Shadow Of The Colossus Walkthrough & Guide Part 5: How to defeat the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth Colossi

This is it. Well, almost. If you've been following the rest of our Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough, we're now at the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Colossi - and at this point you're probably thinking a little about exactly what it is Wander is accomplishing by slaying these enormous beasts. Your mission isn't complete yet, however, so... let's get to it. Check out the index if you need help with any other colossus.

Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough Index:

      1. The First, Second, and Third Colossi 
      2. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Colossi
      3. The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Colossi 
      4. The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Colossi
      5. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Colossi (You are here)
      6. The Sixteenth Colossi and the Finale
      7. Supplemental: Shadow of the Colossus Tips, Tricks, Unlockables and more

      The Thirteenth Colossi: Phalanx

      Locating the Thirteenth Colossus

      Head outside the temple and proceed due southwest. Eventually, you will find an entrance to another forest, go in there.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204152559.jpg

      There are a lot of paths and ways to get turned around in this forest, and it’s hard to describe exactly where to go. All you really need to do is travel due west(northwest?) and take the exit that leads out into a desert.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204152940.jpg

      Once in the desert, proceed south until you reach a bit of ruins. Dismount from your horse and run into the center of these ruins to begin the battle with the next colossus.

      Defeating the Thirteenth Colossus

      This flying serpent-like colossus will stay high above you in the air, and it won't willingly come down to ground level. What you’re going to need to do is shoot it down.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204153630.jpg

      Mount up on your horse and chase after the colossus. Once you’re close, you’ll notice three white inflated sacks on its body. There will one close to its head, one in the middle of its body, and one at the tail end of it. The colossus uses these like hot air balloons to keep it afloat, and if they deflate the beast will descend close to the ground. You’re going to need to pull out your bow and fire on them, stay on horseback as the Colossus is quite fast.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204153651.jpg

      You only need to hit each sack with a single arrow but lead your shots a bit to make up for the travel time between you and the colossus. Once you deflate all three sacks, the colossus will descend and float close to the ground.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204153839.jpg

      Once the colossus is close to the ground, you should see four fin-like protrusion near its head. The fins are vertical in this state and the tips of them should be touching the ground. What you need to do is run up beside these and jump off your horse and grab on.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204154018.jpg

      When you’re on the fin, you will be able to climb up it. As you are climbing up the colossus will eventually rise up into the airagain when the sacks you shout out heal. The fins you’re hanging on to will level out horizontally, and you will be able to run and jump onto its torso. Most of its torso is covered in hair so grab on if things get too dicey.

      There are three weak points on this colossus: One near its head, one near the middle of its torso, and one near the tail. All three are beneath these large shell-like covers, when you first get on the colossus these covers will be raised and you will be able to walk right to the weak point. You should probably go for the weak point nearest to the head since you’ll be closest to it when you board the Colossus. You have a short window of opportunity here, so stab at the weak point until it disappears. The colossus will begin twirling about in an effort to shake you off, so hold on to the hairy section tight.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204154128.jpg

      Once the weak point disappears, run down its back try to attack the next weak point on the middle of its torso. It’s tough attacking more than one weak point at a time because not too long after you finish a weak point, all of the covers will close up and you won't be able to get to the other weak points until a second attempt. Furthermore, the colossus will begin to dive into the sand below. Make sure you jump off it before it submerges or else you’ll take a bunch of damage.

      Repeat the process of shooting the sacks on its underbelly to board the Colossus. You may have to do this in three attempts to finish all three weak points, but once you finish the final weak point on its tail the colossus will die.

      The Fourteenth Colossi: Cenobia

      Locating the Fourteenth Colossus

      Head outside the temple and cross the bridge that goes north, take the path left at the end of the bridge. From here proceed west, go past the mountain entrance you took to get to the seventh colossus. As you move west, you should come to another entrance in the mountain range, go in there.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204155942.jpg
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      After traveling down the path for a bit you will come to a three-way intersection, take the path to your left here. Shortly you will come to yet another three-way intersection, at this one take a right. Take this path for a while, if you see some dead vegetation and rubble from old buildings, you're going the right way.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204160513.jpg

      Eventually, the path will lead to a big entrance to your left, dismount from your horse and go in there. There will be a pond at the bottom of this path, swim across it to the other side. Once on the other side keep moving through the cave, It will take you to an environment full of old ruins.

      You’ll start from a high point here, so jump down to the green grass below. There will be a narrow opening in the wall, go through here.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204161008.jpg

      There will be some stairs leading down, take them and then jump onto some rubble to your left. Climb up and there will be more stairs, when you reach the top of them the battle with the colossus will begin.

      Defeating the Fourteenth Colossus

      You need to be on your toes immediately with this colossus, it’s heavily armored and you won't be able to do any damage to it just yet. To your left there should be a pillar that’s been toppled over, jump up and climb onto it. Run along the top of the pillar and jump from it onto the raised platform beside the pillar.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204161109.jpg

      Run along the raised platform to the end opposite of where you jumped on. There should be another raised platform beside this one, jump onto it. After that, there should be another raised platform to your right, jump onto that one. Now that you're on this platform, run to the end of it.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204161139.jpg

      There should be a vertical pillar across from you, run and grab onto the railing of the pillar. Climb to the very top of the pillar, you can stand on the top of it.

      Basically what's going to happen is once the Colossus knows you're up there, it's going to begin attacking the pillar in an attempt to knock you off. You're going to have to get its attention by either whistling or taking a few shots of your bow at the Colossus. After it hits the pillar a couple times, the whole thing will come crashing down. The pillar will now be horizontal on the ground, and it'll land by another raised platform. Climb back onto the pillar and run to end of it, jump onto the raised platform. 

