Monster Rancher 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 17

Today's Japanese Nintendo Direct Mini revealed that Koei Tecmo's port of Monster Rancher 2 will be released for Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 17.

As reported previously during the firstĀ reveal, this Monster Rancher 2 port will retain the online CD database used to generate monsters to make up for the lack of a CD drive on the Switch. It also retains the Slate system to generate monsters from save data of Monster Rancher 1's port on the same platform, while including the Part-Time Job minigame that was available through PocketStation in the original Japanese PlayStation release.

You can findĀ the official Japanese trailer for the Monster Rancher 2 port right below:

Monster Rancher 2's port will be available in Japan for not only Nintendo Switch but also iOS and Android devices. An English localization for this port has yet to be announced.