Monster Hunter World: Where to find Sinister Cloth for the Death Stench armor set

Once you hit the endgame of Monster Hunter World, you're going to start to lust after super powerful high rank armor in order to take on the more difficult end-game quests. One of the most vital items you'll need is the Sinister Cloth - but finding it can sometimes be a bit of a pain.

On this page, we'll guide you exactly how to get Sinister Cloth - and also make a bit of a note of how you can use it. So - let's get to it...

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Monster Hunter World: Crafting with Sinister Cloth to get the Death Stench set

The Sinister Cloth is used for a particularly powerful armor set called the Death Stench set - and better still, it makes you look a little like the Grim Reaper. There's a low rank variant and even better Death Stench Alpha and Death Stench Beta versions of the set - with the latter requiring 'Sinister Cloth+' and the former requiring the regular variant of the item.

The armor set has a very high defense stat and looks very cool to boot - so you'll want to pick this one up. Here's how to get the stuff:

How to get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World

One of the things that can be confusing about Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World is that it isn't actually just a simple old drop from monsters. Unlike most of the other loot items covered in our Monster Hunter World guide, this one can only be grabbed through a specific feature: Tailrider Safari.

As you near the end of Monster Hunter World this new feature will unlock - a set of tailrider safari side quests of a sort that are found by speaking to the Palcio who acts as your housekeeper - the same chap who lets you pick up DLC and bonus items.

These quests allow you to send out Palicos on a little adventure of their own, hunting, exploring and gathering. When they return from these missions they'll bring back a random smattering of items, and one of the items they can bring back is that ever-useful Sinister Cloth.

Sadly, the chance of you getting a Sinister Cloth is just that - it's chance. Random. There's not an enormous amount you can do to influence it, however one thing you can do is ensure you're sending out the best Palicos you can on each quest. Every Palico has stats in hunting, gathering and research, and you'll want to focus on sending those with the best overall stats. 

Each quest has a ranking, too. You should send the Palico Tailrider Safari out on quests that are 4 stars are above for regular quests, and for the red card quests 3 stars or above will be acceptable. Higher rank quests have a higher chance of better rewards such as the sinister cloth - so just keep plugging away and eventually you'll get the drops you need. Keep those Palico busy!