Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Gummi Guide: what they do and how to get them

Although there are a lot of items to be looking out for in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, one of the most important by far are Gummis. 

Gummis are items that you can get which allow you to boost your Pokemon’s stats, as well as occasionally giving them Rare Qualities. There are two types in the game, Rainbow and DX. DX Gummis guarantee a Rare Quality, whereas Rainbow Gummis only give you a chance to get one. Both Gummis upgrade a Pokemon’s stats though, so they’re both great to get. Of course, when used in tandem with Pokemon Evolution and Mega Evolution, you can create a truly powerful, formiddable battler.

To actually use these items you need to go to a Friend Camp, which can be found by going to the left of your house. Once you’ve gone to one of the camps, simply select which Pokemon you want to receive the Gummi and you can then eat as many as you want. 


The most reliable way of getting Gummis is through adventuring. Both Rainbow and DX Gummis come as rare drops when going through Dungeons, as well as being rewarded for completing certain rescue missions. If you see a Strong Foe, try and fight them for the chance at a Deluxe chest, which will almost always contain a Gummi. Gummis can also sometimes be rewarded if you enter the Mystery House via an Invitation item.

One easy way of getting some free Gummis is by using the Wonder Mail system. These free codes can be entered in the main menu and instantly give you access to free content. These codes are specifically for Gummis, but we also have a full list of Wonder Mail codes if you want to use them to get even more free items. 

Gummi Codes for Wonder Mail

6XWH H7JM- Rainbow Gummi x3, Accuracy Drink x3

SN3X QSFW- Rainbow Gummi x6

Y490 CJMR- Rainbow Gummi x3, PP-Up Drink x3

WCJT 275J- Rainbow Gummi x3, Power Drink x3

XMK9 5K49- Rainbow Gummi x3, DX Gummi x1

H6W7 K262- DX Gummi x2