Trials of Mana Leveling guide: stats, grinding tips and the level cap explained

As is the case with any RPG, levelling up your party is very important in Trials of Mana. This is even more important when you take class switching into play, which requires you to reach a certain level each time in order to upgrade. There are quite a few ways you can optimise your experience earning to ensure fast leveling up, which should make getting to the level cap a breeze. 

On this page we're going to cover a few things related to leveling in Trials of Mana. First, we'll offer some tips for grinding and leveling up fast. Next, we'll talk about the game's five stats (Strength, Stamina, Spirit, Intellect & Luck) and explain how they impact you in battle. Finally, we detail the level cap


Quickest ways ways to grind experience for fast Leveling

You might be wanting to level up fast in order to get to the third class as quickly as possible, but that's not really necessary. You'll naturally get to Level 38 just by beating the Benevodons and playing through the game. A lot of these tips are better used once you've beaten the game, although some can transfer over.

Getting to the level cap in Trials of Mana isn't a difficult task. Levelling up is pretty fast, and there are a surprising amount of ways you can make it even faster. 

The first thing to consider is the experience bonuses you get at the end of each battle. Although it's not a massive experience gain, every little bit helps and these bonuses can stack which can give you an overall 20% exp bonus. 

  • Exp +1% - Defeated Enemies within 30 seconds.
  • Exp +1% - Defeated opponent with a class strike.
  • Exp +3% - Defeated Enemies within 20 seconds.
  • Exp +5% - Defeated Enemies within 10 seconds.
  • Exp +10% - Defeated enemies without taking damage.

You'll also want to make sure you've got the reward for finding 40 of the Lil Cactus sightings. Each time you find 5 you get a reward, and for finding 40 you get an occasional 3x boost to your experience. This will also give you an upgrade that reveals all treasure chest locations along the way.

The EXP bonus from this can be a big help for grinding later in the game, although it is a random effect. For help getting this, we've got a guide that lists all of the Lil Cactus sighting locations if you need it.

As is the case in life, cookies are going to be your best friend here. Cookies will give you an experience boost that gets higher the rarer your type of Cookie is, and this is invaluable in getting to the max level near the end of the game. The best Cookie you can get is the Mythic Cookie, which will give you 20% more experience from every battle. Combine this with the other experience boosts we've mentioned and you'll be getting to the max level very fast. 

The best place to level up to max level is at the very end of Anise's Stockade. Eat an EXP cookie and run through the last location, based on Ferolia Castle, and kill all the enemy groups, and repeat. Each cookie should last for about 4 run throughs, and once you run out of cookies, you can plant the seeds you picked up during your run and hopefully obtain more. It doesn't take all too long to get to level 99 about 1-2 hours or so will get you from 90 to 99.


Trials of Mana Stats: Strength, Stamina, Spirit, Intellect and Luck explained

You might be wondering which stats to allocate points to in Trials of Mana. Upon each level up, you'll gain a set of Training Points, which can be placed in Strength, Stamina, Spirit, Intellect, or Luck. To be truthful, there's no best answer to this. What you should do is look and see which abilities for which stat seem point interesting to you, and aim for those as you allocate stats (you can use the right stick to check out the descriptions). You might also be glad to hear that at level 99, the max level, you'll have exactly enough Training Points to max out each stat category.

  • Strength - Attack. The higher this stat, the more damage you'll give. 
  • Stamina - Vitality and defense. The higher this stat, the less damage you'll take from enemies. 
  • Spirit - Healing magic. This stat will improve supportive magic. 
  • Intellect - Offensive magic. The higher this stat, the more damage magic attacks deal and the less magic damage taken from enemies. 
  • Luck - Luck! Increase the likelihood of critical hits against enemies. 

Trials of Mana Remake level cap: max level revealed 

The level cap in the Trials of Mana remake is Level 99. That might seem obvious, but some games set their max level far lower - but not Trials of Mana! Keep in mind that character levels can carry over through New Game Plus, so it's not intended to be that difficult that you'll need to get to the max level to finish the game.