Final Fantasy VII Remake Dresses: How to get every dress for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith

Dresses aren't exactly the item of clothing most people first associate with epic RPG adventures, but Final Fantasy VII Remake has one section of the game that's synonymous with them - just as the 1997 original did. In one segment Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa all get dressed up for the greater good - but in the Remake, each of the trio has the choice between three different dress options.

We're talking about the Wall Market area of Midgar, of course, which in FF7 Remake you visit during Chapter 9, aka 'The Town That Never Sleeps'. This is all a memorable throwback to the original, where Cloud has to play dress-up in order to infiltrate an enemy stronghold - but this entire segment has been hugely expanded in FF7 Remake. 

This guide explains how to get all nine dresses, which in turn will unlock the 'Dressed to the Nines' trophy or achievement. It contains visual spoilers for the dresses you can acquire for each character, and light but necessary story spoilers for Chapter 9 Wall Market side quests.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Dresses: How to get every Dress

The dresses worn by Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith vary based on your choices - and the dress actually changes scene dialogue, too. This guide explains how to see them all.

While Cloud had multiple dress options in the Wall Market section of the original game, FF7 Remake blows that open by giving each of the three characters present during the events of Wall Market three dresses to choose from - making for nine dresses total spread across Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.

The actual events around dressing up haven't changed much - Cloud and company find themselves needing to dress up in order to gain entrance to Don Corneo's mansion and access to the crime boss himself. How you obtain the dresses actually varies, however - Tifa's is a simple choice from earlier in the game, Aerith's is related to side questions in the previous chapter, and Cloud's is determined by your actions throughout Chapter 9, 'The Town That Never Sleeps'. This guide will cover all of these. 

While the dresses don't materially change the path of FF7 Remake's story, they do have a minor effect on dialogue in some scenes, making it cool to see all the variations of the various Wall Market scenes with each of the dresses.

It's worth noting that you can't see all nine dresses in one play-through of FF7 Remake. However, this guide can help you pick a favorite for your main play-through - or, if you're going after the platinum trophy and 100% completion, you can return to these chapters after completing the game and unlocking chapter select to make the necessary choices a few more times in order to see all nine and unlock that trophy.

Another important thing to note is that Chapter 9 has two sets of quests, depending on the choices you make early in the chapter. While these quests will not affect Tifa or Aerith's dress as those decisions are made in earlier chapters, they will partially determine what dress Cloud gets. All is explained below.

How to Choose Tifa’s Dress: The Alone At Last Discovery

Tifa has three dress options, and which you'll see is quietly determined during Chapter 3 of FF7 Remake.

Tifa’s dress is by far the easiest to determine, though it will require a few chapter playthroughs of both Chapter 3 and Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy VII Remake to see them all.

First, you'll need to complete all six quests in Chapter 3, 'Home Sweet Slum'. There's six of them total, and guides to each can be found in our FF7 Remake quests guide. You need to complete these three because it unlocks the Discovery Event: Alone At Last, which pops the moment you complete the sixth of the Chapter 3 quests, whichever one you finish last.

Take up Tifa's invitation and follow the dark blue objective dot added to the map back to Tifa's apartment. During this alone time with Tifa's there's talk of getting dressed up and going out on the town - and as part of this, she asks you what sort of outfit she should wear. This dialogue option determines what she dresses in for Chapter 9:

  • If you choose “Something Exotic?”, you’ll end up with a black dress robe (Left).
  • “Something...sporty?” will give you the patterned cheongsam type dress (Center).
  • Lastly, “Something Refined.” will give you the blue dress as shown in trailers (Right). The Refined Dress is the default option if you skip the side quests and don't complete "Alone at Last". 

Once you've made this choice, play all the way through to the end of chapter 3 to 'lock in' the choice. A good option to be sure is to go through to the Bike mini game at the start of chapter 4, skip that mini-game, and only then chapter select to your destination. You’ll be able to verify the dress you obtained as soon as you first spot Tifa in the Chocobo carriage after leaving the Collapsed Expressway at the end of Chapter 8. 

