Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Modifying the Hylian Hood by getting it tailored

There are so many armor sets inĀ The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, that keeping track of them all can be a downright dizzying experience - but one early-game armor piece that many players will have picked up has a secret, alternate version of it. Yes, that's right, you can put the hood down for the Hylian Hood, letting Link's hair and face show to the world! Going through the effort of doing so, however, isn't immediately obvious. So, here's how to modify your own Hylian Hood.

How to Tailor the Hylian Hood

First things first - if you haven't already picked up a Hylian Hood to do this with, you can buy one from the store in Lookout Landing. Even if you already have one, it might be worth picking another up so you can switch between the hood being off and on depending on your mood. Once you've bought the hood you want to get tailored, your next stop is Hateno Village to see Cece the Fashionista.

Cece offering to Tailor the Hylian Hood

If you talk to Cece with your Hylian Hood equipped, she'll offer to modify it so you can more easily see your face; why she needs to tailor it to do so doesn't make much sense, but if you allow her to make the modifications, you'll now have a Hylian Hood that - when equipped - will have the hood... down, and not up! All jokes aside, this doesn't impact the actual stats of the armor piece, and any enhancements you might have done to it at a Great Fairy will remain as they were. It's purely cosmetic, albeit a nice touch for those of us that prefer the aesthetics of Link letting his hair out.

If you're looking for a different armor set to use throughout the rest of the game, you can always grab the upgraded Champion's Leathers (or the original), or our personal favorite - the Fierce Deity Set! Regardless of which armor you decide to go with, best of luck while exploring Hyrule.