Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair Item List & Database for Itemization

It might seem harsh, but sending some of your allies to the Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair is actually very useful - as the electric chair mechanic is a unique function the Velvet Room that allows you to turn Persona you no longer need into equipment, skill cards, and other highly useful items. The only way to know what you'll get is to experiment,however - or to consult an electric chair item list or database. Which is what this page is. What a happy coincidence!

The concept behind the Electric Chair Execution mechanic is quite simple: you place a Persona from your stock into the electric chair and sacrifice them. The game refers to this performing the action of 'Itemize Persona' - literally, turning a Persona into an item. The only issue, of course, is that doing so loses you the Persona.

This guide features a full Electric Chair database, listing all items that can be obtained via execution, plus other tips and notes on this unique mechanic.

Using the Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair Execution System allows you to Itemize a Persona - sacrificing it to get rare items.

Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair guide

If you haven't yet obtained it, the Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair Execution mechanic will unlock at a set time during the progression of the game's story. Once the party secures a route to Madarame's Treasure in the Museum Palace, you'll then be able to use this mechanic - the unlock for the Electric Chair Execution system will trigger the first time that you enter the Velvet Room on or after that date. 

Consider using the Electric Chair a transmutation system akin to those in other RPGs. In a way, it's also a bit like synergy, as each type of Electric Chair Execution will require one of five different items in addition to the Persona in order to execute it. These materials can be found in the metaverse, but also purchased at a number of shops in the real world. The end result is always an item - and this can be a very useful way of getting your hands on powerful, must-have stuff.

Thankfully, just as with things like the school & exam answers, crossword, demon negotiation, and even confidant choices, this system is predictable - each Persona in the game corresponds to a specific item when executed. Persona 5 Royal's Electric Chair Execution can be used to unlock a variety of items - primarily Skill Cards used to teach your Persona new and useful moves, but also Weapons, Armor, and Accessories - including some of the best items in the game.

There's a limit on how often you can use the Electric Chair Execution per day, so it's key to make sure that you're careful to get the right items every time. This list will help to remove the guesswork from the Electric Chair Execution and Persona Itemization system - as we'll tell you what item you'll get for each Persona in the game. The first time that you use the Electric Chair Execution, you'll also unlock a trophy or achievement, 'A Grand Experiment'. 

Fusion Alarm & the Electric Chair

If a Fusion Alarm occurs during the Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair process, you'll get better results - but Caroline and Justine will get a bit of a shock...

In the Velvet Room, the Fusion Alarm is a random-chance event that can occur once you make a certain amount of progress towards finding the treasure in Kaneshiro's Palace - which means you'll unlock it long before the Electric Chair Execution.

This system flips the look of the Velvet Room menus to a red hue, but it has a more important function: it braises the potency of everything that happens in the Velvet Room. Persona fusion will have better and more powerful results - and for the Electric Chair, the items you get will be slightly better. This guide lists both the regular and Fusion Alert items for every Persona.

To trigger a Fusion Alarm, you must simply defeat enemies in the Metaverse. However, if you've significantly progressed the Chihaya confidant cooperation, you can use a skill with the fortune teller to trigger an alarm - for a fee. It's well worth using executions when you've got an alarm ongoing, as its impact on your rewards is significant.

Electric Chair Execution Items List

With all of that explained, now let's get to our Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair Database - a complete list of all of the Items available through the itemize Persona command in the Velvet Room. We've divided this into sections, based on the utility of the items - and then list the Persona in Arcana order, as they appear in the menus of Persona 5 Royal.

Electric Chair Execution Items: Weapons & Guns

One key element of Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair Execution is using it to obtain powerful weapons.

Arguably the most important thing to know about the Electric Chair Execution Itemization is that it's home to some of the most powerful and best weapons in Persona 5 Royal. That includes the native weapons for each character, as well as guns.

For Melee Weapons, you'll require the Black Kogatama Transmutation Item in order to be obtain them via the Electric Chair. For Guns, you'll need a Model Gun. These can both be found in the Metaverse, but also show up in Tanaka and Jose's shop in the real world.