How to Choose Aerith’s Dress for the Dressed to the Nines Trophy

Aerith's dress choice is decided by your actions as a mercenary during FF7 Remake's chapter 8.

Very similar to Tifa’s dress, Aerith’s dress will depend on what you do during your chapter alone with her, which in this case is Chapter 8, 'Budding Bodyguard', right before the adventures in Wall Market. This time however, your dress is not determined by a dialogue choice, but simply How Many Quests You Complete when you're cutting around the Sector 5 slums as a mercenary with Aerith in tow.

  • You can earn the simple pink spring dress (Left) by completing fewer than three quests in Chapter 8, opting to instead follow the main objectives. 
  • If you complete 3, 4, or 5 quests in Chapter 8, you’ll get the longer pink dress (Center).
  • Finally, if you complete all six of the possible quests in Chapter 8, you’ll get the elaborate red dress (Right) as shown in trailers, which dialogue makes clear is considered the best option.

If you're aiming to speed-run getting dresses, you can make use of our Chapter 8 side quests guide to complete a few quests quickly. The side quests with the children are probably the quickest to knock out.

You’ll be able to know which dress you’ve obtained based on Madam M’s comments about how helpful Cloud was to the people of Sector 5; this is a direct reference to how many quests you completed, RPG speech check style.

How to get all 3 Cloud Dress Outfit options

Which dress Cloud ends up wearing is the most complicated piece of this puzzle.

Cloud’s dress is determined in a manner similar to Aerith’s but with a twist. Your result of dress is determined by completing quests, but this time in Chapter 9 itself. The tricky thing is: Chapter 9 has two different pairs of quests that you may undertake -- you’ll either end up doing errands for Chocobo Sam, or for Madam M shortly after taking on Hell House in the Corneo Colosseum. Which NPC you end up running errands for determines Cloud's dress of choice.

As we stated in our Chapter 9 side quests guide, there are several factors at play for determining which pair of quests you get in Chapter 9, including whether you interact with Johnny, your choice of Massage Course, your comment on Aerith's dress, and others. Each dialogue choice made in Chapter 9 will push you either towards Madam M's pair of quests, or Chocobo Sam's. If you wanna see the complete breakdown for each decision, you can see that on our Choices guide.

To get Sam's two quests 'The Party Never Stops' and 'A Dynamite Body':

  • Tell Sam at the start of the Wall Market area that "She's in great shape." when talking about the girl you're looking for.
  • Tell the inn keeper '...No, thanks.' when asked to stay the night if you talk to him near the entrance of the area.
  • Make sure to witness Johnny's Discovery Event 'Vagabond Johnny' when you pass by him early in the chapter, and you should say "Yeah" when you speak to him.
  • Choose to gamble when prompted by Sam by calling 'Heads' or 'Tails' before the coin flip
  • Pay for the 100 gil 'Poor Man's Course' massage treatment at Madam M's
  • Tell Aerith that about her dress 'It's alright.'
  • Drink the mystery drink in the Coluseeum when talking to Johnny.

To get Madam M's two quests 'The Price of Thievery' and 'Shear's Counterattack':

  • Tell Sam at the start of the Wall Market area that "She's great at handling the books.' when talking about the girl you're looking for.
  • Ask the inn keeper '...How Much?' when asked to stay the night if you talk to him near the entrance of the area.
  • Make sure to ignore Johnny's Discovery Event 'Vagabond Johnny' when you pass by him early in the chapter, or at least select "No" if you speak to him.
  • Choose NOT to gamble when prompted by Sam by choosing 'No deal."
  • Pay for the 3000 gil 'Luxury Course' massage treatment at Madam M's.
  • Say 'It matter what I think?' when asked about Aerith's dress.
  • Don't drink (or ignore outright) the mystery drink in the Colloseum when talking to Johnny.

