Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Using the Ring Garland to solve a Gerudo quest

There's a lot of items you can buy out in the new version of Hyrule presented in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but one of the most mysterious is the Ring Garland, an item for sale in Kakariko Village that initially has no discernable purpose - which presumably is why some of you have been asking what you should do with it.

On this page we explain the TOTK quest that the Ring Garland ties into, plus how to discover and complete it - ticking off another mystery in this latest Zelda adventure.

What to do with the Ring Garland in Tears of the Kingdom

You'll likely stumble upon the Ring Garland relatively early in TOTK, as the stall selling it is quite prominently placed within Kakariko Village. Villager Koko will sell you a Ring Garland for just 5 Rupees - and even seals the sale with a little loving kiss on the Garland itself.

After the purchase, however, you're left with an item you can pick up and carry in Link's arms... and that's it. You can't put it into your inventory - and Koko actually scalds you if you try to leave it behind!

While created to commemorate the new Ring Ruins in Kakariko, the Ring Garland does serve a minor purpose in one small quest. You'll need to carry it halfway across Hyrule to make use of it, however...

Koko will sell you a Ring Garland for just 5 rupees - but it's useless you know how to use it.

Luckily for us all, Tears of the Kingdom features a handy feature that lets you carry such an item stress-free. No, I'm not talking about Ultrahand - I'm actually talking about Fuse. In order to take the Ring Garland with you on your adventures, Fuse it to a shield and take it with you that way.

The next step in this quest is to head to the Gerudo Town. Depending on your story progress, this town may well be under siege of terrible monsters - but the Gerudo people are still holding out inside the Gerudo Shelter, which is underneath the town. 

You'll be denied entry to the Gerudo Shelter through the front door, but you can enter the shelter by heading to a room above ground on the right-hand side of the shelter (when facing its door). This is a classroom, and in here you can use Ultrahand to move the old desk to reveal a hole in the ground that leads to tunnels:

To enter the Gerudo Shelter, simply move this desk to get underneath it - and then Ascend away!

Head into these tunnels in order to get under the Gerudo Shelter, and then Ascend to get inside the shelter. Some story scenes will play out, with old friends from BOTW rescuing Link from getting kicked out of the Shelter. From this point, you can come and go to the shelter as you please.

It's within this shelter that you'll be able to make use of the Ring Garland...

How to use the Ring Garland in TOTK

With it happily fused to your shield, you should now search the Gerudo Shelter, and find the makeshift classroom in this Bunker. In the daytime, the classroom teaches children - but at night it teaches a class on how Gerudo women should interact with 'Voes' - that is, the men of Hyrule. 

Wait until nighttime, and then attend these classes. You'll be able to sit in and help with the classes - where Link can help three women overcome their fears.

Offering to help out with the classes is a minor quest - topped off by showing off your Ring Garland shield.

Each of the three women requires a specific thing in order to help them:

  • The first needs Link to cover his face - so equip any headgear that is a mask that covers him up, then volunteer for the class. Anything from Majora's Mask to the Yiga Outfit Hood will do the trick (though weirdly, the Fierce Deity Mask didn't work). 
  • The second needs a drink to calm her nerves. This can be obtained from the bar inside the Gerudo Shelter - but only after completing the Gerudo arm of the main 'Regional Phenomena' quest. 
  • Finally, the third woman wants to see a Ring Garland - and you come with one attached to your shield to show off to her!

And the reward? Well, brace yourself - there isn't one. But you will get some sweet dialogue and character development for this Gerudo women - and you will have found a use for that Ring Garland! Next time, though, we suggest you go chasing an item that is more immediately useful - like Link's Champion's Tunic, for instance.