Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party guide - tea time answers, favorite tea and the tea for two quest

As well as perfecting your battle strategy, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is all about relationships. There's plenty of characters to get to know, several romanceable characters you can start a relationship with. One way you advance those friendships is through Tea Time, or a Tea Party - a casual meeting of friends in the monastery over a hot drink.

Tea time is one of the times when Three Houses feels most like a dating sim and further from a strategy game. It's also, if we're honest, not entirely economical: Tea Time takes up an action point during monastery exploration, and there are far more economical ways to build relationships with characters than a tea party - story choices, returning glost itemsgifts, flowers and correct advice box answers are all 'cheaper' means of boosting support ranks.

But a lot of players love the tea party mechanic as it's a chance to be more intimate with a character in a one-on-one setting. Boosting a support rank is always helpful for battle, too, and it can also give you better character recruitment chances for those not in your squad - so here's some tips for unlocking and then making the most of tea time. 


Tea for Two: Unlocking the Tea Party with the Elegant Tea Set

You'll have the ability to unlock tea time during the second month (Blue Sea Moon) of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' main story. You'll want to explore the monastery, where a quest to unlock tea time can be found.

Over in the stables area of the monastery, Ferdinand is looking for somebody who is a big fan of tea. The quest he gives you is called Tea For Two, and essentially gives you an Elegant Tea Set and tasks you with giving that to a character as a gift.

The person you need to gift the Elegant Tea Set to in order to complete the quest is Lorenz; he's found down by the fishing pond at this point in time. If he's not there, check the map by hitting R - current character locations are listed there.

Once the Elegant Tea Set has been delivered to Lorenz, you'll completethe quest and unlock Tea Time during your monastery down time. All you need to do is approach somebody and invite them to your tea party, but remember it costs an action point for that in-game day.


Tea Time Tips: how to get the most out of your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Parties with correct answers and favorite tea

Once you can invite a character to tea, the tea party mechanic is basically very much classic dating-sim video game fare - you have a one-on-one conversation with the character, and dialogue options you pick during the conversation will improve your relationship if chosen correctly.

Here's how it works in the most basic sense:

  • At the opening of tea time, you pick a tea to brew. If it's your partner's favorite tea, they'll say as much.
  • At this point, you will pick three topics of conversation, one after the other. Your partner will react to each topic of conversation.
  • If all three conversation topics get a positive response, you'll have an optional fourth response for 'perfect' tea time and a chance to receive +1 to both characters' CHA stat for your efforts.
  • If you picked their favorite tea, you'll only need to get two conversation topics correct for the bonus.

Getting a 'Nice' or 'Perfect' Tea Time will also result in the motivation level of the character you're having tea with to rise. 

    Tea Time Answers & Conversation Topics

    While we've compiled a very detailed guides for Fire Emblem: Three Houses choice and consequence, gifts and flowers and advice box answers, we're still working on compiling the correct tea time answers for each character when you have them at tea parties - it's a complicated system and the answers are a lot less obvious, sadly. Picking the right topic of conversation will boost your support level, as we said, and earn you the bonuses mentioned above. 

    As a general rule of thumb, you should consider the personality of the character you've invited to tea. By which we mean, think like this:

    • A character like Dimitri, who is dedicated to military service, will prefer to talk about equipment maintenance than gossip.
    • Somebody like Leonie, a dedicated would-be knight, would rather share battlefield stories and reminisce about close calls than talk about crushes. 
    • But somebody like Sylvain, who is more open about relationships, will love talking about first crushes and the like.

    Watch how the character you go to tea with talks and what about, and then pick your topics of conversation accordingly - and check back to this page, as we'll eventually have a chart of favorite topics of conversation for every character in Three Houses.