Weapons for Joker:

  • Arsene (Fool): Arsene's Cane 
    • Arsene w/ Fusion Alarm: The Great Thief Stick 
  • Satanael (Fool): Paradise Lost
    • Satanael w/ Fusion Alarm: Paradise Lost R
  • Metatron (Justice): Nataraja (Gun)
    • Metatron w/ Fusion Alarm: Nataraja EX
  • Lucifer (Star): Tyrant Pistol (Gun)
    • Lucifer w/ Fusion Alarm: Tyrant Pistol EX (Gun)

Weapons for Ryuji:

  • Jack-o-Lantern (Magician): Pumpkin Bomb (Gun)
    • Jack-o-Lantern w/ Fusion Alarm: Pumpkin Buster (Gun)
  • Thor (Chariot): Mjolnir
    • Thor w/ Fusion Alarm: Imprisoned Mjolnir
  • Hanuman (Strength): Ruyi Jingu Bang
    • Hanuman w/ Fusion Alarm: Fine Ruyi Jingu Bang
  • Shiva (Judgement): Megido Fire (Gun)
    • Shiva w/ Fusion Alarm: Megido Blaster

Weapons for Ann:

  • Black Front (Fool): Naraka Whip 
    • Black Frost w/ Fusion Alarm: Dainaraka Whip
  • Queen Mab (Magician): Masquerade Ribbon
    • Queen Mab w/ Fusion Alarm: Masquerade Ribbon R
  • Skadi (Priestess): Snow Queen's Whip
    • Skadi w/ Fusion Alarm: Snow Queen's Whip II
  • Odin (Emperor): Wild Hunt (Gun)
    • Odin w/ Fusion Alarm: Gungnir (Gun)
  • Succubus (Moon): Brain Shot (Gun)
    • Succubus w/ Fusion Alarm: Pink Buster (Gun)

Weapons for Yusuke:

  • Ame-no-Uzume (Lovers): Senryou Yakusha
    • Ame-no-Uzume w/ Fusion Alarm: Senryou Yakusha R
  • Uriel (Justice): Heaven's Gate (Gun)
    • Uriel w/ Fusion Alarm: Providence (Gun)
  • Yoshitsune (Tower): Usumidori
    • Yoshitsune w/ Fusion Alarm: Usumidori R
  • Vasuki (Star): K. Gohou (Gun)
    • Vasuki w/ Fusion Alarm: K. Gouhou R

Weapons for Makoto:

  • Bugs (Fool): Bear Gloves
    • Bugs w/ Fusion Alarm: Big Bear Gloves
  • Cybele (Priestess): Sabazios
    • Cybele w/ Fusion Alarm: Gordios
  • Yurlungur (Sun): Mirrirmina (Gun)
    • Yurlungur w/ Fusion Alarm: Mirrirmina EX (Gun)
  • Asura (Sun): Vajra
    • Asura w/ Fusion Alarm: Unparalleled Vajra 
  • Michael (Judgement): Judge of Hell (Gun)
    • Michael w/ Fusion Alarm: Judge End (Gun)

Weapons for Morgana:

  • Vishnu (Fool): Sudarshana 
    • Vishnu w/ Fusion Alarm: Sudarshana EX
  • Mother Harlot (Empress): Claiomh Solais
    • Mother Harlot w/ Fusion Alarm: Claiomh Solais R
  • Pisaca (Death): Headhunter Ladle
    • Pisaca w/ Fusion Alarm: Headhunter Ladle EX
  • Neko Shogun (Star): Catnap (Gun)
    • Neko Shogun w/ Fusion Alarm: Cat Buster (Gun)

Weapons for Haru:

