Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Where to find the Geoglyphs and the Dragon's Tears Memories

While The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a much more active story than the previous entry in the series, it is true that the game still makes a point to leave many important parts of the narrative tied to memories that players can find scattered across the map. Fortunately, unlike in Breath of the Wild, these "Dragon's Tears Memories" are considerably easier to locate thanks to the game itself not only showcasing their rough location with "Geoglyphs" that illustrate an aspect of the memory in question, but also by giving you a very literal map of the Geoglyphs and their locations across Hyrule upon reaching a far enough point in Impa's request to study the Dragon's Tears.

The map of the Geoglyphs, and where you can find the Dragon's Tears, as per The Forgotten Temple.

Where to find the Geoglyphs and their Dragon's Tear Memories

We've compiled a list of the locations for all 12 of the Dragon's Tears, and whatever Geoglyphs they might be associated with. As a word of warning, the names of the Memories in question might contain spoilers - so read at your own risk! Additionally, it's worth noting that the tear icon on the below images are accurate for the location of the memories in proportion to the Geoglyphs themselves.

Tear of the Dragon #1 - Where Am I?

The first of the Dragon's Tears, and the first of the Geoglyphs, can be found directly Northwest of Lookout Landing, off the road leading out of Central Hyrule. This is likely where the player will first meet Impa, and where she will entrust you with the task of viewing all of the Dragon's Tear Memories by investigating all of Hyrule's Geoglyphs.

Tear of the Dragon #2 - An Unfamiliar World

The next Dragon's Tear can be found off the road connecting the Tabantha Tundra and Rito Village. The game's intended path seems to push the player in this direction, so it makes sense why the next Tear would be in this vicinity.

Tear of the Dragon #3 - Mineru's Counsel

Tear #3 is found sandwiched between Eldin Canyon and Lanayru Wetlands. The game generally wants the player to move onto the Goron after the Rito, though players will likely find this Geoglyph while on their way to Zora's Domain as well.

Tear of the Dragon #4 - The Gerudo Assault

This Tear is found near Dueling Peaks, and most players will likely discover it on their way to Kakariko Village - thankfully, its story can very easily be told in isolation.

Tear of the Dragon #5 - A Show of Fealty

Next up, you'll find this Tear directly north of the Gerudo Desert, and southeast of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower.

Tear of the Dragon #6 - Zelda and Sonia

Fittingly, as this Geoglyph shows Sonia - you can find this Tear quite close to the first Geoglyph, representing her husband, Rauru.

Tear of the Dragon #7 - Sonia is Caught by Treachery

Tear #7 is found in the far southeastern corners of the map, next to the pirate-infested Lurelin Village.

Tear of the Dragon #8 - Birth of the Demon King

Nestled away in the far northern reaches of the Tabantha Tundra is the 8th Dragon Tear.

Tear of the Dragon #9 - The Sages' Vow

Southeast of Zora's Domain is the next Tear - not too far off the coast of the Lanaryu Sea.

Tear of the Dragon #10 - A King's Duty

Found on the cliff face of the western shore of Lake Hylia, players can view the 10th Dragon's Tear memory.

Tear of the Dragon #11 - A Master Sword in Time

Northeast of the Master Sword's original resting place is Dragon Tear #11 - fittingly, dealing with the Master Sword itself!

Tear of the Dragon #12 - Tears of the Dragon

This Tear won't spawn until you've viewed the memories for every other Geoglyph - and, in fact, this one won't have a Geoglyph at all! You can find it to the East of the Akkala Highlands, and Northeast of Tarrey Town.

Once you've viewed all of the Dragon's Tear memories, if you didn't already know where to find the Master Sword, you'll understand now. We hope you enjoyed the backstory, and have fun with the rest of the game!