Now that you know how to get each version of Chapter 9's available quests, here's how you turn that into Cloud's dress options:

  • Chocobo Sam’s two quests are ‘The Party Never Stops’ and ‘A Dynamite Body’. If you complete these two quests for Sam, you’ll end up with the blue and black dress for Cloud (Left).
  • If you instead do Madam M’s two quests ‘The Price of Thievery’ and ‘Shear’s Counterattack’, you’ll get the white dress (Center). To be careful, we always completed ‘Burning Thighs’ as well in either case. 
  • If you do not finish all quests in Chapter 9, you’ll end up with the plain black dress (Right). In our case, we were able to skip either Madam M's or Sam's two quests and get the basic black dress for Cloud in both instances.

The Party Never Stops: Wall Market and the Don Corneo quest in FF7 Remake

If you manage to get Sam's two quests to trigger, one of the two will be very nostalgic for players of Final Fantasy VII. While the early part of Wall Market is fairly straightforward, you’ll eventually get the opportunity to run around town doing a few errands that should be very reminiscent from the original game during the quest The Party Never Stops. You’ll get a chance to undertake this quest and others while Madam M. is setting up Aerith with her new dress. This quest is a bit unlike the others, since what you can accomplish and earn depends slightly on what level some of your materia is at. While none of the outcomes are really super significant in the long run, we’ve listed here what you can all get if you’ve leveled your materia high enough during each individual section of the quest.

If your assess Materia is sufficiently leveled, it makes your life much easier.

After following Johnny to the clothing store and materia shop, you’ll eventually find yourself at the vending machine inside of Wall Market’s regular inn. Your goal here is to find ‘The Sauce’ for the materia shop owner, and your chance of success depends on how thoroughly you’ve been using the Assess materia up to this point. On our first run through of the quest, we were able to get Vitalabrew, Crimson Spike, and The Sauce with about 30 enemies properly Assessed. Your reward for getting all of the possible items is a simple Moogle Medal.

Using a magic materia that's leveled up can help you too.

Your next stop will be at the counter-service restaurant near the heart of town. Again you’ll have different outcomes depending on the level of your Fire, Ice, or Lightning materia, and you’ll be able to choose a suggestion based on which one happens to be the highest level. Again, if you pick one with a Level 3 materia (such as “Stove” if your Fire materia is level 3), you’ll earn another Moogle Medal.

Completing this side quest nets you some medicine - for a throwback quest to the original FF7.

The last part of the quest will depend on the level of your Cleansing materia. If you happen to have a Level 3 Cleansing, you’ll earn some key items all throwbacks to the original game: Bottle of Antiemetic, Deodorizing Tablets, and Packets of Antacid. If your materia is a lower level, you’ll only earn the first one or two items from the pharmacist. Your goal is to go around town with the medicine, and return once you’ve delivered at least one.

  • Give the Bottle of Antiemetic to the guy in the bar bathroom (the same restaurant where someone is singing on stage) and get rewarded with a Sedative item.
  • Give the Deodorizing Tablets to a guy at the south end of an alley south of Honeybee Inn, near where you can find a Barrier Materia, for a Celeris item.
  • Give the Packets of Antacid to a guy at the south end of an alley south of the massage parlor for 3x Big Bomber items. Not sure why he has those on hand, but they’re yours now.

Once you get the VIP Card key item from the pharmacist, you’ll just have to follow a few more quest markers to eventually get a Turbo Ether for finishing the quest and enjoying a nice nostalgic revisiting of some of the events from Final Fantasy VII.

At this point you return to Madam M after finishing up remaining quests, and after a few cutscenes and heading to Corneo’s mansion, you’ll be able to see which dress you’ve obtained for Aerith. Following a dance sequence at the Honeybee Inn, you’ll get your final dress for Cloud.