Shadow Of The Colossus Walkthrough & Guide Part 2: How to defeat the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Colossi

The narrative of Shadow of the Colossus raises a lot of questions about how far a hero can go - and at what point a hero's actions make him something far worse. We've already taken down three colossi in the first part of our guide, which is linked below, and now our Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough continues - this time, with us taking on the fourth, fifth and sixth colossi in the game. If this isn't the section of the game you're at, check out our walkthrough index below:

Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough Index:

    1. The First, Second, and Third Colossi 
    2. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Colossi (You are here)
    3. The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Colossi 
    4. The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Colossi
    5. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Colossi 
    6. The Sixteenth Colossi and the Finale
    7. Supplemental: Shadow of the Colossus Tips, Tricks, Unlockables and more

    The Fourth Colossus: Phaedra

    Locating the Fourth Colossus

    This next colossus is due east(slightly southeast) of the temple, head that direction. You’ll reach mountain range shortly and should see a cave opening in the rock, go in there.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127134432.jpg

    It’ll take you a bit to move through this path but in time you will come to a valley, take the path to the right that leads down to the valley floor. Proceed to the back of the valley to begin the battle with the Colossus.

    Defeating the Fourth Colossus

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    This colossus is very tall and you won't be able to climb up its legs at all. This time you need to lure the colossus to a particular location of the arena. Fire arrows at the colossus to get its attention, and don’t get too close to its feet cause it will try to step on you repeatedly. When you have its attention, run towards the small hill structures in the environment. They should look like a little hill with a side entrance, make sure the colossus sees where you are going and head inside the entrance.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127135520.jpg

    There are four entrances of with stairs leading down into a small underground interconnected area. What’s going to happen is the colossus will kneel down and look inside one of these entrances trying to find you. You’ll know the colossus is above the entrance you’re at if everything is shaking.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127140900_1.jpg

    Stand on the stairs and when the colossus looks inside, run to the entrance opposite of where it is looking and go back outside. The colossus will be crouched down and busy looking into in the entrance it saw you at(thinking you're still there).

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127141017.jpg

    Run up behind it and jump onto its tail, you can climb up it and onto the hairy section of its back.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127141027.jpg

    Once on the colossus’s back, move to its neck where a small weak-point will be. You can stand up to recover grip meter while on its back, but be careful doing so cause the colossus will shake a lot in an attempt to throw you off.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127141137_1.jpg
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    Get off two good stabs on the small weak-point so that the colossus lowers neck so you can move forward onto its head. You really can’t damage the Colossus at this small weak-point, all it does it make it so the colossus lower its neck so you can move forward.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127141228_1.jpg

    The real and major weak-point is on its head. It will shake a lot when you’re on its head, but the head is broad enough for you to stand up and recover grip meter in the reprieve between its flailing. Since this is the only real weak-point, you can stab away at it until the colossus goes down.

    The Fifth Colossus: Avion

    Locating the Fifth Colossus

    The next colossus is located due east(slightly northeast) of the temple.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127141930.jpg

    If you’re going the correct way then a canyon will be to your left and a mountain will be to your right, once there head to the right to discover a small path and follow it.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127142204_1.jpg

    After a bit of a trek, you’ll come to a grassy field and an opening in a cliff wall, head in the opening, it will lead to a large body of water. Get in the water, just ahead you will see some collapsed rubble. The only way to get past it is to drive and swim through a hole in the rubble that’s underwater.

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    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127142725_1.jpg

    Once on the other side, swim to the surface and continue going straight ahead. There’s a little pillar here you need to climb up, it’ll bring you to up onto a walkway. Run to the end of the walkway to trigger the fight with the next colossus.

