Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ascension Quests guide: How to reach Rank 20 with every class

Ascension Quests are some of the most important missions you can undertake in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - which is saying something, considering the number of quests the game has on offer. Ascension Quests are particularly important because they let you break through the level cap for each of the game's classes, thus bringing your combat abilities to bigger heights. 

Ascension Missions will start unlocking during Chapter 5 of Xenoblade 3, though in general Ascension Quests and their associated stories are scattered right across the game - which means that you won't see some of them until late on. A couple are even exclusive to the post-game! This guide features an ascension quests list featuring all missions, plus ascension quest walkthroughs, listing how to start and complete every one of these quests. Naturally, this page will contain some minor spoilers. We recommend not scrolling ahead of where you're at.

How to increase Class Rank beyond 10 with Ascension Missions

Every Ascension Quest in Xenoblade 3 is different, and each one provides a vital class rank unlock.

Each of the character classes in Xenoblade 3 can be leveled up over time, but once you hit rank 10 you'll find yourself unable to progress any further - even though the true, final class level cap is actually double this at rank 20.

In order to level up a class beyond rank 10, however, you'll need to complete the Ascension Quest, a special side quest that continues the story of each hero that will have been kicked off during that hero's recruitment. For the six main characters, their Ascension Quests are 'Side Story' missions - though the end result is the same, a class unlock.

As the above might tell you, that means that the Ascension Missions are closely linked to some other Xenoblade 3 guides on the site, including our full Side Quests guide, Character Classes List, and our guide on how to unlock all Heroes. Cross-referencing those pages with this one will certainly give you more information - but everything you need at a base level for Ascension missions is on this page.

In many cases, it appears that you might need the main class inheritors of the class in question to level up top rank 10 before the ascension quest will appear. So, if a quest below isn't appearing for you, get to ranking up to 10 first. 

Similarly, sometimes a complex web of quest triggers in Xenoblade 3 means something might not be appearing. If that happens, try clearing quests in the same area - this usually gets things moving again and makes the ascension mission you're missing appear.

Once you complete a Hero's Ascension mission, their class can be raised to Rank 20.

Xenoblade 3 Ascension Quest List:

Here's a list of every Ascension Quest in Xenoblade 3. Click a link to be taken to the guide for the ascension mission for each class, which details how to start and complete that mission:

Xenoblade 3 Ascension guide: How to beat all Ascension Quests

Below you'll find guides for each Ascension Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. We list how to start each quest, and how to complete it - with more detail for some of the more complicated quests. None of these quests are missable, so don't panic - but some don't unlock until specific chapters - and in the case of one specific quest, the postgame

Guardian Commander / Zeon Ascension Quest: Reasons to Evolve

  • The earliest you can do this Ascension Quest is during Chapter 5.
  • To start this quest, you need to have Noah reach rank 10 with the Guardian Commander class, which recruiting Zeon unlocks. 
  • Once you've done that, you'll need to complete several side quests that spawn after you recruit Zeon, culminating in the side quest "For Colony 9", and then talk to Kite in Colony 9.
  • In order to complete this frustrating and rather boring quest, simply follow the quest markers collecting items and trying to plant Spongy Spuds. The game is quite specific in what you need to do, so there are no major surprises here.
  • Given there's an agricultural bent to this ascension quest, sometimes you'll be required to "Wait for Rain". This can be manipulated a bit; if you talk to the Nopon Splishsplash marked on the map, you can cough up cash in order to force rain to happen.

Medic Gunner Ascension Quest: Eunie Side Story

  • As explained above, the core cast of six playable characters have side stories instead of ascension missions. Eunie's side story can be tackled from chapter 5, and unlocks the rank limit for the Medic Gunner.
  • Eunie's Ascension Quest is titled "Side Story: Eunie", which is simple enough. Accessing it isn't quite so simple, though.
  • In Swordmarch, at some point during Chapter 5 on you should be able to find some kids discussing "Fourtune Clovers", which reveals an info piece of the same name.
  • Discuss this information at a campsite nearby. 
  • With this done, head to the marker in the Urayan Trail in the Pentelas region
  • Head through the Loska's Cavern. After some events and scenes, fight the boss.

Full Metal Jaguar / Gray Ascension Quest: Payback for Treason

  • First of all, you'll need Eunie to be Rank 10 with the Full Metal Jaguar class to tackle this Ascension Quest.
  • After getting access to the Boundry, you'll be able to overhear a conversation that reveals the "Gray's Autonomy" information, which you then discuss at a rest site. After this, the "Lovebirds" quest unlocks. This means you're on the right path.
  • After completing "Lovebirds", you'll be able to get the Payback for Treason quest. You may need to talk to Gray in City to trigger it.
  • Go to the Daedal Isle, and head for the marker - be prepared for a fight.
  • After this, go back to Astelle Harbor in City. You'll then need to find 3 "Rozana's Whereabouts" info shards.
  • Finally, go to the Great Sword Passage in Cadensia for one final fight.

