Shadow Of The Colossus Walkthrough & Guide Part 3: How to defeat the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Colossi

Our Shadow of the Colossus Guide rages on, and the latest step in Wander and Agro's quest across the Forbidden Lands is to try to take down the seventh, eighth and ninth colossi in your continuing quest. On this apge we offer up details on how to find these colossus and then take each and every one of them down. If you're not at this bit of the game, have no fear - look below at the index and head to whatever page it is you need...

Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough Index:

      1. The First, Second, and Third Colossi 
      2. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Colossi
      3. The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Colossi (You are here)
      4. The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Colossi
      5. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Colossi 
      6. The Sixteenth Colossi and the Finale
      7. Supplemental: Shadow of the Colossus Tips, Tricks, Unlockables and more

      The Seventh Colossus: Hydrus

      Locating the Seventh Colossus

      The first part of this trek will take you to where you found the third colossus. Circle around to the back of the temple, then head north towards the canyon. Cross the bridge and take the path to the left. Once you’re in the area with the big lake and the platform where you fought the third colossus, take a left, there is a path here that runs alongside the lake.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202183720.jpg

      If you follow the path, it will take you to an opening on the left, go in there. After that, you will come to a three-way intersection, take the path right here.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202183909.jpg

      Then you will come to another intersection, here you take the right path. Finally, there will be one more intersection, take the right again to exit into a desert area. This should take you to a desert area, but ignore the rest of the desert and take a left, you should see remnants of an old stone building, head towards it.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202184648_1.jpg

      Shortly you will come to a lake, there will be a walkway here for you to cross that leads to a spiraling staircase. Jump in the water to begin the battle with the Colossus.

      Defeating the Seventh Colossus

      This colossus is an underwater serpent with electric spines, and as such you will have to enter its domain to defeat it. Like the other Colossi, you need to get onto it, but it’s swimming deep enough that you can’t dive down to it. What you’re going to need to do is act like a bit of bait.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202191008_1.jpg

      Jump into the water and swim towards colossus, once you’re swimming around in the water the colossus will get curious about you. It will swim right towards you, but don’t worry as it won't actually try to attack you but just pass close below you. As this happens its tail will actually breach the water, the tail will be covered in hair you can grab onto.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202185648.jpg

      Once you’re actually on the colossus, its peaceful demeanor will change and it’ll get aggressive. It will swim along the surface of the water partly submerged and partly above the surface. You’ll need to run forward up its body when it’s above the surface, and hold on to its hair when it submerges.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202185837.jpg

      When it goes underwater you’ll have to be aware of your breath and grip, as they both share the same resource meter. However, the colossus is rarely underwater for too long so don’t worry too much.

      The other dangerous thing about this colossus is its large electrical spines. If you’re close to these while underwater, they'll do damage and probably zap you off the colossus. There are three of these large spines, and the way you disable them is stabbing a small weak point that's located just below the spines.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202185855_1.jpg

      When the spine is above the water, run up and get one good stab off on the weak-point to shut down the spine. They will no longer emit electricity after doing this. You need to do this for all three spines as you move up it’s back.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202191146_1.jpg

      After dealing with the spines, the final and proper weak point will be on the colossi’s head. Stab away at it until the beast dies, it should only take 3-4 good stabs to finish it.

      The Eighth Colossus: Kuromori

      Locating the Eighth Colossus

      To find this colossus you will need to head southeast and across the field. As you approach the mountain range on the opposite side, you should notice an opening that leads into the mountains.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202192152_1.jpg

      Head in here and follow the trail, it will eventually take you to a big intersection outside, take a left here. There should be a mountain in front of you with a narrow opening, head inside there.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202192350.jpg

      There’s only one way to go here, so follow the path all the way until you reach a pond with a building in the middle. Swim across the water and go inside the entrance of the building.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202192502.jpg

      Once inside, you’ll come to a room with pillars on your left and right.  What you need to do is run and jump onto a pillar(doesn’t matter which), climb to the top of it, then move around to the opposite side and jump off the pillar onto the platform on the other side of the room.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202192904_1.jpg

      Head through the doorway to begin the battle with the Colossus.