  • Nekomata (Magician): Pawzooka (Gun)
    • Nekomata w/ Fusion Alarm: Paw-omber (Gun)
  • Baal (Emperor): Yagrush (Gun)
    • Baal w/ Fusion Alarm: Yagrush EX (Gun)
  • Mitra (Temperance): Death Contact
    • Mitra w/ Fusion Alarm: Death Promise
  • Beelzebub (Devil): Fleurs Du Mal
    • Beelzebub w/ Fusion Alarm: Fleurs Du Mal R

Weapons for Akechi:

  • Futsunushi (Magician): Hinokagutsuchi
    • Futsunushi w/ Fusion Alarm: Hinokagutsuchi II
  • Vohu Manah (Councillor): Doomsday (Gun)
    • Vohu Manah w/ Fusion Alarm: Ancient Day

Weapons for Kasumi

  • Ardha (Temperance): Sahasrara (Gun)
    • Ardha w/ Fusion Alarm: Sahasrara EX (Gun)
  • Sandalphon (Moon): Sword of Sinai
    • Sandalphon w/ Fusion Alarm: Sword of Sinai II

Electric Chair Execution Items: Armor

Even if you execute a Persona in the electric chair, remember you can still resummon them, so long as you registered them before sending them to the chair.

This handful of armor available via the Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair mechanic features some of the best armors available in the game period - but to get it, you'll need to execute some Persona. You'll also need the Black Robe, a transmutation item that is found in the Metaverse, but can also be nabbed in the real world from Tanaka's store, as well as as a prize from the Ichigaya fishing pond.

  • Jack Frost (Magician): Frost Hood (Morgana armor)
    • Jack Frost w/ Fusion Alarm: Frost Ace Hood (Morgana armor)
  • Silky (Priestess): Silk Dress (Female armor)
    • Silky w/ Fusion Alarm: Fine Silk Dress
  • King Frost (Emperor): King Frost Cape
    • King Frost w/ Fusion Alarm: King Frost Cape EX
  • Arahabaki (Hermit): Tapsuan (Female armor)
    • Arahabaki w/ Fusion Alarm: Fine Tapsuan (Female armor)
  • Fortuna (Fortune): Lucky Robe (Female armor)
    • Fortuna w/ Fusion Alarm: Super Lucky Robe (Female armor)
  • Matador (Death): Blood Red Capote (Male armor)
    • Matador w/ Fusion Alarm: Bloodied Capote (Male armor)
  • Hell Biker (Death): Black Jacket (Male armor)
    • Hell Biker w/ Fusion Alarm: Dark Jacket (Male armor)
  • Sraosha (Star): Archangel Bra (Female armor)
    • Sraosha w/ Fusion Alarm: High Archangel Bra (Female armor)
  • Satan (Judgement): Tantric Oath (Male armor)
    • Satan w/ Fusion Alarm: Tantric Oath R (Male armor)
  • Phoenix (Faith): Heavensent Dress (Female armor)
    • Phoenix w/ Fusion Alarm: Godsent Dress (Female armor)
  • Tam Lin (Faith): Fairy Knight Armor (Male armor)
    • Tam Lin w/ Fusion Alarm: Fairy Hero Armor (Male armor)
  • Okuninushi (Faith): Official's Robe (Male armor)
    • Okuninushi w/ Fusion Alarm: Official's Robe R (Male armor)
  • Yatagarasu (Councillor): Black Wing Robe 
    • Yatagarasu w/ Fusion Alarm: Black Wing Robe R

Electric Chair Execution Items: Accessories

Some powerful accessories can be had via the Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair Itemize Persona feature - especially if an alarm goes off.

There's an absolutely huge number of accessories available via the Persona 5 Royal Electric Chair Execution - a lot of Persona can die in the process of giving up these accessories to you. These accessories truly vary in quality from mediocre to amazing, but some of them are absolutely worth your time. 

In order to transmute for these accessories with the Electric Chair, you'll need the Black Rock item, which is a fairly regular drop in the Metaverse chests, but also eventually shows up in the Shibuya Central Street and a few shops.