    Character Likes & Dislikes for help with Correct Tea Time Answers

    To help you along, here's the Likes and Dislikes of each member of the cast - and these likes and dislikes will help to determine the tea party answers, as each student will want to talk about something they enjoy and avoid topics they don't. These aren't the be-all, end-all of this topic, but they do help: somebody who likes war, training and weapons is a lot less likely to enjoy gossip or talking about crushes - but you should always consider the below information in conjunction with everything else you learn about a character through their story interactions - that'll give you the correct tea time answers. Here's the list:

    • Alois
      • Likes: Family, Jokes, Flowers, Knights, Sweets
      • Dislikes: Traveling by sea, spicy food, ghosts
    • Anna
      • Likes: Viable business ventures, money, good deals
      • Dislikes: Contract breaches, swindlers, forgeries
    • Annette
      • Likes: Dressing up, early morning walks, dancing, washing clothes
      • Dislikes: Dirtiness, places that are hard to clean, coffee, laziness, dark places
    • Ashe
      • Likes: Taking care of children, stories about chivalry, sweets, travel, violets
      • Dislikes: Confined spaces, deceit, violence, ghosts
    • Balthus
      • Likes: Gold, fighting, women, gambling, grit, bravado
      • Dislikes: Bounty hunters, losing bets, getting an earful from Duke Goneril
    • Bernadetta
      • Likes: Being alone, drawing, embroidery, music, reading, stuffed animals
      • Dislikes: Imposing people, overbearing fathers, talking to people
    • Caspar
      • Likes: Defeating evil, fighting
      • Dislikes: Inequity, liars, rain, time wasting
    • Claude
      • Likes: Archery, feasts, curious topics, horse riding
      • DIslikes: Blind faith in the gods, leaving things to chance, being bound by common sense
    • Constance
      • Likes: Magic, showy spells, House Nuvelle, (Magic, helpful spells, selflessness, modesty, black tea)
      • Dislikes: Sunlight, bugs, vulgarity, admitting defeat, (Cute things, her own perceived faults)
    • Dedue
      • Likes: Arts, Gardening, Flowers, Embroidery
      • Dislikes: Bothering Dimitri
    • Dorothea
      • Likes: Acting, singing, decorations, music, animals
      • Dislikes: Herself, conceited nobles
    • Dimitri
      • Likes: Battle training, weapons, riding, physical training
      • Dislikes: Weak objects, selfishness, heat
    • Edelgard
      • Likes: Debate, history, talented people
      • Dislikes: Old-fashioned values, crests, chains, swimming, lsoing control, rats
    • Felix
      • Likes: Combat, hunting, high quality weapons, meat, spicy food
      • Dislikes: Chivalry, light-heartedness, sweets, his father
    • Ferdinand
      • Likes: Tea, justice, nobility, horse riding
      • Dislikes: Laziness, ignoble nobles
    • Flayn
      • Likes:  Learning new things, making friends, forget-me-nots, talking about love
      • Dislikes: Sleeping too much, Setheth's over-protection
    • Hanneman
      • Likes: Neat & tidy workplaces, handkerchiefs, food cooked by others
      • Dislikes: Politics, cooking himself, corruption, untidiness
    • Hapi
      • Likes: Freedom, music, humorous anecdotes
      • Dislikes: Monsters, Demonic Beasts, conforming to expectations, stifling sighs, knights, preachy people
    • Hilda
      • Likes: Dancing, fashion, singing, flowers
      • Dislikes: Putting in effort, responsibilities, being tired, extreme weather
    • Hubert
      • Likes: Tactics & strategy, protecting Edelgard, intelligence
      • Dislikes: the Church of Seiros, people who bother Edelgard, gambling, clumsiness, heights
    • Ignatz
      • Likes: Art, the Goddess, the Four Saints, flowers, faraway lands, peace, landscapes
      • Dislikes: Stressful situations, lightning, those who dislike art
    • Ingrid
      • Likes: Chivalry, food, meat, horses, knights
      • Dislikes: Hunger, lavishness, people from Duscur
    • Jeritza
      • Likes: Sweets, cats, Mercedes
      • Dislikes: Nobles, busybodies, alcohol, his father
    • Leonie
      • Likes: Competition, hunting, gardening, reusing old things, military arts, Jeralt
      • Dislikes: Decadence, debt, poisonous creatures, defeat
    • Linhardt
      • Likes: Freedom, fishing, naps, sleeping, sweets, reading
      • Dislikes: Blood, duty, politics, fighting, weapons
    • Lorenz
      • Likes: Art, nobility, red roses, tea
      • Dislikes: Coffeee, filth, injustice, bad smells, vulgarity
    • Lysithea
      • Likes: Cute things, lilies, sweets
      • Dislikes: Being perceived as a child, hard work, ghosts, bitter food
    • Manuela
      • Likes: Cooking, dancing, needlework, refreshing drinks, singing
      • Dislikes: Bullies, cleaning & tidying
    • Marianne
      • Likes: Birds, flowers, reading, the Goddess
      • Dislikes: Cleaning up, crests, herself
    • Mercedes
      • Likes: Baking, praying
      • Dislikes: Exercising, spicy food
    • Petra
      • Likes: The Brigid Islands, family, ocean swimming, sunshine, climbing trees
      • Dislikes: Discrimination, idling, math
    • Raphael
      • Likes: Training, muscles, protein, his younger sister
      • Dislikes: Books, studying, leftover food
    • Shamir
      • Likes: Archery, gambling, paychecks, thrown weapons
      • Dislikes: Centipedes, spiders, smooth-talking people
    • Seteth
      • Likes: Flayn, fishing, diligence, the Church
      • Dislikes: Those who dislike the church or Flayn
    • Sylvain
      • Likes: Board games, lively places, women
      • Dislikes: Jealousy, messy places, excessive heat
    • Yuri
      • Likes: Sweets, banquets, board games, family
      • Dislikes: Injustice, unlucky odds, irrationality, singing in public

