Octopath Traveler II: Conjurer Job Unlock guide & Skill List

If you want to enjoy the ultimate in buffs magic in Octopath Traveler II, you'll need to unlock the Conjurer secret class - but doing so requires you tackle a difficult super-powerful boss in order to get your hands on the Conjurer job license.

This setup is fairly similar to the Arcanist secret job, meanwhile the other two secret jobs (Inventor and Armsmaster) instead require more lengthy side quests to acquire. This page is all about the Conjurer, however - explaining where to find the boss, how to beat them, and the abilities of this powerful magic class once unlocked.

Octopath Traveler Conjurer Job Unlock guide

The final of the hidden jobs in Octopath Traveler 2, the Conjurer has some hefty requirements behind it. First of all, you'll need to complete Hikari's storyline in its entirety - as this will give you access to the area you need to visit in order to eventually get the Conjurer job unlock.

Once you've done that, travel to the Kingdom of Ku in the west of Octopath 2's world, and look for a building known as the 'Five-Tiered Tower'. Head inside this building - where you'll have to challenge five bosses. This forms the 'A Tower of Trials' side quest, but is also how the job is unlocked. Basically, defeat all of the bosses, and you'll unlock the Conjurer job class.

To unlock the Conjurer class for Octopath Traveler 2's party, you'll need to beat a Conjurer. Makes sense.

Fighting Priestess Hinoekagura

  • HP: 200000
  • Shield: 7

The difficulty of this boss is based entirely on what level you decide to tackle on this boss and how much optional content you have completed at this point. The boss has a ridiclous amount of HP which will prevent you from instant bursting her to death.

It is highly recommended that you start this fight at level 50 or higher and have a wide range of abiltiles available. Some things that might make the boss easier, however.

If you managed to capture the Chubby Cait monster. This rare monster will cast a powerful buff on your entire team, including an auto-revive for the entire party.

Another useful asset if you managed to defeat the Foreign Assassins, you'll be able to use them as Hired Help when switched over to Merchant. These assassins cost a hefty 50,000 leaves to summon, but can dishe out a ton of damage when fully boosted. If you do not have these assets, stick with fighting the boss the old fashioned way.

Before you start this battle, a really good job to bring is a dancer. The buff Sealticge's Seduction will easily cover the buffs and healing requirements. Then Castti will also be extremely powerful for this fight as she can use Medicinal Concoction. When mixing several Pomegranate Leafs, she can give the entire team full BP effortlessly.

Another method to cheese through this fight is to obtain the dueling skill Divine Protection for Hikari, which is found by dueling a cleric in Canalbrine. The Divine Protection mixed with Sealticge's Seduction can give your entire team invicinility. With a full charge of BP, Divine Protection should last four turns, allowing you avoid taking any damage and enough time to rebuild buffs, allowing you cheese through this fight.

For the main boss itself, it has two different forms. The Priestness form uses more magic based abiilties. She casts Divine Wind which can hit the entire party. She will also cast an annoying buff that will lets her resist debuffs. Often every few turns or so, the boss will transform into her Oni form.

During the Oni form, a lot of her attacks are more physcial oriented. The main concern with the oni form is how hard she hits, and will also strike target multiple times, which easily lets her one shot allies unless they're properly buffed. Overall, this supposed to be a secret super boss in the game and shouldn't be a complete walk in the park without the proper prepartions.  

When you defeated the priestess, you will get 20,000 leaves, the Conjurer's Raiment as a reward. 

Once defeated, the Priestess will hand over the Proof of the Conjurer.

Conjurer Abilitles & Skills

Once you've unlocked the Conjurer, you'll have access to a wide range of very powerful magic and buff abilities. 


  • Conjure Flames: Grant the weapons of all allies an additional fire-based attack for 2 (3/4/5 when boosted) turns.
  • Conjure Ice: Grant the weapons of all allies an additional ice-based attack for 2 (3/4/5 when boosted) turns.
  • Conjure Gusts: Grant the weapons of all allies an additional wind-based attack for 2 (3/4/5 when boosted) turns.
  • Conjure Lightning: Grant the weapons of all allies an additional lightning-based attack for 2 turns.
  • Prayer for Rain: For 2 turns, grant SP to all allies after they perform an action.
  • Dance of Immunity: Grant a single ally immunity to enfeebling effects for 2 (4/6/8 when boosted) turns
  • Rite of the Sun: Revive and fully restore the HP of all allies, and raise their physical defense and elemental defense for 2 turns. You will not be able to act for 6 (5/4/3 when boosted) turns.
  • BP Boost: [Divine Skill] Grant a single ally 2 BP at the start of every turn for 3 turns

Passive Abilitles

  • Purification: Attribute-reducing effects on the equipping character will dissipate twice as quickly.
  • SP Saver: Halves SP required for the equipping character's skills.
  • Divine Wrath: Bring misfortune upon the foe who renders the equipping character incapacitated.
  • BP Regeneration: When using BP, the equipping character has a 25% chance of recovering the amount of BP used.