Incursor / Alexandria Ascension Quest: Inescapable Past

  • Unlocking Alexandria's Ascension Quest can happen as early as in Chapter 5, but you'll need to have first completed a string of other Colony Iota quests, and have delivered Colony Iota goods to some other Colonies by using the Collectopedia cards. 
  • With this done, all you have to do is take Alexandria to Colony Iota once the Icursor's natural Class Inheritors are at Rank 10 with the class; the quest kicks off.

Heavy Guard / Lanz Ascension Quest: Lanz Side Story

  • To kick this one off, listen in on NPCs in the Cadensia Region's Great Sword's Base to get the "Curious About Training" info. Discuss it.
  • You'll now be able to head to the City Training Ground, where a scene will take place.
  • After that, head to the marker on the map to a shop - and then to the War Room.
  • Now take yourself to the Erythia Sea area, specifically to the Morrack Inlet landmark. A scene will take place - then follow the path, with more scenes along the way, until some fights. Win, and ascend.

Signifer / Fiona Ascension Quest: A Farewell Reset

A screenshot of Fiona's Ascension.
  • This is another nice and easy one to trigger. For Fiona's Ascension Quest, simply get Lanz to Rank 10 with Signifer, and then head to Colony Mu with Fiona in your party as your Hero fighter on Chapter 6 or later.
  • With these conditions satisfied, you'll find a ? symbol on the map in Colony Mu. Head to it, and then complete the simple ascension mission.
  • If you find this quest isn't there despite these conditions being filled, you may need to complete more quests around Colony Mu to force it to spawn.

Stalker / Juniper Ascension Quest: Survivors

  • To break the class rank limit for the Stalker, you'll need to tackle Survivors, Juniper's ascension quest. As usual, you'll need Noah to be Rank 10 with the Stalker class. 
  • In Chapter 6 or later, go to Colony Tau with Juniper in your party. Under these circumstances, there should be a ? marker in the Colony that triggers this quest.
  • If for some reason the quest isn't spawning, you may need to complete other related quests around Colony Tau, including "Tau-Tirkin Alliance", "The Harvest", and "Korresia Finds Her Calling". 
  • Once the quest is triggered, go to the marker in the Eastern Pentelas region and collect Twineturf.
  • Upon your return to Colony Tau, you'll need to battle some Rhinons, and then Consul U. And that's it!

Tactician / Taion Ascension Quest: Taion Side Story

  • From Chapter 6, you'll be able to start Taion's side story in order to get his ascension for the Tactician.
  • In general, you'll want to make sure you've been clearing quests in and around Colony Lamda, as not doing so can block your progress on this ascension.
  • In Angus Castle, find info for "The Sea", and then discuss it at camp.
  • Back at Colony Lambda, find the "Isurd's Request" info, and again go ahead and discuss it at camp.
  • Next, you want to go to the Erythia Sea's Hermit Inlet. There'll be a boss fight here. 
  • You know the drill; follow the objective markers and keep going forward, through fights.
  • You'll eventually need to find and grab Fluid Crankers, Monochromagnetitie, Cube Chip, and 9 Ether Cylinders. 
  • Finally, head to the Ferronis, and then finally to the Farlaine Underpass.

Yumsmith / Riku & Manana Ascension Quest: Culinary Repertoire

  • You can trigger this Ascension Quest at a ? that's found at Camp Inlet, which is found in the north-western area of the Erythia Sea.
  • As you'd expect, this will only trigger with Manana & Riku in the party's hero slot, and only if you also have Sena at Rank 10 with the Yumsmith.
  • Go to the Daedal Isle, and head to the Fifth Pillar Remnant landmark there. You'll have to battle some Crustips to rescue Tempapa.
  • At this point you need to prepare a meal, the Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza. You'll need the ingredients - some of which are marked with quest markers. Those that aren't are fairly commonly found. 
  • Finally, you'll need some more items: Lagoonite, Wyrdstone, Acid Resistant Quarmu Shell, and Samon's Thing. 
    • Samon can be found in City - just speak to him.
    • Quarmu can be battled in the southern area of the Erythia Sea.
    • Wyrdstone can be found near the Hargan Point Camp.
    • Finally, Lagoonite can be nabbed near the Cascade Crossroads Landmark.
  • With all of this gathered, you can complete this Ascension Quest.

