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Final Fantasy VII Remake Side Quests: every side quest and all their rewards listed

Any good RPG needs a lot of things for its hero to do, and we're not just talking about the main story. Of course there's plenty of Final Fantasy VII Remake Side Quests - in fact, the game is sort of structured around them.

The Midgar section of the original FF7 was basically devoid of sidequests, instead designed to be a linear rollercoaster to set up the rest of the game. here, it is the game, so the structure has been changed accordingly. Now, between the more linear adventures of Avalanche battling Shinra, you'll get some downtime in Midgar's slums to take on side quests and get to know characters better.

Tackling these side quests can change the outcome of story moments in minor ways, but it also gives you rewards like materia, weapons, armor and accessories, or pushes you towards new music discs. Side quests are also key in things like unlocking those mysterious red dragon doors that are littrered around the slums, and side quests often lead to or contribute towards some of FF7 Remake's trophies.

To be honest, the FF7 Remake side quests are all pretty simple and straightforward, but we thought we'd list them anyway so people could be clear on the quests, where to get them, what to do, and what rewards. We break them up by chapter, too, as side quests are chapter limited - once you complete chapter 3, there's no way to return to these quests until you complete the game and unlock chapter select. In addition to side quests, don't forget that in chapter 9 and 14 you can get involved in Corneo Colosseum battles.

Chapter 3 Side Quests & Optional Missions

In Chapter 3, you'll be set loose in the Sector 7 Slums. There is a variety of side quests you can undertake here to help the people in the slums, and it's your first taste of the 'open ended' hub world-based chapters with side quests that are new in FF7 Remake. 

If you complete all six Chapter 3 quests before advancing the story, you'll unlock the 'Alone at Last' Discovery, which leads to a one-on-one scene where Cloud and Tifa have a personal catch-up back at the apartments. This scene is key because it also lets you speak to Tifa about what sort of outfit she should wear for a 'date night' - this is the outfit she then later wears in Chapter 9 for the Don Corneo sequence.

Completing the 'Alone at Last' discovery also gets you the Crescent Moon Charm accessory as a reward.

Chadley’s Report

Complete Battle Intel Report 01: Assess 2 enemy types. Chadley is the young lad just up the street from the weapon and materia shop in Sector 7, and he'll become a key NPC throughout FF7 Remake. Chadley will give you the Assess Materia when you get this mission off him, so all you have to do is Assess enemies and return to him. You'll encounter enough enemies to complete this mission in any one of the other side quests in Chapter 3. 

Reward: Auto-Cure Materia

Rat Problem

To start this quest, talk to the Sector 7 Item Shop Owner - this is the first guy you meet with Tifa when you're doing your rounds. Head to north section of Sector 7 and finish the fight with Doomrats. 

Reward: 5x Hi-Potion, and ability to buy Cleansing Materia (300 gil). Access to ‘On the Prowl’ quest below.

Nuisance in the Factory

Talk to the Junk Dealer in the north of the Sector 7 Slums. En route to the Sector 7 train station is a gate that leads to the Abandoned Talleger Factory. Inside that factory, fight Gorgers and Lesser Drakes. 

Reward: 500 gil. Access to ‘Just Flew in From the Graveyard’. quest.

Lost Friends

Speak to the child, Betty, in the Sector 7 Slums. Find three cats - they're scattered across the Sector 7 Slums. If you listen, you'll hear them meow when you get near them - and even if you're not paying that much attention, Tifa comments on this. If you're still unsure:

  • One cat is east of Seventh Heaven at the ‘T’ intersection.
  • Another is at the Seventh Heaven Entrance.
  • The final one is through a tunnel near the apartment Cloud is staying in - you'll have to talk to an NPC to get access.

Reward: Maiden’s Kiss item.

On the Prowl

Prerequisite: Complete the Rat Problem quest listed above. You'll now have to fight the Wrath Hound in Scrap Boulevard. After taking a certain amount of damage the Wrath Hound will run away - chase it and then stagger it to finish it off.

Reward: Elixir item, and a curious hint in dialogue about what Shinra is up to.

Just Flew in from the Graveyard.

Prerequisite: Complete the earlier Nuisance in the Factory side quest listed above.

