How to Evolve Pawmo into Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Every Pokemon game has to have a "Pikaclone", and Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are no exception. What's unique about Pawmi, however, is that it has the ability to evolve - something these Pikachu-alikes haven't had in quite some time. However, evolving it all the way isn't all that simple - so this guide will explain how to evolve Pawmi into Pawmo, and then Pawmo into Pawmot.

While getting it to Pawmo is as simple as leveling it up, there's a trick involved in getting your furry little friend to evolve into Pawmot. Thankfully, we're here to help!

How to evolve Pawmi into Pawmot

Pawmot, after having evolved from Pawmo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

We said that there's a trick to evolving Pawmi into Pawmot, and thankfully it's rather simple. While your Pawmi will evolve into Pawmo at level 18 - but then to go from Pawmo to Pawmot, just leveling up won't cut it.

Specifically, to evolve Pawmo to Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you'll need to use the 'Let's Go' feature - which is the name of the feature to let your lead Pokemon walk outside of its ball. To have Pawmo evolve to Pawmot, you need to let Pawmo walk 1000 steps outside of its Pokeball as you explore the world.

After Pawmo has done that, it'll evolve into Pawmot the next time it levels up. If you level up Pawmo and it doesn't evolve, that means it hasn't taken enough steps yet.

Since there's no pedometer of any sort in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, your best bet is to let it out in Mesagoza and do a few laps around the city while crouched. Keep in mind that if you move far enough away from Pawmo while walking it will retreat back into its ball; so make sure you're either crouching, or walking at a brisk enough pace that it can keep up.

If you're trying to evolve everything, we've got a guide on how to evolve Charcadet into Armarogue and Ceruledge. If you're planning to use Pawmot, it'll be useful for a few gyms and bases - which our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order guide & Scarlet & Violet Type Chart will assist with.

Where to find & catch Pawmo

Pawmo's possible habitats in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pawmi can be found in some of the opening areas of the game, and chances are you'll have no trouble catching one. For those of you that are looking to get Pawmot quickly, however, it's worth noting that Pawmo can be found almost anywhere in the game. Simply look around any of the above-highlighted locations and you should be able to find one before too long.

Pawmot is a powerful ally, and one of the strongest Pokemon you can find easily near the beginning of the game; its Electric/Fighting typing gives it a lot of range, especially with Rock/Ground type Pokemon that would otherwise be a pain to deal with for other Electric-type Pokemon. Good luck evolving your own, and have fun!