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204161501.jpg

      From here, run to the opposite end of the platform. It'll line up with another raised platform that you will need to climb onto. Directly across from the wall will be yet another raised platform, jump onto it. Once on the platform, jump to the pillar that's beside it.

      Climb to the top of the pillar, you're going to need to do what you did with the last one: get the boss to charge it. When the pillar is knocked over, it'll line up horizontally with another one. Climb up to the top of this next pillar and repeat the process.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204162019.jpg

      You're going to need to do this four times in a row, each time a fallen pillar will either line up with another pillar you need to climb up or to a raised platform you need to walk across. Doing this will lead you to a big tower-like structure, climb to the top of it, then move around to the back side of it.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204165050.jpg

      From here you can jump to the final pillar, get on the top of it and wait for the colossus to knock it over

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204163337.jpg

      The last pillar will crash through a wall and take you to the little courtyard from when you entered the area. There will be a section of the wall you can climb, head up here to the platform from the beginning.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204165602.jpg

      There is a pillar holding this platform up, so you know what happens next. When the Colossus realizes you're up there, it will charge the pillar. When the pillar collapses, the whole upper platform will too. When this happens the rubble will break off the armor on the Colossus's back and expose the weak point. 

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180204165751.jpg

      The easiest way to get on the Colossus is to just climb up the section of the wall you just used to reach the upper platform. Obviously, the platform is now gone, so once at the top just jump onto the Colossus below. It should only take 3-4 good stabs to finish the colossus and win the fight.

      The Fifteenth Colossus: Argus

      Locating the Fifteenth Colossus

      The next Colossus is due north of the temple. Head outside and cross the bridge that goes north, take the path left at the end of the bridge. You're going to run at the base of the gigantic bridge from the opening but stay on the left side of it for now.  You're going to want to go very far north this time, and when you get close to the end of the map, make a right and head eastward.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205131340.jpg
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      You should see a big castle-like structure at this point. The entrance is right out front and there will be a bunch of big boulders just in front of it, so dismount from your horse and head inside.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205131437.jpg

      Follow the path inside, there will be a large bit of rubble barring your way, but you just need to climb up on the ledge to the right of it.

      Keep going inside, the path will take you to the base of a large set of stairs.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205131822.jpg

      Run up the stairs and they'll take you to a very large hall, run to the other end of the hall to begin the battle with the Colossus.

      Defeating the Fifteenth Colossus

      After the Colossus pulls itself up out of the canyon, you're going to want to turn around and run away from it. This Colossus is very aggressive, and when you're on ground level, it'll do its damnedest to try and squish you with its feet. What you're going to need to do is get up higher in the environment, as there is no way to board the Colossus from ground level. As you probably noticed, there are ruins on both sides of the arena. You're going to want to get up to them, and the way you do that is through some seesaw trickery.  

      Around the base of the arena, there are rectangular shaped raised platforms. If the Colossus steps on of these, one end will tilt upwards like a seesaw. You need to get the colossus to step on a particular raised platform in the arena that'll allow you to climb up to the next level of the ruins.

      If you are facing towards the entrance where you came in, then you're going to want to look for a particular raised platform to your right, about in the middle of the arena. You'll know it's the correct one if there's a platform just above it with a set of stairs leading further up.

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      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205132147.jpg

      Stand on the raised platform and wait for the Colossus to walk up to your position. When it goes to stomp on you, roll out of the way to avoid damage. When it steps on the raised platform, the end against the wall will now be tilted up. The Colossus will hold it's foot there briefly, so quickly run up and jump up to the next level.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205132544.jpg

      Once you've climbed up, proceed up the stairs. They will take you to a corridor area that leads nowhere, you're going to have to make a new path for yourself. The Colossus will be able to see you in here, position yourself near the middle of the corridor, then pull out your bow and take a few shots at it, then step back towards the wall.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205132620.jpg

      If all goes according to plan, the Colossus will swing at your position with its sword, and in the process knock down some rubble so you can proceed to the higher level above.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205132729.jpg

      You will be able to jump onto the rubble then climb up to the highest point of the ruins. Once you're up there, you'll notice there are two drawbridges up here you can cross. Run up a set of stairs to your right and then down the walkway above towards one of the bridges(doesn't matter which), and go stand near the middle of the bridge.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205132946.jpg

      Draw the Colossus's attention and when it gets close, run back to the side of the bridge away from the middle. As the Colossus will destroy the bridge with its sword. (Note: if you are still standing in the middle of the bridge when this happens you will get knocked down to ground level again)

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      Now that the bridge is destroyed, you have a means of finally jumping onto the Colossus. Wait for it to get close, then run and jump off the remnants of the bridge onto its body.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205133105.jpg

      There are two major weak points on this Colossus, one on the top of its head and another on the palm of its right hand. If you landed on the beast successfully, then you are probably on it's shoulder area. So climb up and go after the weak point on its head first.

      Get in 3-4 good stabs on the weak point until it vanishes. The Colossus will shake and rear up in an attempt to throw you off, but there's plenty of hairy sections for you to grab on.

      After you deal with the weak point on its head, climb down the back of its right arm. You need to get it to drop its big sword, and you do so by stabbing a small weak point on its elbow.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205133208.jpg

      After it drops the sword, it's time for you to drop back down to ground level.

      The second major weak point is on the palm of its right hand, and you're going to need to get there. Instead of stomping on you with its feet, the Colossus will now try to squash you with its right arm with a pound attack. You'll know this is happening when it starts a big wind-up animation where it raises its right arm into the air.

      SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS_20180205133355.jpg

      Roll out the way of the attack, then quickly run back and grab onto its palm. Once you're holding on, it should only take 1-2 good stabs to finish the Colossus.

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