    Favorite Tea List: every character's favorite tea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    As previously mentioned, you'll get a small bonus in the tea time tea party mini game if you manage to pick your partner's favorite tea - so here's a list of every character you can take to tea time and what their favorite tea is.

    Every character likes the Hresvelg Blend and Leicester Cortania.

    This list includes the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC characters and the characters who have been added to the tea party feature via updates:

    • Alois: Crescent-Moon Tea, Honeyed-Fruit Blend
    • Anna: Bergamot, Dagda Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea
    • Annette: Almond Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend, Rose Petal Blend
    • Ashe: Angelica Tea, Mint Leaves
    • Balthus: Almyran Pine Needles, Ginger Tea
    • Bernadetta: Albinean Berry Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend
    • Caspar: Ginger Tea
    • Catherine: Rose Petal Blend
    • Claude: Almyran Pine Needles, Chamomile, Leicester Cortania
    • Constance: Albinean Berry Blend, Bergamot, Rose Petal Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend
    • Cyril: Almyran Pine Needles
    • Dedue: Cinnamon Blend, Four-Spice Blend, Ginger Tea
    • Dimitri: Chamomile
    • Dorothea: Albinean Berry Blend, Sweet Apple Blend
    • Edelgard: Bergamot, Hresvelg Blend
    • Felix: Almyran Pine Needles, Four-Spice Blend
    • Ferdinand: Almyran Pine Needles, Southern Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea
    • Flayn: Almond Blend, Crescent Moon Tea, Sweet-Apple Blend
    • Gilbert: Almond Blend, Lavender Blend
    • Hapi: Cinnamon Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend, Four-Spice Blend
    • Hanneman: Bergamot, Cinnamon Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend
    • Hilda: Mint leaves, Albinean Berry Blend, Rose Petal, Southern Fruit Blend
    • Hubert: Cinnamon Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend
    • Ignatz: Dagda Fruit Blend, Lavender Blend, Seiros Tea
    • Ingrid: Mint Leaves, Chamomile
    • Jeritza: Sweet-Apple Blend, Albinean Berry Blend, Southern Fruit Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend
    • Leonie: Angelica Tea, Four-Spice Blend
    • Linhardt: Almyran Pine Needles, Angelica Tea
    • Lorenz: Bergamot, Rose Petal, Seiros Tea
    • Lysithea: Crescent Moon Tea, Honeyed-Fruit Blend,  Sweet-Apple Blend, Southern Fruit Blend
    • Manuela: Lavender Blend, Mint Leaves
    • Marianne: Cinnamon Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend, Lavender Blend
    • Mercedes: Crescent-Moon Tea, Southern Fruit Blend, Albinean Berry Blend
    • Petra: Ginger Tea, Four-Spice Blend
    • Raphael: Almond Blend, Ginger Tea
    • Rhea: Angelica Tea, Crescent-Moon Tea, Chamomile
    • Seteth: Angelica Tea, Four-Spice Blend, Ginger Tea
    • Shamir: Chamomile, Crescent Moon Tea
    • Sylvain: Bergamot, Seiros Tea
    • Yuri: Albinean Berry Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea