Monster Rancher 2 gets ported to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in Japan this Fall

Koei Tecmo has revealed in Japan that Monster Farm 2, which is also known internationally as Monster Rancher 2, will receive new ports for Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android mobile devices in Fall 2020.

Widely regarded as the best-performing game in the series, Monster Rancher 2 was a major improvement from its prequel with almost double the amount of monster species and better graphics and music. Monster Rancher 2 was originally available on PlayStation 1 in 1999, and it is well-known - not only in Japan but also worldwide - for the features that let players generate monsters using any kind of compact discs and combine two different monsters to produce another monster with a new look.


Just like the first Monster Rancher port, generating monsters through CDs is substituted with an online CD title database. The Nintendo Switch version also still supports single Joy-Con controls for local versus. The Slate system, where you can generate a monster from Monster Rancher 1's save data, is also available here as long as the prequel's save data is on the same platform.

The original Japanese PlayStation release was known for having a Part-Time Job minigame accessible by connecting a PocketStation; this will be included in-game for the upcoming ports. There are some items that can only be acquired by playing this minigame. Koei Tecmo will also add more improvements and features that weren't made on the original PS1 version, just like the first game's port.

The recent port of the first game has never been localized to date, and localization for this port has yet to be announced either. You can find screenshots for this new port of Monster Rancher 2 right below.

Monster Rancher 2 port screenshots