Monster Rancher port gets an Update that adds New Monsters

Koei Tecmo has released a major update to the Monster Rancher port that is currently available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in Japan. The biggest highlight of this update is the addition of monster breeds that were not included in the 1997 PlayStation release, ranging from brand-new breeds, alternate colors, to rare breeds that originally debuted in Monster Rancher 2. Players will be able to generate these new monsters by selecting certain titles in the CD database, which has also been filled with new entries as of this update.

You can read more details about the version 1.0.5 update for the Switch release, which we have translated from the Japanese official website and Twitter account, right below.

  • Added save data slots
    Initially, there were only two save slots available - one for auto-save and another for manual. This update adds one more manual save slot, along with up to 12 optional slots that can be purchased through microtransactions.
  • Added Tournament Mode
    In the near future, Koei Tecmo will hold public tournaments where players can enter a monster with specific criteria, and the system will create brackets based on the number of participants and run the tournaments automatically.
  • Changed Player 1's entry method in Versus Mode
    Players will be able to choose monsters uploaded by other players as well.
  • Added music data
    New music CDs and Nintendo Switch physical game titles from September 2019 to January 2020 are added to the CD database.
  • Added new monsters
    Added more than 10 new rare breeds of existing monster species.
  • Added total stat value
  • Miscellaneous minor changes and fixes

Monster Rancher is currently available digitally on Nintendo Switch through the Japanese eShop, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices through their respective Japanese app stores. An English localization of this port has yet to be announced.