Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Finding Confusion Ivy for the Concerned Carpenter Side Quest

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is full of side quests and side activities for Rex to undertake, and many of them require you to track down specific items in the world and return them to the quest-giver. Y'know - a good, old fashioned, traditional RPG fetch quest. Love 'em or hate 'em, these kinds of quests are fairly common in Xenoblade 2, but have no fear: we're here to assist with those difficult-to-find items such as the annoyingly elusive Confusion Ivy.

The Confusion Ivy shows up as a key item in the 'Concerned Carpenter' side quest, which can be initially picked up in Gormott Province. The nearest landmark for warping is Torigoth Arch, and you'll find the NPC character Siorge right up the path from where you fast travel to when you choose to head to Torigoth Arch. That's inside Torigoth Market.

Chjat to Siorge and he talks about a missing friend of his, Pawli - he's gone missing. You agree to help because Rex is good like that, and this kicks off the Concerned Carpenter quest.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Concerned Carpenter Quest: finding Pawli

Once you've spoken to Siorge and kicked off the Concerned Carpenter quest, you'll need to find Pawli as he asked. The world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is enormous, of course, but luckly the dialogue has provided some clues, and your quest objective will be pointing you to another part of Gormott - the Waytree. Head there, and out in the wilds you'll find a terrified Pawli surrounded by monsters and trapped atop a tree. Pawli can't come down from the tree because of the monsters... but luckily, you're armed to the teeth.

Initiate combat against the Nabadan Gogol enemies and kill them all. Once the battle is over, Pawli will drop down from the tree and you'll be able to speak to them.

This is where your second objective comes in. Pawli has a twisted ankle, but Confusion Ivy is what he was out here searching for in the first place. Being the guy he is, Rex offers to help right away. Here comes your next objective: finding seven pieces of Confusion Ivy.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Confusion Ivy drops for Concerned Carpenter

Pawli gives you a pretty strong explanation of where to find Confusion Ivy, saying "If you look near trees, you'll see it in no time. Ivy grows up trees, y'see!"

There are of course plenty of trees around this broader area of Gormott, especially around the Garanti Plain. What you want to do is look at the base of trees for glowing loot 'Collection Points', as shown in the screenshot above. If you're lucky, these collection points will spawn up to three items of Confusion Ivy when you interact with them. They're found both at the base of small trees and near the huge, enormous roots next to the very large trees, so keep searching around the area.

Be prepared to not always find Confusion Ivy easily - expect to find a lot of Puzzletree Wood, Meaty Carrot, Hot Orange, Vinegar Leaf, Forrestone, Deer Wood and Armored Centipede along the way. This quest can be frustrating, but keep searching the Garanti Plain - you'll find the seven you need eventually!

Finding the Gotmotto Walnut

When you find the Confusion Ivy, report back to Pawli at the base of the waytree and then finally back to Siorge to close out this quest - or so you think. Nope! Such a fake-out. Siorge needs Gormotti Walnut too, and Rex offers himself up like the lackey he is. Grr...

Thankfully, finding the Gormotti Walnut is thankfully easier than the Confusion Ivy, though admittedly no less tedious. It can be found in Nopon Camp in Gormott. A trader called Mokumoku out in that remote area will sell you the Gormotti Walnut for 30,000 gold. If you're short on gold he can also work out a trade deal for you.

Get the Walnut and head back to Siorge to hand it over. Quest complete, at last! The quest will net you Gold, EXP, SP and Emergency Guard I and Evasion Focus I.