Monster Hunter World Platinum Fish Location: How to catch a Platinum Fish for the Piscine Researcher's Elder Recess quest

Every now and then you'll want to take a break from actually slaying the beasts of the new world in Monster Hunter World, and when you do there's a bunch of different things you can get up to. You can capture monsters and pets, but one other way of continuing your ecological research mission is by fishing - and honestly, what's an RPG without a bit of fishing? Platinum Fish (written in-game as Platinumfish) is one of the many different species of fish you can catch out in the wild - and for one particular quest, you'll be required to catch one.

The quest is given by the Piscine Researcher in the Elder's Recess zone of Monster Hunter World. He'll note that the Platinumfish is called that because, well, they're fish and they're platinum in color - go figure. He says they stand out visually, but that doesn't necessarily make finding the platinumfish any easier - they can still be a complete pain to find. Lucky for you, you're already here - on this page, and we're going to spell it out. Props!

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Where to find a Platinumfish in Monster Hunter World

The Platinumfish is found in Area 8 of Elder's Recess, so find that area on your map and track your way over there. The Platinum Fish can indeed be spotted if you're careful - the Piscine Researcher's obvious hint actually does have a little bit of use. When you get to area 8, look for a small pond of water in the far-estern side of area 8 - you'll have crystals all around you, which makes it easy to find.

The easiest way to guarantee yourself the Platinum Fish is to catch the otehr fish in that same pond first - and for this, we'd use Fake Fodder. There's a lot of Golden Fish, Pink Parexuses and others in there, and those are useless for this quest but can still make for a fine meal. 

When you're ready to catch the Platinum Fish, grab some proper bait and use that instead - any type of proper bait will work well, it seems. This is a more careful fish, so take your time and be patient - eventually your flashy, gourmet bait will attract it properly and let you catch it. Once you've got the Platinum Fish in your inventory, head back to the Piscine Researcher to pick up your reward.