Head to the NPC arguing with Shrina guards near the entrance to the Abandoned Talleger Factory. After the conversation, head back to factory. Battle through the factory and smash every Shinra crate you see in order to try to find the Key Card to the door - it can seemingly spawn in any crate inside the factory. We found it in the crates near the vending machine and rest spot.

Once you have the key card and find key in crates near Vending machine. Head to locked door and fight Cerulean Drake. The Cerulean Drake is an enemy that can teach you the Algid Aura move for your Enemy Skill materia

Reward: Star Bracelet.

Chapter 8 Side Quests & Optional Missions

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant

Once you have access to the kids' den through the narrow gap opposite the shops (via the Kids on Patrol quest below), head on inside. Eventually, there'll be a kid in a Moogle outfit. Talk to the kid and buy the Moogle Membership card with a Moogle Medal, which you should have several of through random drops by now. The reward is the ability to be able to spend your Moogle Medals at the Moogle Emporium, a useful shop that sells exclusive items.

Kids on Patrol

Once introduced to the Leaf House, talk to the marked NPCs, and then run around finding the five kids with wooden swords. They are clearly marked and not hard to find, but if you're struggling:

  • The first kid is right near the orphanage, just south of it on the map.
  • Follow the path round from the first kid to the southernmost bit of this center district area. There’s another kid in the passageway.
  • The third kid is standing right outside the weapon and accessory shop.
  • The fourth kid is standing just near the item shop, between the weapon shop and Chadley.
  • The fifth kid is standing watch, guarding the northern entrance to the slum.

After all kids are found, return to orphanage to get part 2. Fight Hedgehog Pie King.

Reward: Nail Bat weapon for Cloud. Access to ‘A Verified Hero’ and ‘The Angel of the Slums’ quests, plus the Moogle Emporium shop.

Hard Mode Reward: Telluric Scriptures Vol. VI (Aerith SP up)

Weapons on a Rampage

Talk to the marked NPC near the town entrance. You'll then need to hunt down and take out the Shinra weapons on the loose, which are Mark II Monodrives.

Reward: Protective Boots. Access to ‘Paying Respects’ quest.

A Verified Hero

Prerequisite: Complete the Kids on Patrol quest mentioned above.

Talk to the marked kid in the hideout. Get a Moogle Medal for participating. Score well enough in the mini-game to get an Elixir, Crescent Moon Charm, and Spectral Cogwheel.

The Angel of the Slums

Prerequisite: Complete the Kids on Patrol quest and then return to Oates in the kids' hideout.

Talk to the marked man, Damon. Talk to the NPC in the community center and return. Head to the marked spot on the map to fight Chromogger, a challenging enemy at this stage of the game. Bring thunder magic!

Reward: 2,000 gil.

Paying Respects

Prerequisite: Complete the Weapons on a Rampage side quest.

Talk to man near the weapon shop. You need to go and clear out the graveyard, but you need a key to access it. If you haven't already, buy the Graveyard Key from The Moogle Emporium unlocked in The Mysterious Moogle Merchant quest. Head to the graveyard to fight and kill Venomantis.

Reward: Studded Bracer Accessory.

Hard Mode Reward: Telluric Scriptures Vol. VIII (Aerith SP up)

Chapter 9 Side Quests & Optional Missions

Chapter 9 sees you head to Wall Market. There's a selection of side quests here, and there are four side quests that are part of a two-way branch: in any given play-through, you will only receive two of the four. The side quests you pick up here and if you complete them will also impact Cloud and Aerith's dresses for the Don Corneo sequence - check out our FF7 Remake dresses guide for more information on all that.

To get Sam's two quests 'The Party Never Stops' and 'A Dynamite Body':

  • Tell Sam at the start of the Wall Market area that "She's in great shape." when talking about the girl you're looking for.
  • Tell the inn keeper '...No, thanks.' when asked to stay the night if you talk to him near the entrance of the area.
  • Make sure to witness Johnny's Discovery Event 'Vagabond Johnny' when you pass by him early in the chapter, and you should say "Yeah" when you speak to him.
  • Choose to gamble when prompted by Sam by calling 'Heads' or 'Tails' before the coin flip
  • Pay for the 500 gil 'Poor Man's Course' massage treatment at Madam M's
  • Tell Aerith that about her dress 'It's alright.'
  • Drink the mystery drink in the Coluseeum when talking to Johnny.

