Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: All Piano Rewards and Sheet Music

Playing piano in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is one of the most involved of the adventure's many minigames, and players will get multiple opportunities to tickle the ivories as they travel across the world. Mastering the piano minigame can also bring with it a number of valuable rewards, so with that in mind, we've come up with this quick guide to all Piano Rewards and Sheet Music in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Please note that detailing the location of some piano sheet music locations may constitute very minor spoilers. You have been warned.

The FF7 Rebirth Piano Minigame, Briefly Explained

You'll get your very first taste of piano mastery in the Chapter 1 flashback, when you visit Nibelheim via Cloud's memories. You'll get the opportunity to mess around in Tifa's house and jam a bit on her piano. Unfortunately, there are no sheet music items to be found here, and you can only freestyle using the DualSense controller.

Later on you'll unlock the minigame proper in Chapter 4 when you meet Dorian, residing in Junon's Crow's Nest settlement. You'll unlock the settlement by completing the side quest When Words Won't Do. For more on that and every other side quest in the game, check out our spoiler-free side quest guide. For more info on some of the Materia you can earn from the minigame, refer to our full Materia Guide.

Dorian will brief you on the particulars of the piano minigame, and inspecting the piano next to him will unlock your first piece of sheet music, which unlocks the rhythm game portion of the piano minigame.

Scoring at least an A-rank on a piano piece will qualify you to earn a reward by reporting back to Dorian to claim your prize.

You don't need to get a perfect score, and there isn't a reward for getting a perfect score beyond your own satisfaction, so it's OK to make a couple of mistakes while playing.

All Piano Sheet Music Locations and Rewards

On Our Way

This piano arrangement of Kalm's theme (once called "Ahead On Our Way") can be found when you first meet Dorian in the Crow's Nest in Chapter 4.

Scoring an A-Rank here will earn you a Level 2 HP Up Materia.

Tifa's Theme

You'll receive the sheet music for Tifa's Theme during your time in Costa del Sol in Chapter 6. You'll visit the Royal Coast Hotel in town for the main story, and from there pick up the music.

Note that Dorian isn't present here, so you'll have to go back to the Crow's Nest via the boat to Junon or find him at a different location later before you can report your A-Rank Score to claim a Level 2 MP Up Materia.

Barret's Theme

The theme for the team's soulful Shinra-smasher is found in Barret's hometown of North Corel, in the bar. You'll visit there in Chapter 7.

Despite the fact that the bar's clientele seems to be more interested in brawling than piano appreciation, Dorian has also set up shop here, so you can report an A-Rank Score to him to earn a Level 2 Warding Materia.

Cinco de Chocobo

This peppy Chocobo theme shows up, in one of the longer stretches you'll go without access to the very useful bird: Chapter 9. You'll find it in Gongaga Village, in a house on the eastern side of the river.

Dorian will be present, and reporting an A-Rank score to him earns you a Steadfast Block Materia orb.

Two Legs? Nothin' To It

The contemplative territory of Cosmo Canyon is also the home of this whimsical tune, the sheet music for which you can find in the settlement's Syldra Inn in Chapter 10, at a piano watched over by Dorian.

Scoring an A-Rank on this song nets you a Disempowerment Materia Orb.

Aerith's Theme

Ironically, you'll find Aerith's Theme in Tifa's home, during Chapter 11's My White-Haired Angel side quest. In the closing moments of the quest, you'll be asked to perform and be given the sheet music.

Dorian won't be present in Nibelheim at first, but will appear later on. Reporting to him here (or anywhere else he can be found) nets you a Binding Materia.

Let the Battles Begin!

This piece is a special unlock that requires A-Rank Scores in all previous piano pieces. Speaking to Dorian will unlock this one.

There's no reward for A-Ranking it, though it could be seen as a reward in and of itself.

How to Unlock FF7 Rebirth Secret Piano Sheet Music

Though "Let the Battles Begin!" is something of your completion reward for mastering the piano minigame, there is one last piece you can play, but it'll only happen after seeing most of what the game has to offer.

It's the final prize for completing the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Treasure Trove discovery challenge, and earning all 88 items that decorate Johnny's Seaside Inn in Costa del Sol.

First, you'll need to complete The Saga of the Seaside Inn side quest to unlock the Treasure Trove in the first place. Consult our side quest guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of that quest, including the zip line hunting phase.

Once you've completed the quest, the Treasure Trove should be unlocked. Consult our Treasure Trove guide to find out how to find or earn every item it requires.

Once you've earned all of that, the secret chest at Johnny's Seaside Inn will be opened, and you'll win some Sheet Music for One-Winged Angel.

Like "Let the Battles Begin!", there's no reward for mastering the song, but it could be seen as the ultimate piano reward in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.