Strategos / Isurd Ascension Quest: Effervescent Heart

  • As is the case for many Ascension missions, this might require you complete other tasks related to Colony Lambda before it spawns.
  • You definitely must have completed "New Developments", which is started by listening in for an info shard about "Colony Lambda Defenses". 
  • With the class at Rank 10 and Isurd in your party, go to Colony Lambda in chapter 6 or later and head to the ? marker to start the quest.
  • You'll need to collect 3 info shards in the city about "Natural Spas", then discuss them.
  • Then talk to Kotan, who is near the Cafe in City.
  • Finally, head to the Geothermal Belt area of Cadensia and engage in some fights.

Thaumaturge / Teach Ascension Quest: Shadow of Enmity

  • Available from a point in chapter 6 onwards, Teach's ascension quest nevertheless has quite a few more requirements to reach it - starting, of course, with having Mio at Rank 10 with the Thaumaturge.
  • In order to force this quest to appear, you will need to complete the "Teach's Teachers" questline as much as you can, picking up missions from the notice board in Colony Gamma and completing them until there are no more available.
  • With this done, have Teach in your party, and visit Colony Gamma. There'll be a new ? symbol, which kicks off the Shadow fo Emnity Ascension mission.
  • For the mission itself, head to Everblight Plain, going to the containers and fighting enemies until a boss spawns. Beat it.

War Medic / Valdi Ascension Quest: I'm a Mechanic

  • Valdi's Ascension Quest is first available in Chapter 6, and essentially requires filling several of the item request lists that Repapa has over in Colony 30.
  • Specifically, you'll want to complete the Phase 4 and Phase 5 item collection requests, which requires you having completed another side mission, "The True Culprit". That mission is found by overhearing the "Real Perpetrator" info shard in Colony 30. 
  • Once you've done those collection requests, talk to Yuzet with Valdi in your party. 
  • Then go talk to Isurd in Colony 30. This drops an objective in the Great Cotte; go fight there.
  • The battles done, it's time for a bunch of talking. Return to Isurd, then Yuzet back in Colony 30, and finally Solon in Colony 4.
  • You'll have to take on one last set of battles in the desert area - then return to Colony 30 to report in.

Zephyr / Mio Ascension Quest: Mio Side Story

  • This one is actually compulsory - a side story and ascension you have to finish in order to complete Xenoblade 3.
  • You'll automatically unlock this mission when you enter Captocorn Peak/Pass.
  • It's also a straightforward mission - just follow the markers and win the battles.

Soulhacker / Triton Ascension Quest: My Memories

  • This Ascension is one of the more simple ones to access on paper - if you know how. It doesn't have many steps, but this one was a real pain to figure out - when we were working on our review, we got so stumped we even emailed Nintendo asking for advice on this Ascension.
  • Once you know how, however, it's easy - perhaps in part because the Soulhacker class is more complicated to make the most of once unlocked. As always, you might need Lanz at Rank 10 with the Soulhacker before undertaking this.
  • For the Ascension, simply cook at any campsite - but specifically, you need to cook Manana's Battle Soup, but with Triton in your party.
  • If for some reason this isn't triggering anything, it may be that you need to complete some other quests involving Colony 15 characters in City.
  • After cooking, you'll get the "Manana's Cooking" info piece - discuss it.
  • Finally, head to the spots near Colony Gamma, Lambda, and at the Hovering Reefs.
  • Once the Soulhacker ascension is unlocked, remember you can learn all of its moves by slaying the Unique Monsters.

Troubadour / Miyabi Ascension Quest: Happiness

  • As always, you'll need to have Mio, the inheritor, at rank 10 for the Troubadour. At this point, travel to Swordmarch and go to the Michiba Canteen - and have Miyabi in the party.
  • Around this area there's a new ? quest marker. There's a whole lot of talking as part of this, and chatting to folks unlocks the "Cooking Contest" info shard.
  • You'll be given a choice between Manana or Miyabi, but don't stress it too much - you have to do both anyway. They have slightly different rewards.
  • Some have reported this quest not popping - if you struggle, make sure you're at Rank 10, and potentially complete any other City related quests, as they might impact the triggers.

Flash Fencer / Ethel & Seraph / Cammuravi Ascension Quest

  • This is arguably one of the simplest Ascension Missions in the game, and it actually unlocks two different class ascensions! You just need to know how to trigger it, as it's less noted by the game.
  • You can do this from Chapter 7. All you need to do is have the Seraph class as unlocked by Cammuravi at Rank 10 with another character - this will most likely be Taion, who is the natural class inheritor.
  • Head to the Colony Omega Lab with Cammuravi in your party. 
  • The events that unfold here will unlock the ascension for both Ethel and Seraph. 