  • Crystal Skull (Fool): Crystal Skull
    • Crystal Skull w/ Fusion Alarm: Crystal Skull R
  • Choronzon (Magician): Curse Ring
    • Choronzon w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Curse Ring
  • Koh-i-Noor (Priestess): Koh-i-Noor
    • Koh-i-Noor w/ Fusion Alarm: Koh-i-Noor R
  • Queen's Necklace (Empress): Queen's Necklace
    • Queen's Necklace w/ Fusion Alarm: Queen's Necklace R
  • Hariti (Empress): Revival Charm
    • Hariti w/ Fusion Alarm: Rejuvenate Charm
  • Regent (Emperor): Regent
    • Regent w/ Fusion Alarm: Regent R
  • Setanta (Emperor): Rebellion Anklet
    • Regent w/ Fusion Alarm: Revolution Anklet
  • Daisoujou (Hierophant): Spiral Blessing Ring
    • Daisoujou w/ Fusion Alarm: Divine Ring
  • Mishaguji (Hierophant): Spiral Karma Ring
    • Mishaguji w/ Fusion Alarm: Mystic Ring
  • Kohryu (Hierophant): Spiral Mystic Ring
    • Kohryu w/ Fusion Alarm: Dragon's Heart
  • Pixie (Lovers): Static Ring
    • Pixie w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Static Ring
  • Saki Mitama (Lovers): Energy Charm
    • Saki Mitama w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Energy Charm
  • Kushinada (Lovers): Cure Charm
    • Kushinada w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Cure Charm
  • Ishtar (Lovers): Spiral Thunder Ring
    • Ishtar w/ Fusion Alarm: Goddess Horn
  • Ara Mitama (Chariot): Nuclear Ring
    • Ara Mitama w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Nuclear Ring
  • Principality (Justice): Blessing Ring
    • Principality w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Blessing Ring
  • Throne (Justice): Spiral Divine Ring
    • Throne w/ Fusion Alarm: Judgment Cross
  • Kurama Tengu (Hermit): Wild Ring
    • Kurama Tengu w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Wind Wing
  • Fafnir (Hermit): Spiral Reactor Ring
    • Fafnir w/ Fusion Alarm: Fire Dragon Horn
  • Ongyo-ki (Hermit): Myriad Slash Belt
    • Ongyo-ki w/ Fusion Alarm: Sword Dance Belt
  • Stone of Scone (Fortune): Stone of Scone
    • Stone of Scone w/ Fusion Alarm: Stone of Scone R
  • Lachesis (Fortune): Snow Ring
    • Lachesis w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Snow Ring
  • Lakshmi (Fortune): Amrita Charm
    • Lakshmi w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Amrita Charm
  • Orlov (Strength): Orlov
    • Orlov w/ Fusion Alarm: Orlov R
  • Zouchouten (Strength): Spark Ring
    • Zouchouten w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Spark Ring
  • Zaou-Gongen (Strength): God's Hand Belt
    • Zaou-Gongen w/ Fusion Alarm: Gigantomachia Belt
  • Hua Po (Hanged Man): Ember Ring
    • Hua Po w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Ember Ring
  • Emperor's Amulet (Hanged Man): Emperor's Amulet
    • Emperor's Amulet w/ Fusion Alarm: Emperor's Amulet R
  • Hecatoncheires (Hanged Man): Swift Strike Belt
    • Hecatoncheires w/ Fusion Alarm: Gatling Belt
  • Moloch (Hanged Man): Inferno Ring
    • Moloch w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Inferno Ring
  • Hope Diamond (Death): Hope Diamond
    • Hope Diamond w/ Fusion Alarm: Hope Diamond R
  • Pale Rider (Death): Hex Ring
    • Pale Rider w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Hex Ring
  • Alice (Death): Spiral Hell Ring
    • Alice w/ Fusion Alarm: Cursed Ribbon
  • Genbu (Temperance): Frost Ring
    • Genbu w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Frost Ring
  • Koppa Tengu (Temperance): Breeze Ring
    • Koppa Tengu w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Breeze Ring
  • Jikokuten (Temperance): Assault Belt
    • Jikokuten w/ Fusion Alarm: Rush Belt
  • Byakko (Temperance): Spiral Snow Ring
    • Byakko w/ Fusion Alarm: Blizzard Ring
  • Raja Naga (Temperance): Thunder Ring
    • Raja Naga w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Thunder Ring
  • Gabriel (Temperance): Spiral Blizzard Ring
    • Gabriel w/ Fusion Alarm: Diamond Dust Lily
  • Flauros (Devil): Giant Slice Belt
    • Flauros w/ Fusion Alarm: Rising Slash Belt
  • Pazuzu (Devil): Spiral Curse Ring
    • Pazuzu w/ Fusion Alarm: Hex Ring
  • Red Rider (Tower): Karma Ring
    • Red Rider w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Karma Ring
  • Seth (Tower): Triple Shot Belt
    • Seth w/ Fusion Alarm: Special Shot Belt
  • Mada (Tower): Spiral Inferno Ring
    • Mada w/ Fusion Alarm: Dark Flame Band
  • Kodama (Star): Psy Ring
    • Kodama w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Psy Ring
  • Hastur (Star): Spiral Gale Ring
    • Hastur w/ Fusion Alarm: Storm Sculpture
  • Onmoraki (Moon): Grudge Ring
    • Onmoraki w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Grudge Ring
  • Suzaku (Sun): Atom Ring
    • Suzaku w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Atom Ring
  • Horus (Sun): Hallowed Ring
    • Horus w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Hallowed Ring
  • Trumpeter (Judgement): Reactor Ring
    • Trumpeter w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Reactor Ring
  • Abaddon (Judgement): Megaton Belt
    • Abaddon w/ Fusion Alarm: God's Hand Belt
  • Orichalcum (Faith): Orichalcum 
    • Orichalcum w/ Fusion Alarm: Orichalcum R
  • Siegfried (Faith): Vorpal Blade Belt
    • Siegfried w/ Fusion Alarm: Brave Belt
  • Maria (Faith): Spiral Heal Charm
    • Maria w/ Fusion Alarm: Rosary of Purity
  • Kushi Mitama (Councillor): Aid Charm
    • Kushi Mitama w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Aid Charm
  • Nigi Mitama (Councillor): Prayer Ring
    • Nigi Mitama w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Prayer Ring
  • Ananta (Councillor): Spiral Nuclear Ring
    • Ananta w/ Fusion Alarm: Reactor Ring
  • Seiryu (Councillor): Blizzard Ring
    • Seiryu w/ Fusion Alarm: Spiral Blizzard Ring

