Final Fantasy VII Remake Corneo's Secret Stash: how to unlock red locked doors

For most of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll be following a mostly set path without a lot of hard blocks in your way, with just a few diversions to complete optional quests. However, starting in Chapter 8 while doing various quests around Sector 5 you’ll likely find a locked door with some sort of red dragon-like symbol that you’ll be unable to open and not certain how to find a key for it. These doors lead to Corneo's Secret Stash, and there's a bunch of stash locations littered across the undercity.

There are four doors like this in the game that you’ll encounter between Chapters 8 through 10: one in Sector 5 near the undercity, one in the Collapsed Expressway, and two within the sewers. Each of these doors is a Corneo Stash Location, and each has loot inside.

You won’t really be able to do anything for these doors until Chapter 14 and you undertake the quests ‘Tomboy Bandit’ and ‘Corneo’s Secret Stash’. Tomboy Bandit starts when you speak to Johnny near the Sector 5 train station, while Corneo’s Secret Stash requires you to speak to Damon just north of the Undercity, which will then lead you to find a note near the Angel of the Slum’s hideout from earlier in the game.  This quest is also part of a series that leads to a silver trophy.

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Corneo's Secret Stash: How to open the locked doors with the red logo in FF7 Remake

Like we say above, these doors are encountered earlier in the game but can't actually be opened until you reach chapter 14. This is an open-world style chapter of FF7 Remake, and presents you with a few different areas to explore and a suite of new side quests to check out. The quests you want are 'Tomboy Bandit' and more specifically 'Corneo's Secret Stash'. Both quests will take you to find Kyrie at the Sector 5 Church. You might've seen Kyrie a few times throughout the game, but here's where she becomes more important.

After completing a short detour to Wall Market to fight a simple arena battle, you’ll return to Kyrie to get Corneo’s Vault Key (along with Johnny’s Wallet). With this key you can now open the Corneo Doors and loot Corneo's treasure from inside. An item in your inventory gives you a list of the Corneo's Secret Stash Locations, but if you don't want to be constantly opening the menu and scroll through your key items to re-read it, here's the locations:

FF7 Remake Corneo Stash Locations List

Here's all the Stash Locations for the Corneo's Secret Stash Mission. You can find these listed on a note in your in-game inventory once you reach the stash-hunting stage of the quest, but they're easier to read right here.

  • The first Corneo Stash Door is in Sector 5. This is in the open world style area between the Sector 5 Slums town (where Aerith lives and where you can find the orphanage) and the church - you'll have visited this area a lot throughout the game. The Corneo Stash door is a huge double gate - it's hard to miss. This stash will hold Ruby Tiara, another Prayer materia, a Circlet, and some consumables and Moogle Medals.
  • The second Corneo Stash Door is in the Collapsed Expressway. This is right after you enter the collapsed expressway, which is found on the path leaving Sector 5 as if heading towards Wall Market - this is the area Aerith takes you to with all the robot arms, and you revisit it again later in the story. The stash is hidden away on your left right as you enter the Collapsed Expressway proper. It will hold a Diamond Tiara and some Moogle Medals.
  • The final Corneo Stash Door will be encountered as part of the main quest in Chapter 14 when following Leslie through the Sewers. As part of the story here, you’ll actually pass through both of the Corneo Doors you could have spotted earlier in Chapter 10 in your previous jaunt through the sewers, but while chasing the Mischievous Shoat, you’ll encounter yet another door slightly off the beaten path -- the third and final stash.
    • You'll know you've reached the right area when Leslie goes through a door and then there's a ladder for you to climb - do not climb it - after another fight against the Mischevious Shoat. The Corneo Stash door is slightly before this. When you first open the door, there'll visibly be some stairs down, but there'll be water in the way.
    • In order to get the stash loot you'll need to lower the water level. To do this, beat the Mischevious Shoat and then follow Leslie into a room, but do not use the ladder. Instead, next to the ladder there's a switch. Hit it and backtrack to open the door and get the loot before heading back to Leslie. In the loot room you'll face a mini-boss - bring out the Fire Magic, and take out the lackeys before you focus on the prince. Then loot the place for the Emerald Tiara, Enfeeblement Ring, and some Moogle Medals.

Despite the names of a lot of these items resembling some gear from classic FF games, they're not actually accessories or armor items you can equip. You can simply give them away for others to sell to give a little back to the community of the slums. Return to Marle in the park area of the slums to turn over the Corneo Stash Loot to her in order to finish the quest. You’ll earn The Art of Swordplay Vol. III manuscript for Cloud in the process.