Machine Assassin / Segiri Ascension Quest: Invisible Bond

  • This Ascension can be nabbed in Chapter 7. The primary prerequisite is that you must complete the quest "Acknowledging Feelings", which itself is triggered by listening to and discussing some info snippets in the Prison.
  • With the that mission done, have Sena at Rank 10 with Machine Assassin, put Segiri in your party, and go to the Prison.
  • In the Prison, talk to No. 6. This drops a marker in Colony Lambda - go to it.
  • After the scenes, go back to Colony 4. 
  • Finally, follow the markers and trail in the Dannagh Desert until a battle - and at the end of it all, this class is ascended.

Swordfighter / Noah Ascension Quest: Noah Side Story

  • Another of the side story ascension missions for the playable cast, this ascension mission is automatically triggered during another questline called "The Ultimate Vessel".
  • The Ultimate Vessel is gained automatically at the end of Chapter 7 - then complete it to gain access to Noah's Side Story.
  • For Noah's Side Story, simply go to Keves Castle. Here, follow some objective markers for some fights and story scenes, leading to the ascension unlock.

Ogre / Sena Ascension Quest: Sena Side Story

  • When exactly this ascension mission triggers has been difficult to confirm, but we know it typically appears in early Chapter 7. 
  • To trigger it, have Ghondor in your party and find the "Ghondor's Grumbling" info snippet in City, and then take the time to discuss it. 
  • Now go to Swordmarch and head to the Material Storage Warehouse to engage in some fights. 
  • Simply follow the objective markers and win the fights to unlock the ascension.

Lost Vanguard / Monica Ascension Quest: Promise to the Future

  • As usual, have Eunie, the class inheritor, at Rank 10 with Lost Vanguard, and pop Monica into your Party.
  • Travel to the south City, and you'll find a ? marker - go to it to watch some scenes.
  • You'll need to first visit City canteen, and then out to Corne Island to fight a battle.
  • If you find this isn't triggering, you may need to clear some other City-based missions before this one pops.

Martial Artist / Ghondor Ascension Quest: Knowing Your Family

An image from Ghondor's ascension mission in Xenoblade 3.
  • This is one of the Acensions that requires a bit more story progression to make work. The earliest you can do this is in Chapter 7.
  • After this, go to Angus Castle with Ghondor in your party, and go to the upper levels of the castle. As ever, you need Sena, the class inheritor, to be at Rank 10 as a Martial Artist.
  • After picking up the quest, go to the desert in the Fornis Region and head to the marker for a battle.
  • After the battle, follow the Tirkin Tracks, picking up the Springroots, Juicy Broccoli, and Zapcaps. 
  • You'll have another fight - and that unlocks the ascension.

Lone Exile / Ashera Ascension Quest: A Deep-Seated Scar

  • This Ascension can only be unlocked after beating Side Story: Noah. At this point, put Ashera into your party, and head to the Fornis Region.
  • The area you want to go to is the Old Kana Battlefield, which will have a ? marker for your objective.
  • Now take yourself back to the area where you met Ashera for the first time, for her hero unlock. 
  • There's now a series of battles and objective markers that draw you through the quest. At the end, you'll have to fight a Consul, so be prepared for that.

Lifesage / Nia Ascension Quest: Grasping My Future

  • This post-game class has an ascension you can unlock pretty quickly.
  • There's four spots you need to visit, all of which get marked on your map:
    • Founder Shrine in City
    • Agnus Castle
    • Saffronia Tree in the Fornis Region
    • Tower Camp in Pentelas Region
  • Get Mio to Rank 10 with the Lifesage class
  • Discuss the information you've learned, and then follow the objectives to complete Nia's ascension.

Royal Summoner / Melia Ascension Quest: From Atop Her Throne

  • Simply raise Noah's rank with the Royal Summoner class to Rank 10.
  • Visit the Keves Castle Throne Room with Melia in your party - this kicks off the mission.
  • Now simply follow the objectives. 

Noponic Champion / Ino Ascension Quest: The Hope of Noponkind

  • Simply raise Noah's rank with the Noponic Champion class to Rank 10 and complete the Side Quest "Going Full HD". This quest can be completed in Chapter 5.
  • Go to the question mark icon at Namba Mound Camp for a scene.
  • Head to the marker at Engardo Pass Camp in Pentelas. Then to the marker near Clifftop Ferronis Hulk. Fight the boss.
  • Head back to Engardo Pass Camp to hand over items to Sunny.
  • Head to the marker near Seaside Lookout in Erythia Sea for one final fight.