and just reflects the order I found the boxes, they are not numbered in-game. For the Datapod map, I've marked N1 as the first one I found in North Aelio, M2 as the second I found in Mount Magnus, and so on.


Central Aelio

1: Central Aelio, near the east exit to Central City
2: Central Aelio, northeast of the Enhanced Enemy cocoon.
3: Central Aelio, near the west exit of Central City
4: Central Aelio, southwest of Central City
5: Central Aelio, northeast of the Halphana Plains: East Ryuker device
6: Central Aelio, northwest of the First Step cocoon in the open field
7: Central Aelio, northeast of the Great Wall Tower, on the top of the short cliff
8: Central Aelio, northwest of Central City (added with Retem update)
9: Central Aelio, southwest of Central City, south of the Central City Ryuker Device (added with Retem update)

South Aelio

1: South Aelio, near the entrance from Central Aelio
2: South Aelio, just after the entrance from Central Aelio, on the right
3: South Aelio, in a cave with a campsite halfway up the big waterfall area in Balflow Falls
4: South Aelio, near a campsite right near the text ‘South Aelio’ on the world map
5: South Aelio, on the far southeast beach
6: South Aelio, on the tall peninsula leading towards the Region Mag, on a rock
7: South Aelio, right next to the Mt. Piccolt Ryuker (added with Retem update)
8: South Aelio, on a low peninsula opposite of the Region Mag (added with Retem update)

North Aelio

1: North Aelio, on the bridge entering the water area of Halphana Wetlands
2: North Aelio, on the very upper plateau, south of the Altolani Plateau map text
3: North Aelio, on the west side of the Wetlands
4: North Aelio, on the big northern plateau, east half
5: North Aelio, on the northwest coast of the Wetlands
6: North Aelio, east of the main structure in the Wetlands (added with Retem update)

West Aelio

1: West Aelio, to the left of the ALTERS Rush Tower
2: West Aelio, straight south of the Cryano Cliffs Ryuker, near a small tower
3: West Aelio, just east of the area's Region Mag
4: West Aelio, on the plateau northeast of the Aelio Town Ruins Ryuker
5: West Aelio, near the house-like structure at Crykau Hills

Mt. Magnus

1: Mount Magnus, near the Ryuker Device
2: Mount Magnus, southeast of the Runway cocoon (on the map, though the cocoon is under the mountain), the pod is in the field

Resol Forest (added with Retem Update)

1: Resol Forest, just east of the Ryuker Device

Halphia Lake (added with Retem Update)

1: Halphia Lake, just northest of the Ryuker Device
2: Halphia Lake, northest of the main lake, can be hard to spot
3: Halphia Lake, near a campsite to the north of the lake

Vanford Laboratory Ruins (added with Retem Update)

1: Vanford Laboratory Ruins, right next to the Ryuker Device
2: Vanford Laboratory Ruins, in an open courtyard in the south 'circle' of the ruins
3: Vanford Laboratory Ruins, on the courver of a large crate structure on the north 'circle' of the ruins