    Defeating the Fifth Colossus

    This colossus is modeled after a bird, so naturally, it can fly and getting on top of it is a bit tricky. There is a hole at the end of the walkway you’re standing on, fall through it into the water below. Once in the water you should notice two stone towers coming up out of the water in front of you, between them are three small platforms you can stand on, swim for in middle platform and get on top of it.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127143603_1.jpg

    At this point, the colossus will be perched in the middle of the arena, pull out your bow and begin firing on it. Once you do so the boss will hop off its perch and begin flying around the area, keep firing on it to hold its attention.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127143809.jpg

    After a bit of circling, the boss will begin a long dive animation right towards you. This is going to be your chance to jump on the Colossus, but you need to time it just right or else it’ll hit you and deal a bunch of damage. Like the other colossi, this one has hair on it you can latch on to.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127144536.jpg

    As it swoops down at you, you should see the hair on its shoulders, you can jump and hold on to this section.

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    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127144539.jpg

    The colossus will continue to fly about the arena as you are holding on. There are three weak points on this one: two on the tips of its wings and one at the very end of its tail. You should go after the weak point on its tail first so you can get used to the colossi’s maneuvers.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127144613.jpg

    The colossus will turn every once and a while, and if you’re not holding on at these moments you’ll get blown off. Wait for it to level out and head down to the tail, once there get off a few good stabs on the weak point until it disappears. Be very careful though as sometimes after you stab the colossus, it’ll twirl around and fly upside down in an effort to shake you off. Its very easy to fall off this colossus, and you can only stand up and recover grip meter during the short intervals when the colossus is flying level.

    Now head back up its body, you should run up and hold on to the shoulder area where you jumped on, as the weak-points are just beside that. There will be hairy patches on the tips of its wings where the weak points are, wait for the colossus to level out then run to these patches.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180127144119.jpg

    Hold on and get off one good stab on the weak-point to make it disappear. Hold on when the colossus flaps its wings all about. Repeat this process for the weak-point on the opposite wing and the colossus will come crashing down.

    The Sixth Colossus: Barba

    Locating the Sixth Colossus

    A per usual, mount up on your horse and travel due southwest of the temple.

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    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202181215.jpg

    Keep heading this direction until and eventually, you’ll reach a forest. Proceed through the forest but pay attention to where you are going as there are several exits. Take the path that leads southwest and pull up your sword and follow the beams of light if you get lost at all. If you exited the forest into a desert, then you are going the right direction.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202181817.jpg

    At this point you should see another temple-like structure in the distance on the other side of the desert, head towards that. Once in front of it, you should notice an entrance that goes underground, head in there.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202181934.jpg

    Make your way through a short tunnel until you reach a large room with a big drop down immediately in front of you. There will be several ledges for you to drop down to from here, be careful and drop from one ledge to the other. Once you’re on the ground floor, the cutscene to trigger the fight with the next colossus.

    Defeating the Sixth Colossus

    This colossus is very aggressive and will immediately try and chase you down. Turn around and head to the opposite end of the room. There will be three short walls you will need to get past on your way there. On these short walls will be round indented platforms you can jump onto, from there you can climb onto the highest point of the wall and over.

    The Colossus, on the other hand, will just burst through the short walls after you. If you are close to its feet, it’ll try to squash you by stomping. It also has an attack where it pounds its fist down onto the ground, but this one is pretty easy to dodge. Once over the third short wall, you should see some stairs leading up to a small secluded area with some pillars. What you need to do is hide behind these and eventually the colossus will kneel down and try to spot you in your little hidey-hole.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202182743_1.jpg
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    You probably noticed the Colossus has a great big bushy beard, when it kneels down looking for you, sprint out and jump onto its beard and climb onto its shoulders.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202182754_1.jpg

    There are two weak points on this colossus, one on its head and one on its lower back. You should go after the one on its head since you’ll be close to it already after climbing up its beard. You can recover grip meter by standing on its shoulders if you need to.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202182933.jpg

    When ready, climb up to the top of its head and get in 3-4 good stabs on the weak point. Halving its health will make the weak-point disappear, so get ready to climb down its back to get to the second weak point.

    The second weak point is on the left side of its lower back. This can get tricky cause the colossus will shake a lot and you’ll need to cover a decent amount of it’s back, grip meter can run out quick with both of these factors.

    SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202183128_1.jpg

    If you’re running low on grip meter, quickly jump back up to its shoulders and stand up to build the meter back up. With that in mind, 3 good stabs should finish off the colossus.

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