      Defeating the Eighth Colossus

      This Colossus is at the bottom of this colosseum-like arena, while you will start at the top. There are stairs leading down to several different levels of this structure(there are staircases to both your left and right). What you’re going to need to do is head down to one of the lower levels, go down the stairs until you’re on the second floor.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202193135_1.jpg

      While this colossus is a lot smaller than the other’s you have faced, it’s very aggressive. It has an attack where it’ll shoot energy projectiles at you, they do quite a bit of damage. Worse yet though is once they impact with anything in the environment, they’ll explode and release yellow gas, it’s toxic so stay out of it. You’ll know when the Colossus is going to fire on you when it raises its head, you should see its mouth start glowing and it’ll fire shortly afterward.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202194029.jpg

      This colossus will also climb the inner sides of the arena to get a better angle on you, so always be aware of its position.

      Once you’re on the second floor, there should be a large hole in the wall just to your left, it’ll give you a wide view of the arena. If you look at the colossus, you should notice its legs are glowing yellow. What you’re going to need to do is wait for the colossus to climb up the sides of the arena, when it does pull out your bow and shoot the yellow section of its legs.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202194301_1.jpg

      When an arrow hits this part of its leg, it won't be able to hold onto the wall with that leg. Shootout two of its legs and the colossus will fall onto the ground belly-up. (note: It’ll climb the sides once it notices you if you have to just whistle and make sure it sees you)

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202194329.jpg

      While it’s lying on the ground, It will be stunned for a moment, so jump down and hop on its belly, the first weak-point is near its hind legs. Get off as many good stabs as you can, before long the colossus will flip itself back up.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202194338.jpg
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      At this point take the stairs back up to the second floor and stand at the hole in the wall again. Repeat the process of shooting out its legs when it’s clung to the side of the inner wall. When it falls to the ground this time, the second weak-point on its chest is your goal.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180202195143.jpg

      Stab away at it until the colossus dies.

      The Ninth Colossus: Basaran

      Locating the Ninth Colossus

      Head outside the temple a proceed northwest. There are two bridges here, one to going north that you’ve crossed a couple times now, and one going northwest. The one going northwest should be to your left, run across it until you reach the other side.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203184005.jpg

      Once on the other side keep heading northwest, you should see some big black clouds in while traveling this direction, that's where you want to go. 

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203184318.jpg

      If you keep heading northwest you will eventually reach a clouded area with geysers spewing water into the air. There is a canyon separating the field and this geyser area, but fret not as there's a small bridge that will allow you to cross.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203184819.jpg

      There is a huge cave near the northern part of this area, head in there to begin the battle with the Colossus.

      Defeating the Ninth Colossus

      What you’re going to need to do is lure it out of the cave. Stay on horseback because this colossus fires energy projectiles like the previous colossus, only they travel faster and hit harder.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203185437.jpg

      Turn around and run out across the field, zig-zag to avoid the projectiles. The colossus will chase after you but it’s not nearly as fast as your horse, keep the Colossus in sight at the very least. If you stay too close it’ll rear up on hind legs and try to squash you with its front legs.

      You’re going to be using the environment to beat this colossus, specifically the geysers all over the arena. What’ll happen is periodically the geysers will erupt spewing water up into the air. If the colossus is standing over one when this happens, the water will force the beast to stand on one side, relying on only two of its four legs. It’ll be doing an awkward balancing routine when this happens, exposing the weak-points of its ankles.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203185837.jpg

      Lure the colossus overtop one of the geysers, don’t worry about the timing too much cause the Colossus is really slow and if you just circle it, it’ll hold its position. When the geyser erupts, the colossus will do its awkward balancing act, pull out your bow and shoot the weak points of its ankles.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203185858.jpg
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      When you shoot the weak-points on both ankles it’s currently leaning on, the colossus will fall over onto its side, this will be your chance to finally get on top of it.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203185934.jpg

      When the Colossus is in this position, you will be able to run up and grab onto the hairy section of its underbelly. Start climbing and move up it’s carapace to where the underbelly meets the top half of its body.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203190018.jpg

      Once you’ve reached this point, stay here and wait for the colossus to flip back on its feet. At this point you will be able to stand on its back, there is a sort of path(along where its spine should be) that leads right to its head where the major weak-point is.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180203190505.jpg

      Run up this path to its head, once there stab away at the weak-point until the colossus dies.

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