Trials of Mana Treasure Chest Locations: how to get all treasure boxes

Like any good RPG, Trials of Mana is full of loot. One way in which you'll get a lot of rewards is through treasure chests - and boy, Trials of Mana has a whole lot of them spread across its many locations.

We're not kidding - Trials of Mana has hundreds upon hundreds of treasure chests. They're spread across every map in the game, some open and obvious, others hidden, others rather in-between, easily missible if you're not paying attention but also easy enough to find.

Treasure chests usually contain consumable items that can be purchased, seeds that can be dropped from enemies, and occasionally equipment that can also be bought from shops.

The point of noting this is to say: treasure chests are generally pretty boring in terms of the loot they provide. Nearly everything in them can be found elsewhere, and often times more easily. But it is a way to save yourself some money, or in the case of things you might need to grind like Trials of Mana's seeds, a little bit of time.

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Treasure Box Locations in Trials of Mana

The 3D remake of Trials of Mana features a lot of chests, like we said, but here's the good news: you'll soon enough be able to see how many treasure chests are in each area. For finding Lil Cactus 5 times, you'll get a counter on the game map that tells you how many are in the area. Later once you find Lil Cactus 35 times, you'll be able to see all available treasure chests on the in-game map and where they are located.

Given that there are literally hundreds of chests to open, listing them all on one huge guide page doesn't make much sense - but Trials of Mana mercifully provides this method of unlocking an in-game list of all treasure chests for you.

Hit our Lil Cactus Location guide to help you unlock this treasure chest locating feature. Once it's unlocked, the number of treasure boxes you've found and that are still available in an area is listed in the bottom-left of your field map in-game, like so:


You can then follow this indicator to make sure you don't miss any chests as you play through Trials of Mana. This'll get you well on your way to the Steam Achievement and PlayStation Trophy for unlocking 200 treasure chests. 

Due to the nature of the structure of the game, there are some treasure chests in locations that are one time only, such as the Ghost Ship or Beuca Island. So you can try and make sure you find them all before you complete those areas, but even if you happen to miss a few (say you accidentally trigger the scene that moves you to the next location), it's really not a big deal at all.

There are way more than 200 treasure boxes to find in Trials of Mana, so you'll be able to get the trophy even if you miss a few - you've got quite a bit of slack there. There's no reward for opening every single treasure box - and if you're simply proactive nabbing as many chests as you can, you'll get the trophy. The items and rewards in each chest, as noted, are nothing to write home about - so don't sweat it all too much.