Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: the best grinding methods for money and XP

As is the case in all dungeon crawlers, you’re going to want to know how to make as much money and experience as possible in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Getting as much money and xp as you can in order to make your life easier so you can do things like take down the game's various strong foes is no simple task, however - if you value your time, you'll want to use the most efficient methods possible to avoid wasting too much time and energy.

So, basically, settle in - we've been figuring out some of the methods we find best for grinding money and XP. It’s grind time, folks.

Efficient Experience Grinding in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

First up let’s take a look at experience points. Levelling up can be a fairly slow process in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and for most Pokemon it’s necessary for evolution, so you’re going to want to know how to earn points as fast as possible. 

The absolute best way of earning experience points is by using the Makuhita Dojo. You’ll find tickets for the Dojo throughout Dungeons and as rewards for completing rescues. Occasionally you’ll even get them in the post! Depending on which ticket you use, you’ll get more time and bonus experience points in the Dojo. 

Using the Dojo sends whichever Pokemon you choose into a type-fitting maze. You’ll have to defeat as many Pokemon as possible in the time limit, but you don’t have to worry about dying as you’ll be resurrected each time. Enemies will almost always go down in one attack, and you get so much more experience than you usually would in the Dungeons. 


Depending on what level you are when you use the Dojo, you’ll level up by a few levels each time. Doing it later in the game will give you at least one level, which is still great. Mystery Dungeon will literally recommend this method to you when you start the game, and it’s absolutely the best way. 

It’s not the only way though. Post-game Dungeons will give you a fair amount of experience for completing. Massive ones like Joyous Towers will inevitably give you a few levels through adventuring through them, and this will also be a good way of getting more Dojo tickets. 

You’ll want to make sure that one of your Pokemon have the Rare Quality XP Boost. This will give your whole team more experience points as Rare Qualities apply to all Pokemon you take to a Dungeon. We’ve got a full Rare Qualities guide here if you want to know how to get the XP Boost quality. 

If you’re absolutely desperate to level up, there is one item that can help you out. The Joy Seed will instantly level you up by one which can be good in a pinch, or if you’re one level away from the evolution requirements. 

Money Grinding in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Considering you can lose all of your Poke if your team all die in a Dungeon, there are going to be times when you’re going to want to earn some fast. 

The first and easiest way of getting money is to simply go through Dungeons and collect as much of it as you see. Going into Auto Mode will make this a lot quicker as you’ll automatically go towards any uncollected treasure. Poke is absolutely everywhere in all of the Dungeons! 

It’s also important to recruit every single Pokemon, regardless of whether or not you have a camp for them to stay at. If you don’t have camp for them or say no to recruiting them, they’ll give you a lot of Poke “for a fun adventure”. Make good use of this as the amount of money you’ll get from them is actually quite high. 


You’ll also want to be selling items at the Kecleon shop. One of the first issues you’ll come across in the game is the low amount of space you have for items. Kill two birds with one stone here and sell off the stuff you don’t need. Gold ribbons don’t have a use besides being sold, so they’re a good thing to look out for. 

Once again, Rare Qualities come to the rescue! The one to look out for here is Sales Pitch, which will let you sell items to shops at a much higher price.