Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Strong Foes Guide: strong foes explained and where to find them

One of the first obstacles to overcome in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX are Strong Foes. What are they exactly, and why bother defeating them? 

Strong foes will be marked by a yellow hazard triangle before you go to a Dungeon and their appearance is completely random, although there is likely to be at least a few on each day. To reset, all you need to do is go to sleep. These Pokemon are usually much rarer and much more challenging opponents. There can be multiple Strong Foes in one dungeon too, although much like everything in Mystery Dungeon that’s a random chance. You’ll want to take them on for what they offer though. 

For one, Strong Foes give you more experience points once defeated. They’ll also drop a chest that has guaranteed rare items like Rainbow and DX Gummis. 

Secondly, Shiny Pokemon may also appear as strong foes. This means that shiny hunters are going to want to actively pursue strong foes in the hope that they’re shiny Pokemon. This won’t matter to everyone of course, but it’s always worth a shot! 

You’ll also want to go after Strong Foes if you’re trying to recruit Pokemon. This is a no brainer, but there’s not many times you get told that a Pokemon is guaranteed to be waiting in a dungeon.  

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: Strong Foes List & Locations

With all of the above facts you need to know about Strong Foes in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX noted, here it is: a complete list of Strong Foes and a listing of which Strong Foes are attached to which Dungeons. 

  • Mt. Steel - Rapidash
  • Sinister Woods - Ampharos
  • Silent Chasm - Metagross
  • Mt. Thunder - Dragonite
  • Great Canyon - Ambipom
  • Lapis Cave - Noctowl
  • Mt. Blaze - Azumarill
  • Frosty Forest - Spinda
  • Mt. Freeze - Lickilicky
  • Waterfall Pond - Gyarados
  • Remains Island - Espeon
  • Desert Region - Sudowoodo
  • Southern Cavern - Shuckle
  • Wyvern Hill - Exeggcute
  • Darknight Relic - Wobbuffet
  • Howling Forest- Butterfree
  • Solar Cave- Aipom