Electric Chair Execution Items: Skill Cards

The vast majority of the Persona in the game will net you Skill Cards when you use the Itemize Persona function on them.

The final piece of the transmution puzzle, putting the majority of Persona featured in Persona 5 Royal into the Electric Chair will net you Skill Cards, allowing you to then teach pretty much any combat skill in the game to other Persona. 

This doesn't come for free, however - you'll need a 'Blank Card' key item, which is found frequently and also purchased from Jose's Shop. Despite being relatively common, Blank Cards are a relatively precious resource as they can also be used to clone skill cards once you level up the Yusuke Confidant cooperation to a high enough level.

Fool Arcana Executions:

  • Obariyon: Lucky Punch
    • Fusion Alarm: Miracle Punch
  • High Pixie: Magaru
    • Fusion Alarm: Garula
  • Ose: Counterstrike
    • Fusion Alarm: High Counter
  • Legion: Foul Breath
    • Fusion Alarm: Stagnant Air
  • Orpheus Picaro Female: Endure
    • Fusion Alarm: Enduring Soul

Magician Arcana Executions:

  • Cait Sith: Agi
    • Fusion Alarm: Maragi
  • Sandman: Dormina
    • Fusion Alarm: Lullaby
  • Rangda: Maeiga
    • Fusion Alarm: Eigaon
  • Forneus: Psiodyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Mapsiodyne
  • Surt: Maragidyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Inferno