To get Madam M's two quests 'The Price of Thievery' and 'Shear's Counterattack':

  • Tell Sam at the start of the Wall Market area that "She's great at handling the books.' when talking about the girl you're looking for.
  • Ask the inn keeper '...How Much?' when asked to stay the night if you talk to him near the entrance of the area.
  • Make sure to ignore Johnny's Discovery Event 'Vagabond Johnny' when you pass by him early in the chapter, or at least select "No" if you speak to him.
  • Choose NOT to gamble when prompted by Sam by choosing 'No deal."
  • Pay for the 3000 gil 'Luxury Course' massage treatment at Madam M's.
  • Say 'It matter what I think?' when asked about Aerith's dress.
  • Don't drink (or ignore outright) the mystery drink in the Coluseeum when talking to Johnny.

With that out of the way, here are the details for the specific quests in Chapter 9, though again -- you'll have to come back at least once in Chapter Select to see all of them.

Burning Thighs

Talk to Jules in the Gym and take part in the squats competition. There are three different squat champions to beat - Ronnie (Trainee), Jay (Amateur) and Jules (Pro). 

Reward: 3x Mega Potions for beating the Trainee, which completes the quest. If you also do amateur and pro levels you get Luck Up and Champion Belt respectively.

The Party Never Stops (Sam)

At this stage of the game you will be given two quests by an NPC, and which quests depend on the NPC: Sam or Madam M. This is the first Sam quest. The outcome of this quest is determined primarily based on the level of your materia, and it's easier to see different outcomes on a second play-through.

Talk to the shop owner. Follow the waypoints until you get to the vending machine. Use the Assess materia (I was at 57 types of enemy assessed at this point). What you get depends on how much assessing you have done; at 57 assessed I got Vitalabrew, Crimson Spike and The Sauce, as well as a Moogle Medal.

Next, give advice to restaurant based on materia level. I gave “Stove” with Fire level 2.

Then you help the Pharmacy with “Cleansing” Materia. How many people you help will depend on the level of materia. There are three sick people you can help if your materia is level 3. The first sick person is in the bathroom of the restaurant. The second person is in the end of the alley on the west side of Wall Market. The third person is on the east side. Each awards an item.

When done, head back, and give the VIP Card to the store owner.

Reward: Turbo Ether.

A Dynamite Body (Sam)

This is the second Sam quest. Head to the Colosseum. Fight and defeat Bomb. 

Reward: Arcane Scepter

The Price of Thievery (Madam M)

At this stage of the game you will be given two quests by an NPC, and which quests depend on the NPC: Sam or Madam M. This is the first Madame M quest.

Talk to Mireille east of the town. Head towards the Collapsed Expressway to fight Beck’s crew and Grungy Bandit. 

Reward: Real Calling Card key item.

Shear’s Counterattack (Madam M)

This is Madam M's second quest. The quest will start as you head back to the massage parlor. Head to the Colosseum. Fight Jury-Rigged Cutter.

Reward: None

Chapter 14 Side Quests & Optional Missions

Chapter 14 sees you returning to some areas you've been to before, though with different characters in tow and different side quests to worry about. It is also the final open-ended hub of the game: after this there are no more sidequests, only straight, story-focused sailing to the end of the game.

Missing Children

To get the quest, speak to Ms. Folia near the hideout entrance in the Sector 5 Slums. Find Oates in the North East of Sector 5 Slums. A battle ensues, and you must fight and defeat Phantom. You can learn Spirit Siphon for your Enemy Skills from Phantom.

Reward: Time Materia.

Chocobo Search

Speak to the stablehand east of Sector 5 as if heading to Wall Market. You’ll get Gysahl Greens key item, which must be used for this quest. You have to find Chocobos that have been spooked so they can return to work. Each Chocobo you find opens up a fast travel station in the area you find them, which is a nice bonus but also comes kind of late in the game to be massively useful.

  • Find one Chocobo in the north part of ‘Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills’ in Sector 5. Once you find it, you'll need to fight off the Rust Drake. Unlocks Sector 5 Undercity Station and Steel Mountain (Boarding Only).
  • Find another Chocobo on the way back to the Church. Unlocks Sector 5 Slums - Church. No fight this time.
  • Find the last one halfway through the Collapsed Expressway. Once you interact with the bird you'll have to fight Trypapolis and Proto Trypapolis. Proto Trypapolis isn’t in the intel log, but you can learn the Self-Destruct enemy skill from it. Unlock Sector 6 Slums - Evergreen Park, Wall Market - Urban Advancement District, and Collapsed Road (Boarding Only).

