Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ominous Stakes Guide: All Stake Locations

While Pokemon Scarlet Pokemon Violet's new box legendary Pokemon are striking, they're far from the only new legendary Pokemon added to the series with these new games; to that end, players have the chance to encounter 4 other legendary Pokemon. In order to do this, however, you'll need to find all of the Ominous Stakes - sinister items found across the world of Paldea.

The quest for the Ominous Stakes is basically a classic open world gaming collectathon, fitting for the go-anywhere, do-anything world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. With that said, the challenges you unlock by interacting with the stakes are on the more difficult end - if we were putting this on our Gym Order guide, it'd be on the later end. These are the optional, late-game legendaries - perhaps best approached after you've officially caught Koraidon and Miraidon.

This guide features All Ominous Stake Locations - so let's get into it:

This guide will help you with all of the stake locations for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ominous Stakes, which in turn unlocks access to legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ominous Stake Locations Map

Anyway, this guide will help you to with all of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ominous Stake locations. We break up the Ominous Stakes by the Pokemon they're related to - as removing the stakes in each of the regions of Paldea will essentially unlock an encounter with a legendary Pokemon. There's four of them:

By finding and removing 4 sets of 8 Ominous Stakes in each region, and venturing to the shrines where these "Ruinous" Pokemon have been sealed long ago, you'll be able to be find these legendary creatures. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty - even with our help cataloging where to find these stakes, you'll still be in for a lot of work removing these stakes for yourself. We hope our assistance might make these legendary Pokemon worth the effort.

Where to find the Chien-Pao Ominous Stakes

The Ruinous Pokemon Chien-Pao.

The first Ruinous Pokemon we're going to highlight how to find is Chien-Pao, whose stakes can be found across Southwest Paldea; and who, ultimately, can be found and challenged at Icerend Shrine:

Chien-Pao's shrine.

Their Ominous Stakes for Chien-Pao can be found at the below-listed locations across Paldea:

Chien-Pao Ominous Stake Locations

Where to find the Chi-Yu Ominous Stakes

The Ruinous Pokemon Chi-Yu.

The next Ruinous Pokemon on our list is Chi-Yu, whose stakes reside in the Northeastern portion of Paldea. Chi-Yu itself can be found and challenged at Flamescourge Shrine upon removing all of its stakes binding it to the shrine.

The Flamescourge Shrine, where Chi-Yu resides.

Much like with Chien-Pao, Chi-Yu's Ominous Stakes can be found at these locations throughout the Paldea region:

Chi-Yu Ominous Stakes

Where to find the Ting-Lu Ominous Stakes

The Ruinous Pokemon Ting-Lu.

The third Ruinous Pokemon we'll be listing is Ting-Lu, whose stakes are scattered across the Northwestern section of Paldea. Ting-Lu will be bound to Groundblight Shrine until you unseal the shrine by removing all of the Ominous Stakes connected to the region in question.

Groundblight Shrine, where Ting-Lu remains sealed.

As with the other two Ruinous Pokemon, take a look at the locations where you can find its Ominous Stakes that bind its shrine below:

Ting-Lu Ominous Stakes

Where to find the Wo-Chien Ominous Stakes

The Ruinous Pokemon Wo-Chien.

The final Ruinous Pokemon is Wo-Chien, which has its stakes planted firmly around the Southeastern reaches of Paldea. Wo-Chien finds itself stuck in Grasswither Shrine, waiting for you to remove this restriction by removing all of its Ominous Stakes.

Grasswither Shrine, where Wo-Chien is held captive.

Finally, here are the last of the locations for the Ominous Stakes necessary to challenge Wo-Chien. As a disclaimer, we did mess up when taking photos of 2 of Wo-Chien's 8 Stakes; when you see an image without a stake, keep in mind that the player character is essentially standing directly on where a stake will have been in your own game:

Wo-Chien Ominous Stakes

With the last of Wo-Chien's stakes listed, that's all of Paldea's legendary Pokemon now accounted for. Hopefully this helped ease the pain of gathering all of the stakes blindly, and good luck hunting them!