Priestess Arcana Executions:

  • Apsaras: Media
    • Fusion Alarm: Diarama
  • Isis: Kouga
    • Fusion Alarm: Makouga
  • Kikuri-Hime: Energy Drop
    • Fusion Alarm: Energy Shower
  • Sarasvati: Mediarama
    • Fusion Alarm: Diarahan
  • Scathach: Makarakarn
    • Fusion Alarm: Tetrakarn

Empress Arcana Executions:

  • Yaksini: Hysterical Slap
    • Fusion Alarm: Oni-Kagura
  • Lamia: Rakukaja
    • Fusion Alarm: Marakukaja
  • Dakini: Tempest Slash
    • Fusion Alarm: Myriad Slashes
  • Titania: Freidyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Mafreidyne
  • Kali: Null Psy
    • Fusion Alarm: Repel Psy
  • Alilat: Mabufudyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Diamond Dust

Emperor Arcana Executions

  • Eligor: Tarukaja
    • Fusion Alarm: Matarukaja
  • Thoth: Mafreila
    • Fusion Alarm: Freidyne
  • Barong: Ziodyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Maziodyne
  • Oberon: Heat Wave
    • Fusion Alarm: Vorpal Blade

Hierophant Arcana Executions:

  • Berith: Cleave
    • Fusion Alarm: Power Slash
  • Orobas: Rakunda
    • Fusion Alarm: Marakunda
  • Anzu: Garula
    • Fusion Alarm: Magarula
  • Bishamonten: Mafreidyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Atomic Flare

Lovers Arcana Executions:

  • Leanan Sidhe: Mudo
    • Fusion Alarm: Mamudo
  • Narcissus: Dazzler
    • Fusion Alarm: Nocturnal Flash
  • Parvati: Null Ice
    • Fusion Alarm: Repel Ice
  • Raphael: Null Bless
    • Fusion Alarm: Repel Bless

Chariot Arcana Executions:

  • Agathion: Zio
    • Fusion Alarm: Mazio
  • Slime: Tarunda
    • Fusion Alarm Matarunda
  • Shiki-Ouji: Double Shot
    • Fusion Alarm: Triple Down
  • Kin-Ki: Vajra Blast
    • Fusion Alarm: Vicious Strike
  • White Rider: Gun Boost
    • Fusion Alarm: Gun Amp
  • Cerberus: Megaton Raid
    • Fusion Alarm: God's Hand
  • Chi You: Repel Phys
    • Fusion Alarm: Drain Phys

Justice Arcana Executions:

  • Angel: Kouha
    • Fusion Alarm: Makouha
  • Archangel: Hama
    • Fusion Alarm: Mahama
  • Power: Bless Boost
    • Fusion Alarm: Bless Amp
  • Melchizedek: Hamaon
    • Fusion Alarm: Mahamaon
  • Dominion: Makougaon
    • Fusion Alarm: Divine Judgment

Hermit Arcana Executions:

  • Bicorn: Lunge
    • Fusion Alarm: Assault Dive
  • Koropokguru: Bufu
    • Fusion Alarm: Mabufu
  • Ippon-Datara: Sledgehammer
    • Fusion Alarm: Flash Bomb
  • Sudama: Mapsi
    • Fusion Alarm: Psio
  • Naga: Counter
    • Fusion Alarm: Counterstrike
  • Kumbhanda: Terror Claw
    • Fusion Alarm: Bloodbath
  • Koumokuten: Regenerate 2
    • Fusion Alarm: Regenerate 3
  • Loa: Ominous Words
    • Fusion Alarm: Abysmal Surge

Fortune Arcana Executions:

  • Clotho: Tetraja
    • Fusion Alarm: Makarakarn
  • Atropos: Mazionga
    • Fusion Alarm: Ziodyne
  • Norn: Recarm
    • Fusion Alarm: Samarecarm

Strength Arcana Executions:

  • Kelpie: Garu
    • Fusion Alarm: Magaru
  • Shiisaa: Double Fangs
    • Fusion Alarm: Cornered Fang
  • Oni: Rampage
    • Fusion Alarm: Kill Rush
  • Rakshasa: Regenerate 1
    • Fusion Alarm: Regenerate 2
  • Valkyrie: Rising Slash
    • Fusion Alarm: Deadly Fury
  • Chimera: Null Fire
    • Fusion Alarm: Drain Fire

Hanged Man Arcana Executions:

  • Inugami: Giant Slice
    • Fusion Alarm: Rising Slash
  • Orthus: Agilao
    • Fusion Alarm: Maragion
  • Take-Minakata: Zionga
    • Fusion Alarm: Mazionga
  • Macabre: Bloodbath
    • Fusion Alarm: Death Scythe
  • Jatayu: Speed Master
    • Fusion Alarm: Auto-Masuku
  • Attis: Null Curse
    • Fusion Alarm: Drain Curse

Death Arcana Executions:

  • Mandrake: Sukunda
    • Fusion Alarm: Masukunda
  • Mokoi: Dekunda
    • Fusion Alarm: Dekaja
  • Nue: Maeiha
    • Fusion Alarm: Eiga
  • Chernobog: Mudoon
    • Fusion Alarm: Mamudoon
  • Mot: Null Elec
    • Fusion Alarm: Repel Elec

Temperance Arcana Executions:

  • Makami: Frei
    • Fusion Alarm: Mafrei

Devil Arcana Executions:

  • Incubus: Dream Needle 
    • Fusion Alarm: Dormin Rush
  • Andras: Evil Touch
    • Fusion Alarm: Evil Smile
  • Lilim: Ice Boost
    • Fusion Alarm: Ice Amp
  • Baphomet: Bufudyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Mabufudyne
  • Nebiros: Marin Karin
    • Fusion Alarm: Brain Jack
  • Belial: Mamudoon
    • Fusion Alarm: Demonic Decree

Tower Arcana Executions:

  • Belphegor: Mabufula
    • Fusion Alarm: Bufudyne
  • Black Rider: Megidola
    • Fusion Alarm: Megidolaon
  • Mara: Mapsiodyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Psycho Force

Star Arcana Executions:

  • Fuu-Ki: Wind Boost
    • Fusion Alarm: Wind Amp
  • Kaiwan: Makajama
    • Fusion Alarm: Makajamaon
  • Garuda: Garudyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Magarudyne

Moon Arcana Executions:

  • Black Ooze: Headbutt
    • Fusion Alarm: Memory Blow
  • Sui-Ki: Bufula
    • Fusion Alarm: Mabufula
  • Mothman: Skull Cracker
    • Fusion Alarm: Mind Slice
  • Girimehkala: Swift Strike
    • Fusion Alarm: Deathbound
  • Lilith: Null Nuke
    • Fusion Alarm: Repel Nuke
  • Byakhee: Null Wind
    • Fusion Alarm: Repel Wind

Sun Arcana Executions:

  • Thunderbird: Elec Boost
    • Fusion Alarm: Elec Amp
  • Mithras: Nuke Boost
    • Fusion Alarm: Nuke Amp
  • Ganesha: Rebellion
    • Fusion Alarm: Revolution
  • Quetzacoatl: Magarudyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Panta Rhei

Judgement Arcana Executions:

  • Anubis: Makouga
    • Fusion Alarm: Kougaon
  • Yamata-no-Orochi: Triple Down
    • Fusion Alarm: One-shot Kill

Faith Arcana Executions:

  • Unicorn: Mahama
    • Fusion Alarm: Hamaon
  • Atavaka: Brave Blade
    • Fusion Alarm: Sword Dance
  • Cu Chulainn: One-Shot Kill
    • Fusion Alarm: Riot Gun

Councillor Arcana Executions:

  • Decarabia: Maragion
    • Fusion Alarm: Agidyne
  • Dionysus: Maziodyne
    • Fusion Alarm: Thunder Reign