Reward: Sam’s Delivery Lifetime Pass key item (Free Chocobo rides).

Malicious Goons

Speak to Madam M at Wall Market to start this quest. You'll then need to head back towards Aerith's house in Sector 5. The fight will take place in the same place as where you fought Rude as part of the story. The thugs will summon a Tonberry for you to fight. Watch out for its knife, which can easily one-hit you.

Wavering Heart

Speak to Andrea in the Wall Market gym to start this quest. You'll have to defeat him at Pull-ups as Tifa. After completing it for the first time, you'll then unlock harder difficulties with additional rewards.

Rewards: Way of the Fist Vol III (Tifa SP up), Magic Up Materia, Champion Belt

The Power of Music

Speak to Betty to the right of the inn in Wall Market. You need three music tracks to cheer people up. You can find every piece of music and its location on our music disc list, but for this quest you just need to find find #16 'Good Night Until Tomorrow' at the Inn, #30 'Stand Up' near the Honeybee Inn and #12 'Fight On' at the Arena. Play them all on the Jukebox near Betty in Wall Market to make everyone happy.

Reward: Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III (Barret SP up)

Secret Medicine: where to find the medicine items

Speak to the Doctor near the community center in Sector 5 to get this quest. The Doctor needs three items to make medicine for the people of the slums. Here's where to get them:

  • Moogle’s Mortar: Buy from The Moogle Emporium.
  • Behemoth Horn: Defeat Type-0 Behemoth in Shinra’s underground lab, which you'll naturally fight as part of the Subterranean Menace quest.
  • Medicinal Flowers: At the Sector 5 Church flower patch - just visit and pick them up. If you're optimizing, you'll be visiting the church anyway for 'Tomboy Bandit' and 'Corneo's Secret Stash'.

Reward: Telluric Scriptures Vol. III (Aerith SP up)

Tomboy Bandit

Talk to Johnny near the Sector 5 Undercity Station way north of the Slums. Head to the Church and talk to Kyrie. Head to the Corneo Arena in Wall Market and fight Beastmaster and HellHound. 

Reward: Corneo’s Vault Key and Johnny’s Wallet key items. Return the Wallet to Johnny at Sector 5 Undercity Station to unlock the Discovery 'Johnny's Stolen Wallet' and get a trophy, assuming you've completed all the other Johnny quests and discoveries along the way.

Corneo’s Secret Stash

Prerequisite: Complete The Angel of the Slums in Chapter 8

Speak to Damon north of Sector 5 Slums to kick the quest off. Head to the marked area in the north-east of Sector 5. Pick up Corneo Vault Note. This note refers to the locked Red Corneo Doors with a dragon design. Now head back to the Sector 5 Church and speak to Kyrie - you can do this at the same time as for the Tomboy Bandit quest if you want.

You now get the key and can go and open these doors to get their items. They're as follows:

  • Door in Collapsed Expressway: 2x Moogle Medal. Diamond Tiara key item.
  • Door in Sector 5 Slums: Circlet, Ruby Tiara key item, Prayer Materia, several Moogle Medals, and consumables.
  • Door in Sewers: Fight Sahagin Prince. Get Moogle Medals, Emerald Tiara key item, and Enfeeblement Ring.

Many of these items are key items that you can't do anything with or sell, but return to Marle in the ruined playground near the entrance to the Sector 7 ruins and you can turn the items in for one final reward. 

Reward: The Art of Swordplay Vol. III (Cloud SP up).

Subterranean Menace

Speak to Wymer near the entrance to Sector 7 to hear of a dangerous new monster. Head to the underground lab dungeon that you visited earlier in the story, and work through it in reverse. Fight your way through, and at the end you'll find a newly opened arena. Head inside to fight the Type-0 Behemoth.

You can steal an Enchanted Ring from this optional boss, and when killed it drops the Behemoth Horn for the Secret Medicine quest. Return to Wymer for an additional reward. 

Reward: Wrecking Ball Barret weapon.

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