Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Stia Region

Just like in the previous regions of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, the Stia region unsurprisingly comes with a slew of new Datapods to collect. While Datapods often just give basic gameplay tips, they do count as Collectables when looking at the Sector Info on the World Map, so for completionists, you'll want to tag all of these if you want that sweet 100% Explored tag, along with finding all of the region's Red Containers, of course.

The Stia region has a decent number of new datapods to gather, similar to the Kvaris Region. Here, we'll provide a map indicating each datapod's location by region, plus an image showcasing each one. Interestingly, the Stia Region Datapods do not give any items.

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PSO2: New Genesis - All Datapod Locations | Stia Region

Stia Outskirts Datapods
Dreisen Plant Datapods
Mediola Outer Area 1 Datapods
Mediola Outer Area 2 Datapods

As before, we've put together a single big map image of the region with all of the Datapod locations, color-coded by the area that they are found in.

Note that the numbering is arbitrary, and just reflects the order I found the datapods, they are not numbered in-game.


Stia Outskirts

1: Stia Outskirts, on the west side of the beach.
2: Stia Outskirts, near the entrance to the road leading towards Stia Camp.
3: Stia Outskirts, on the west side of Bourganiss Island.
4: Stia Outskirts, in the grove-like area on the northeast side of Bourganiss Island.
5: Stia Outskirts, at the dead end on the north part of Gable Mountain Road.

Dreisen Plant

1: Dreisen Plant, Near the large hatch doors on the southwest side of the area, lower level.
2: Dreisen Plant, west side of the area, middle level near a bunch of energy tanks.
3: Dreisen Plant, right next to the Dresen Plant 1 Ryuker Device.
4: Dreisen Plant, south of the Dresen Plant 1 Ryuker Device, upper level near a wall.
5: Dreisen Plant, southwest of the "Facing the Darkness" Cocoon.
6: Dreisen Plant, southeast side, at the lowest level near the large courtyard-like area.
7: Dreisen Plant, far north corner of the area, near a wall.

Mediola Outer Area 1

1: Mediola Outer Area 1, near the crater northwest of the Felusa Ridge 2 Ryuker Device.
2: Mediola Outer Area 1, on the west side of the ramp leading up to the volcano's central peak.

Mediola Outer Area 2

1: Mediola Outer Area 2, near the start of the bridge leading towards Dext Base.
2: Mediola Outer Area 2, near the main path on the south part of the area.
3: Mediola Outer Area 2, near a cliff and a red crystal structure in the south-central part of the area.
4: Mediola Outer Area 2, just south of the Light Stia Apple grove-like area.
5: Mediola Outer Area 2, near the south end of the bridge leading to Alterra Base.
6: Mediola Outer Area 2, just northeast of the Alterra Base Ryuker Device.
7: Mediola Outer Area 2, just northwest of the Alterra Base Ryuker Device, near the cocoon.
8: Mediola Outer Area 2, on the west side of the main road on the north side of the area leading away from Alterra Base.
9: Mediola Outer Area 2, on the southern side of the cliff face, northeast of Alterra Base.
10: Mediola Outer Area 2, on an island in the lava lakes north of Alterra Base.