Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance - Periapt Locations - Where to find Periapts and all combination Magatsuhi Skills

One of the new additions in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance are Periapts - key items that unlock combination Magatsuhi skills. These are sort of like Talismans, but these skills only become available when used with certain groups of demons in your battle party.

Several Periapts are obtained through various quests found in SMT5 Vengeance, although several are also found by simply talking to certain NPCs. We've found 27 Periapts in total, and we've listed them all down below.

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Shin Megami Tensei V - Periapt Locations

Unwrit Order Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'Brawny Ambitions' quest for Hare of Inaba in Minato
  • Magasuhi Skill: Wellspring of Order Magatsuhi Skill for Divine and Yoma demons

Treacherous Chaos Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'Knocking on Death's Door' quest for Nyami Nyami
  • Magasuhi Skill: Torrent of Chaos for Tyrant, Drake, Haunt, and Foul races

Pixie Periapt

  • Location: Talk to a Pixie on a roof near Kamiyacho
  • Magasuhi Skill: Faerie's Game for Pixie and High Pixie

Virtuous Neutral Periapt

  • Location: Completed 'Beastly Battle of Wits' for Nozuchi in Minato
  • Magasuhi Skill: Omagatoki: Momentum for Megami, Deity, Wargod, Avatar, Holy, Genma, Element, and Enigma demons (with some exceptions)

Servants of Heaven Periapt

  • Location: After completing 'The Angels' Request' main quest
  • Magasuhi Skill: Guardian Angels for Archangel and Angel

Unwrit Chaos Periapt

  • Location: Completed 'Home Sweet Home' in Minato
  • Magasuhi Skill: Fountain of Chaos for Femme, Brute, Fallen, Night, Snake, and Qadistu demons (with some exceptions)

Treacherous Order Periapt

  • Location: Complete In 'Pursuit of Knowledge' quiz quest in Tokyo
  • Magasuhi Skill: Rains of Order for Vile and Raptor demons (with some exceptions)

Treacherous Neutral Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'Essential Research' at Bethel Tokyo
  • Magasuhi Skill: Omagatoki: Conserve for Jaki and Wilder demons

Cardinal Deity Periapt

  • Location: Completed 'The Gold Dragon’s Arrival'
  • Magasuhi Skill: Omagatoki: Exploit for Baihu, Qing Long, Zhuque, and Xuanwu

Virtuous Order Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'Tough Love' in Shinagawa
  • Magasuhi Skill: Waves of Order for Herald and Avian demons

Amorphous Periapt

  • Location: Take a grind rail at the north of the Gotenyama forestry area and talk to Slime
  • Magasuhi Skill: Bouncy Body for Slime and Black Ooze

Unwrit Neutral Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'Pixie on the Case' in Fairy Village
  • Magasuhi Skill: Omagatoki: Strategize for Fairy, Beast, Jirae, and UMA demons (with some exceptions)

Grimalkin Periapt

  • Location: Talk to Cait Sith in Fairy Village
  • Magasuhi Skill: Feline Fury skill for Nekomata, Neko Shogun, and Cait Sith

Mischievous Mascot Periapt

  • Location: Talk to an NPC in Tokyo world map after Shinagawa
  • Magasuhi Skill: Frost Storm for Jack Frost, Black Frost, and King Frost

Shadow Warrior Periapt

  • Location: Talk to NPC Setanta near Ochanomizu Leyline in Chiyoda (Canon of Creation) or Western Shinjuku (Canon of Vengeance)
  • Magasuhi Skill: Raging Whirlwind for Scathach and Cu Chulainn

Children of Echidna Periapt

  • Location: NPC Orthrus near Abaddon in Taito
  • Magasuhi Skill: Immolating Breath for Orthrus, Cerberus, Chimera, and Hydra

Heavenly Kings Periapt

  • Location: Defeat the four King quests
  • Magasuhi Skill: Four Heavenly Edicts for Bishamonten, Jikokuten, Zouchouten, and Koumokuten

Virtuous Chaos Periapt

  • Location: 'Training: Minato' quest
  • Magasuhi Skill: Tides of Chaos for Fury, Lady, Dragon, Kishin, and Kunitsu demons (with some exceptions)

Siblings of Olympus Periapt

  • Location: Complete Demeter's Questline ('A Plot Revealed' in Empyrean)
  • Magasuhi Skill: Harvest Festival for Demeter and Zeus

Exalted Seraphim Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'The Seraph’s Return' quest in the Law Ending path
  • Magasuhi Skill: Holy Wrath for Raphael, Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel

Elemental Oni Periapt

  • Location: Talk to Ongyo-ki in Empreyean
  • Magasuhi Skill: Oni Formation for Fuu-ki, Kin-ki, Sui-ki, and Ongyo-ki

Macabre Family Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'The Red Dragon’s Invitation' quest on the Chaos Ending path
  • Magasuhi Skill: Diabolical Deluge for Alice, Belial, and Nebiros

Qadistu Periapt Periapt

  • Location: On the ground in Government Building where you defeated Lilith
  • Magasuhi Skill: Qadistu Entropy for Lilith, Agrat, Eisheth, Naamah

Asgardian Kin Periapt

  • Location: Finish 'Rascal of the Norse' quest with Idun and Loki
  • Magasuhi Skill: Calamitous Thunder for Odin and Thor

Twinned Throne Periapt

  • Location: 100% Compendium
  • Magasuhi Skill: Omagatoki: Bounty for Metatron and Sandalphon

Mountain Gods Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'Sakura Cinders of the East' DLC Quest
  • Magasuhi Skill: Blossoming Sakura for Konohana Sakuya and Oyamatsumi

Seeds of Dana Periapt

  • Location: Complete 'Holy Will and Profane Dissent' DLC quest
  • Magasuhi Skill: Dana's Wisdom for Dagda and Danu